John Deere E110 Lawn Tractor Review & Technical Specs

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Are you looking forward to giving your lawn a brand new shape? Then all you need is a versatile lawn tractor with the best features to justify your investments and time.

Well, the wait is over as the John Deere E110 lawn tractor might prove to be just the perfect fit for your lawn and the best place to invest your money because the returns are exceptional.

You might wonder why the John Deere E110 lawn tractor is worth a tour of your lawn. Worry not, as the specifications and reviews of this lawn tractor will surely blow your mind.

So without further ado, let’s catch up on the technical specifications and reviews of the John Deere E110 lawn tractor to help you decide whether it is your piece of cake.

Tabular Specifications of John Deere E110 Lawn Tractor


John Deere E110


1370 mm (53.9 in)

Length1740 mm (68.8 in)


1070 mm (42.5 in)

Weight (without mower deck)

191 kg (423 lbs)


1242 mm (48.9 in)


12 V

Fuel tank capacity
9.1 L (2.4 US gal)

Engine model

Briggs and Stratton 33R877


540 cc (33 ci)


Bore x stroke

94 × 78 mm (3.70 × 3.06 inches)

Starter type

Electric ignition

Power output

19 HP (14.2 KW) at 3600 rpm

Oil capacity

1.4 L (1.5 qt)

Rated RPM


Air cleaner


Rear tires


Front tires



4×2 2WD


Transmission type

Belt-driven hydrostatic

Ground speed

Reverse: up to 5.2 km/h (3.2 mph)
Forward: up to 8.9 km/h (5.5 mph)
Oil change

Sealed unit


Internal wet disk

Features of the John Deere E110 Lawn Tractor

Now that the specifications are clear, let us have a detailed discussion of the features of the John Deere E110 lawn tractor.

#1. The Attractive and Effective Physical Structure

The physical features of the John Deere E110 lawn tractor are worth praising. It comes with a robust design and stylish look that adds luxury to your lawn day.

The Attractive and Effective Physical Structure
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With a low weight of 191 kg (423 lbs) and appropriate length and height, John Deere E110 falls under the small tractor category.

The perks of owning a small yet effective lawn tractor are known to all. It saves that extra space in the lawn garage to accommodate other lawn equipment, which is an added advantage.
Besides, you need not worry about the small size of the tractor making you feel claustrophobic.

The operator station is quite comfortable and convenient due to the open and spacious structure that allows you to shift and move around freely. So you feel no discomfort even when you sit for long hours during your lawn days.

Apart from this, you get a comfortable seat, open at the back, so you don’t drown in sweat. It ensures proper airflow. Moreover, there is no need to worry about reclining or stretching too much as you can easily reach for control while being comfortably seated.

So this is how the physical structure of John Deere E110 lawn tractors steals your heart.

#2. Powerful and Robust Engine

What good is a lawn tractor without a powerful engine? John Deere tractors always make the best engine capacity, and E110 lawn tractors justify engine power to a great deal.

Powerful and Robust Engine
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The engine model alone speaks for its reliability, which comes from the famous Briggs and Stratton. The engine’s power, which comes out to be 19 hp, displays enough capacity to carry out hardcore lawn duties, such as regular mowing, pulling heavy objects, mulching, bagging, and much more.

The electric ignition system of the engine ensures a fast start without stressing it. So you no longer have to struggle with delayed engine starts during winters and enjoy a convenient ride.

The gasoline fuel requirement of these lawn tractors prevents you from running for the source. Moreover, the spring-return feature saves you from inconveniences if you leave the throttle lever in the choke position.

Though the one-cylinder quality might bother you with smoothness more prominent in two-cylinder tractors, the cast iron cylinder liner will undoubtedly bless your engine with a long life.

The fuel tank capacity for John Deere E110 lawn tractors proves to be efficient by handling enough fuel before refueling. The attached fuel filters enhance the gap during the changing of oil.

So your engine gets a cleaner oil with full pressure lubrication, thus extending the engine life. Hence, you can enjoy the robust features of the powerful engine of E110 lawn tractors at ease.

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#3. Perfectly Built Chassis

Chassis is the base of any vehicle, including lawn tractors. Hence, its structural design speaks a lot about lawn tractors. The same is true for John Deere E110 lawn tractors.

