John Deere 420 Lawn Tractor | Review And Specs

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The John Deere Garden tractor has gained popularity and became famous worldwide between 1983 and 1991. This garden tractor is the second model from the 400 series and is replacing most other tractors, including JD430, JD425, and JD455.

In recent times, everyone is busy with their hectic schedule and wants to keep their garden green without spending their entire day maintaining it. The John Deere 420 lawn tractor has useful attachments that make gardening easy. It can handle various gardening tasks easily, and you can operate the tractor at your convenience.

The company had manufactured the first John Deere Garden tractor in 1956 and claimed that it was a multipurpose tractor and could handle any gardening tasks without any hustle. The company produced over fifty-five thousand tractors in a short span of two years. But unfortunately, the production of the tractor had stopped after two years in 1958.

Later, twenty-five years after the company discontinued the tractor, it was reborn as a part of the John Deere 400 series. It was surprising to see that the demand for the tractor lasted for eight long years. The newer version of the tractor had several modifications that made it famous within a few days. Even today, the market is very impressed by this tractor.

John Deere 420 Garden Tractor’s Specifications

John Deere 420 Garden Tractor's Specifications
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The John Deere Garden tractor is quite a huge tractor that is very clear from its weight, around 899 lbs. This tractor comes with some new specifications missing in the first model of the John Deere 400 series, and thus it had effortlessly replaced the previous model.

You will love this model because you don’t hear it making noise while performing different functions. So, let us look at some other specifications of the garden tractor which make it unique.

Manufacturer:John Deere
Engine type:20 HP Onan 781 cc
2-cyl gasoline
Displacement:781 cc
Bore/stroke:3.25 x 2.875 inches
Power:20 HP
Fuel capacity:6.5 gallon
24.6 liters
Battery:12V BCI group 22F
Rear PTO:Independent
Rear RPM:2000
Front PTO:Independent
Front RPM:3400
Cabin type:Open operator station
Tire dimensions:Front: 4.80 x 4.00-8
Rear: 23 x 10.50-12
Lawn front:18 x 8.50-8
Lawn rear:26 x 12.00-12
Wheelbase:52 inches
Length:77 inches
Width:51.5 inches
Height:47.5 inches
Tread:Front:36 inches
Rear: 32/38.6 inches

These were some specifications of the John Deere 420 garden tractors. Let me now take you to the tractor’s features, which will give you a better understanding of the tractor.

Features of the John Deere 420 tractor

Features of the John Deere 420 tractor
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Every gardener requires different specifications and features in their garden tractors, depending on the type of work they have in their garden.

So, let us now discuss the features of the John Deere 420 tractor.

#1. Engine

Engine of John Deere 420
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When the company launched the tractor for the first time in 1983, it used an Onan B48G engine, 2-cylinder air-cooled gasoline. It had a displacement of 781 cc, and its stroke measured 3.25 x 2.875 inches.

The best factor about the engine was that it had a 20-horsepower capacity which became a matter of boasting for many gardeners. Not many tractors had that capacity at that time.

While we talk about the electric potential of the tractor, it is no different from other tractors. It has a 12 volts engine.

When they reintroduced it in 1987, they replaced the engine with an even better one. It has the same power, but the newer version has a better RPM rating.

#2. Transmission and Chassis

Transmission and chassis of john deere 420
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While we talk about the transmission and chassis of the 420-model tractor, it is similar to one of the 430 models. It has a hydrostatic shaft-driven transmission. 4×2 2D is the chassis of this tractor.

The tractor’s steering is powered by hydrostatic; hence, the user finds it efficient and comfortable to use. It has shoe and drum brakes for the rear wheels.

Since the tractor features a high power of 20 HP, the tractor’s forward speed is 12.4 kilometers per hour, whereas the reverse speed is around 6.2 kilometers per hour. The transmission oil capacity of the 420 models measures 7.1 liters.

#3. Tires

Tires of john deere 420
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Since the tractor is huge, tires play an essential role in the operation of the machine. It features huge tires to accommodate its weight. To your surprise, it can work without leaving any marks on your field, even if it weighs so much.

The front tire thread measures around 36 inches, whereas the rear thread, is a little narrow and measures around 32 inches.

#4. PTO (power take-off shaft)

Many of you are confused about what a PTO is. In simple words, there would be no transfer of energy from the tractor’s engine to the attachments of the tractor if the PTO did not exist. It clearly states how important the PTO is for the perfect performance of the tractor.

Both the PTOs of this model are independent with an electric clutch. If we talk about the speed of the PTO, the front PTO speed is 3450 rpm, whereas it is 2000 rpm for the rear PTO.

#5. Attachments

Attachments of john deere 420
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The John Deere 420 tractors can use a lot of attachments due to their 3-point hitch (front, mid, and back). It can use the following extensions:

  • 50″ mid-mount mower deck
  • 60″ mid-mount mower deck
  • Blade
  • Tiller
  • Front end loader
  • Snowblower.

#6. Parts

Although the specific model parts are a little challenging to get, it does not mean that you will never obtain them. You can directly order the tractor’s parts from the manufacturer-John Deere. If you require the engine parts, Onan can serve them for you. You can also obtain the operator’s manual easily from the online stores.

These were the features of the John Deere 420 garden tractor. Like every coin has two folds, there will be two sides to the tractor’s utility.

Let us discuss the pros and cons of the model, which will help you make a better choice.

Advantages of John Deere 420 Garden Tractor

The following reasons will help you figure out why you should go for the given model:

1. Massive Horsepower

Many tractor owners at 10 HP take pride and talk about their engine power. The John Deere 420 model comes with a 20 HP engine, double compared to ordinary tractors.

2. Reserve Tank

The best part about this tractor is that it features a reserve tank that can allow you to work for 30 minutes even after your fuel runs out. You will never get interrupted in your tasks because you have a backup.

3. Annunciator Light

The tractor has a light on the dashboard, which will help you work efficiently, even during the nighttime.

4. More Speed

Since it comes with a massive power engine, it will work with even more speed, and you can finish your tasks in less time.

5. Hydrostatic Power Steering

The tractor has hydrostatic power steering, which makes it very easy and convenient for the operator to use the steering.

Disadvantages of John Deere 420 Tractor

But, the John Deere 420 tractor has a few drawbacks:

1. Hand Drive Control

This tractor has a hand drive control which is very difficult to handle. The foot drive control in the other tractor models is comparatively easier to handle.

2. Too Big

The tractor is enormous and very heavy. It is pretty challenging to navigate it in small places.

Price of John Deere 420 Garden Tractors

Initially, in 1956, the tractor was introduced to the market at $3200. But when the company relaunched, the company set the tractor price at $7700.

Today, you can get this model at $7000 from the market. You should carefully check the specifications and the condition of the tractor before negotiating the price.


The specifications suggest that the John Deere 420 is a reasonably good tractor. It provides you with a 20 HP engine for the ease and comfort of your work. The price of the tractor is also reasonable.

But the only minus point is its size. It is very big to operate in small places. But for extensive lawns, it will not be an issue.

Overall, this model is the best one of the John Deere 400 series. The reserve tank and light allow you to without disturbance. You should go for this tractor if you have a big lawn and want to maintain it using less time and effort.

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