John Deere E100 Tractor Review & Specs

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Do you want to get your hands on one of the best lawn tractors from the house of John Deere?

You can go for John Deere E100.

Don’t know much about this model?

Don’t worry!

In this article, we have given a detailed review, including the John Deere E100 tractor specifications.
Equipped with a 500cm3 working volume and a 17.5 HP engine, this beast can offer you an efficient cut. You can have complete control over the gears. In addition, it comes with an automatic transmission feature. As a result, you can change gears easily to get the job done in a much faster way.

Its controls are easy to use, and with the help of the ergonomic remote control, you can learn and use the machine with ease.

You can open up the hood to check the tractor. So, if there’s any immediate maintenance requirement, you can do that without any worries.

Once you fill-up the tank, you can use it for a long time. It comes with a capacity of 2.4 gallons.
This tractor is durable, and it comes with the brand name on it.

From bumper to bumper, you can get it with 120 hours and two years warranty.

Now let’s jump on to full specifications!

John Deere E100- Specifications

John Deere E100 Specifications
Manufacturer/Model:31R977 (M31)
Engine power: 17.5 HP (13 kW)
Displacement:30.5 cu in.
Engine CC:500 cc
Rear Tires:20x8-8
Type of Lifting System:Lever on the bridge leaf
Width of cut: 42 inches
Fueling capacity: 2.4 gallons
USA Warranty:2 years / 120 hours to bumper

John Deere E100 Lawn Tractor- Features

John Deere E100 Lawn Tractor Features

The John Deere E100 tractor has the following features:

  • The station of operation is wide and comfortable
  • It comes with a deep deck design for an excellent cut and easy grass lift
  • At the footrest panel, you’ll find the debris removing channel. This is for a clean and dry footrest
  • It comes with a powerful battery that lets you have a great start even after you have a lengthy storage
  • You can lower and raise the deck comfortably as it has improved deck life
  • The floor mat is anti-vibration and non-slip. This is to provide you with comfortable seating
  • The machine adheres to all the ANSI and OPEI standards
  • There are two high-quality incandescent headlights. This is to offer you safe usage at night as well
  • The John Deere E100 lawn tractor is safe to use

Fuel Tank Capacity

The John Deere E100 tractor comes with a 2.4 US gallon fuel tank. This is similar to 9.1 liters. In order to find the fuel filler, you don’t have to give much effort. You can find it just under your seat. I like the positioning, as it makes it really easy to refuel. And this doesn’t cause any wastage or spillage of the fuel.

I like the tethered design of the fuel tank cap too. It kind of completes the whole look of the fuel tank. The vapors stay inside the tank – all thanks to the sealed design of the fuel cap. Now, what I liked the most is that it comes with a gauge. This enables you to see how much fuel is left in the tank. Much thoughtful, isn’t it?

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The John Deere E100 engine provides you with a greater torque – all thanks to its V-twin cylinder design. In addition, it comes with 17.5 HP engine power. This makes it perfect for continuous mulching and mowing. If you’re not a fan of vibration, then let me tell you that this engine offers low vibration. With electronic ignition, the single-cylinder engine starts.

In order to start the engine, all you need is an auto choke. Now, you need this auto choke only when the temperature is below or close to the freezing point.

The engine of the John Deere E100 tractor comes with a spring return feature too. It makes sure that you don’t leave the throttle in the choke posture once the weather warms up.

The electronic ignition is there so that you can have a fast start. From the overhead valves, you can get incredible power and superb fuel economy.

Then there’s the cast-iron cylinder. It gives the durability, endurance, and life of the engine a huge boost.

Want to prolong the life of the engine?

You can do that with the oil filter.

It gives you not only cleaner oil but also full pressure lubrication. This, in turn, increases the time between two oil changes.

So, when you operate the tractor on an incline, the engine becomes more effective.

I liked that with the John Deere E100 tractor, I can change the engine’s oil when I want.

Each and every feature of the engine works towards boosting the efficiency of the tractor. And that’s what I liked the most.

Now, did I tell you that the high performance of this tractor doesn’t have a negative effect on the air quality?

Well, it causes the least air pollution. And it’s not only I who’s saying it. The California Air Resources Board has agreed to it too!

The Cutting System

The John Deere E100 lawn tractor comes with a 42 inches edge cutting system. This ensures better availability, performance, and reliability. In addition, from the outer edge of the deck’s curve, you can get more strength and protection.

And not to mention the deck design that it has. You can cut the grass with utmost ease. The smooth underside of the mower does the job of distributing the grass evenly. You can clean the dual blades conveniently with the wash connection.