Perfectly Built Chassis
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It has a total length and steel welded frame to ensure strength and long life to the tractor’s body. So you don’t have to worry about damage when you bump against hard surfaces. The steel fender deck bolted to the frame provides added benefits.

The molded-in color on the hood of the lawn tractor reduces the rusting and engine sounds.
Moreover, you get a front axle made of casted iron that is resistant to bending. The internal wet disc brake proves effective by allowing you to stop your lawn tractor even in extreme wet environments.

The steering system of the E110 lawn tractors provides you with an efficient drive in your rocky lawns and gardens. While the eighteen-inch turning radius gives you an effortless turning experience, the large diameter wheel spindles enhance durability.

Hence, an overall chassis design allows you to tackle tight spaces like a hero.

#4. Wide Scope for Attachments

Besides the original form of the lawn tractors, the attachments enhance their working efficiency. John Deere E110 Lawn tractors make the best use of attachments for handling hardcore and challenging tasks.

Wide Scope for Attachments
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One spring clip is attached to the front draft arm, while the rear draft arm uses two spring clips to use attachments effectively. You can use several attachments with your E110 lawn tractors, such as snowblower, mower deck, and blades. Snow removal is mandatory in cold countries, so lawn tractors must be efficient.

Hence, a snow blower or front blade is attached to do the job with utter comfort and high performance. The equipment you can attach for snow removal may include a snowblower of 44-in, a front blade of 46-in, weather enclosures, tire chains or traction belts, and weights. If you want to add a mower deck to your E110 lawn tractor, a 42 inches mid- mount with 2-blade and manual lift prove to be the best combination.

#5. Effective Transmission System

The transmission system of John Deere E110 lawn tractors uses a hydrostatic approach that provides the driver with an infinite choice for ground speeds. It also adds efficiency to changing patterns during your trip across the lawn.

Effective Transmission System
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Apart from this, you get an automotive accelerator that helps you with easy operations.

When the matter comes to pedals, John Deere E110 also excels at it with a side-by-side food pedal system that allows you to change speed and directions without lifting your foot.

Moreover, you feel no discomfort while using the pedals due to their large surface. Hence, you get an excellent drive with a practical transmission system.

#6. Easily Controllable Operator Station

The controls associated with your lawn tractor are placed at an appropriate distance from the seating arrangement so you can control them without stretching much.

Easily Controllable Operator Station
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The steering wheel sits at a perfect angle with the seat position to help you with easy and stress-free steering. The ignition switch is available on the dash for a convenient starting position.

Last but not least, you get access to a wide footrest with debris removing mats to provide you a stable position while entering or exiting the mower deck. So the control is all in your hands with the John Deere E110 lawn tractors.

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Pros and Cons of the John Deere E110 Lawn Tractor

At a glance, we can summarize the pros of the E110 model of John Deere lawn tractors as:


  • The powerful engine of 19hp gets an efficient catch on lawn duties, whether harsh or smooth.
  • A luxurious and comfortable two-piece seating arrangement with proper ventilation and an open back.
  • A full-length welded steel frame protects your precious tractor every time you bump over hard surfaces, something you can rely on.
  • A two-year warranty on the tractor provides damage support and saves your pocket.
  • Wide-open and spacious operator area for comfortable and free movements without making you feel claustrophobic.
  • A superior cutting system helps you design a clean and adorable lawn with proper cuts.
  • Storage trays and cup holders to provide a safe space for your beverages.
  • Floor mats to help you get rid of debris with ease and convenience.


Besides many pros, the John Deere E110 lawn tractor has some drawbacks that might bother you.

  • A single-cylinder instead of two might prevent a smooth and high performance.
  • You might need to refuel your tractor often due to the small fuel tank of 9.1 L capacity.


So now that you know about the pros and cons of the John Deere E110 Lawn tractor, it would be easy to decipher that you get power and excellence in the same tractor. It makes every effort to ensure comfort, easy operation and task handing, and reliable lawn experience for the drivers.

Moreover, the safety parameters are kept in mind to provide a robust, affordable, high-performing lawn tractor. So why not make your lawn days easy and enjoyable with John Deere E110 lawn tractors!

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