The Auto Transmission Feature and Seating

The Auto Transmission Feature and Seating

Did you know that you can choose the traveling speed too?

The auto transmission feature in the John Deere E100 tractor lets you do that!

All you need to do is adjust it according to your preference – reverse or forward. And you can do that by pressing on the foot pedal.

The brand has paid quite an attention to the seating, as they wanted to make it comfortable. The material that they have used to create the seat is superb. You can have maximum comfort sitting on it. This is another thing that I liked about this tractor.

The alignment of the seat is perfect. You can access the control panel and the steering wheel with ease.

Did I tell you that there’s a cushion on the back seat?

And the seat is slightly raised.

All these are to give you a comfortable ride!

Now, to keep up with the modern needs, the John Deere E100 tractor manufacturer has given a twist in the design.

It comes with a beverage holder. So, if you get tired with all the mowing, you can have a soft drink and even water kept in the beverage holder.

There’s a channel in the footrest panel. It is to remove the debris and keep the footrest dry and clean. The John Deere E100 tractor is all about giving you comfort while you use it. And that’s exactly why it comes with a non-slip as well as an anti-vibration floor mat.

Tools and Controls

Coming to the die-cast panel, it has got a clean style. I found it attractive. The pen liver is easy to work with. All you need is to adjust the low load spring-loaded handle with the cutting height of the mower. The controls are easy to access. You can find the controlled brake controls at the base. Above the hole, there’s the cutting deck with a yellow level.

Handling and Performance

Handling and Performance

This tractor is specially made to mow grounds that are flat or have small hills.
Is your yard less than one acre?

Then you can use the John Deere E100 tractor with ease.

Now, what if your yard is bigger than this?

Well, you can use it in two acres yards too. But, not more than that.

If you go forward, this beast will give you the highest speed of 5.5 mph. And, if you go backward, it will give you the highest speed of 3.2 mph.

With this tractor, you can mow in reverse too.

It comes with a standard mower size. The rear tire and the front tires are 20 inches and 15 inches, respectively. If you include the deck deflector, the width is 44.8 inches.

There’s no hydrostatic transmission in this mower.

However, it does use a continuously variable transmission. This allows you to have a smooth ride. If you look at most cars, you’ll see that this technology is used in them too. This is because it gives you an automatic transmission.

The speed of the belt changes with the sliding pulley. This is similar to the pulley motor of the John Deere E100. After that, the ratio of the gear is changed.

The benefit?

A smoother operation and more power transfer.

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The Cut Quality

Now, did I tell you that the quality of the cut of this tractor is outstanding?

The John Deere E100 comes with an axle of 42 inches. And this is made with die-cut steel of 13 gauges.

In order to make sure that your yard stays safe, all you need are two wheels that come with anti-wear technology. The cable adjustment is easy to make. On the left side, you’ll find a lever. By making use of that, you can adjust the cable according to your requirement.

The John Deere E100 comes with a deck wash port too. This lets you connect your garden hose to it so that you can clean the tractor with ease.

Accessories and Attachments

Accessories and Attachments

You can attach a number of attachments and accessories to the John Deere E100. For example, a box blade, disc mower, bucket, rear blade, snow blower, mower, and loader.

Safety and Warranty

Want to use the John Deere E100 at night?

Well, you can do that and that too with total safety.

It comes with two incandescent headlights that are of high quality.

This tractor meets all your safety needs. It is approved by ANSI and OPEI standards.

The Good and the Bad of the John Deere E100

This tractor comes with the following pros and cons:

What I like

  • I found the seating arrangement extremely convenient. And not to forget, it comes with a beverage holder.
  • The performance of this machine is quite good.
  • It comes with a sensitive steering system and rigid turning handles.
  • With the two cutting blades, you can cut the grass precisely.

What I Don’t Like

  • The price – it’s on the higher side


With reliable and high-performing machines, the John Deere company has made a name for itself in the industry. The John Deere E100 comes with tons of features. The single-piece fender comes with a rigid bolt that is connected to the steel surface frame. This robust product is made from premium-quality steel rails. There’s a solo drag link in the steering system. This makes sure that you have a smooth and comfortable driving experience. Then there are the cutting blades with which you can get rapid and accurate cutting. Also, this saves you time. And not to forget the high fueling capacity that saves you money in the long run.

Now, if you look at all the features and pros that the John Deere E100 comes with, it can be said that this tractor is one of the best options available. So, I’m giving it a thumbs up.

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