John Deere S100 Lawn Tractor | Review and Technical Specs

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If you are a lawn owner and looking for a lawn tractor, you might have certainly heard about the John Deere S100 model. The company recently launched this model in the year 2021.

The chaos in the market regarding this model might have made you more curious. Keep reading along to know more information about the tractor, including its features, specifications, pros, and cons.

John Deere manufactured this particular model in the factory in Greenville, Tennessee, USA. Along with having a compact design, this garden tractor has many features that make it ideal for smaller lawns and gardens. It will help you create a fantastic front yard garden for various activities and has already made its place in many gardens.

John Deere S100 Lawn Tractor

It uses a 42-inch mower deck that helps the engine withstand a lot of pressure. It gives your lawn the best possible shape and is well designed to use at your comfort and convenience. Additionally, it has adjustable seats, and the tractor controls are also easy to reach.

To make it easy for you and help you decide, we have come up with a review of this model. Read along to know how John Deere S100 can be useful to you.

Specifications of John Deere S100

When purchasing any new tractor, the first thing you need to check is its specifications. Although you need to know all its specifications concerning its engine, transmission, and chassis, these general specifications are enough to give you an overall idea about the model.

The general specifications of the John Deere S100 tractor are mentioned below.

Engine model:Briggs and Stratton 31R977(M31)
Displacement:500 cc 30.5 cu in.
Fuel type:Gasoline
Bore x stroke:3.56 inches x 3.06 inches (90mm x 75mm)
Starter type:Electric
Oil capacity:2.4 US gal (9.1 l)
Air cleaner:Cartridge
Rear tires:15
Front tires:15x6-6
carburation:Pulse pump and carburetor fuel delivery
Transmission type:Belt driven hydrostatic
Ground speed:Forward speed: 0-8.9 km/h
Reverse speed: 0-5.2 km/h
Oil change:Sealed unit, needs expert help
Brakes:Internal wet disc
Steering type:Sector and pinion with single drag ring and tie rod
Transmission model:Turf-Torq TL200
Fender deck material:Stamped steel

Features of John Deere S100 Lawn Tractor

John Deere is a very effective tractor to have in your house. It is power-packed with many modern features that help you maintain a beautiful lawn garden with a low maintenance requirement. But, let’s have a detailed look at some of the features of this popular lawn tractor.

#1. General Features

The company launched The John Deere S100 in the year 2021. It is the first one of the 100 series of John Deere tractors.

The weight of the tractor is 415 lbs, and the height is 42.5 inches. The length of the tractor is measured to be around 68.8 inches, and the wheelbase is 48.9 inches. The wheelbase is evenly spread, which in turn helps reduce the marks on the field.

The tractor has a single seat with a back height of 11 inches. It also has two coil spring suspensions. Moreover, the fuel tank capacity is 9.1 liters, which is comparatively very low.

General Specifications of John Deere S100

The battery used for this tractor is 12V, and the tractor features an open operator station as its cabin type.

#2. Powerful Engine

The company decided to fit a Briggs and Stratton 31R977 M31 engine to this tractor model that’s powered by gasoline.

The fuel tank capacity is 2.4 US gal, 9.1 liters, and you can easily see the fuel tank from the seat. Hence, it helps the operator track the amount of fuel left to avoid running out of fuel and panicky situations.

The tractor is backed by a powerful 17.5 horsepower engine for smooth functioning, and the displacement is 500 cc. It features a Bendix-type electric starter that makes starting and operating the engine easy for everyone. It can efficiently complete small lawn and garden tasks without causing any problems.

The engine uses the air-to-cool system and cartridge as a cleaner, and with a 12V ignition power, the engine comes to life without a hiccup.

#3. Transmission

The tractor uses raw power to carry out any movement in the tires or other tractor parts through transmission.

Transmission of John Deere S100

The transmission model in John Deere S100 Lawn Tractor is turf-Torq TL200. This tractor belongs to the belt-driven hydrostatic category when talking about its transmission type.

If you need to change the oil, ask the experts to do it since it is a sealed unit. You must not do that yourself as you can damage the machinery or create other problems while dealing with its specific parts.

The maximum speed of the tractor is 8.9 km/h, and the highest reverse speed is up to 5.2 km/h. To control the transaxle, the tractor uses side-by-side pedals. But if you want to gradually or suddenly stop the tractor, you can use the internal wet disc brake attached to it to avoid any accident.

#4. Chassis

One of the essential features of the John Deere S100 lawn tractor is its chassis. It has a full-length welded steel frame that safeguards you and gives it a distinctive appearance.

The tractor is painted using e-coat paint that does not fade even if you use it for years under harsh sun rays.

The storage tray attached to the tractor comes with the advantage of a tray cover. You can easily carry your beverages as it also has a cup holder.

Additionally, there is a floor mat that can help you remove debris and stamped steel as the fender deck material.

#5. Attachments

To make your work even easier, you can use many more attachments. It does a lot more than just mowing. The primary three attachments to this tractor are the blade, snow blower, and mower deck.

Attachment of John Deere S100

A 42 inches long mower deck that is mid-mounted will be the most suitable for the S100 tractor. To talk about the blade, a 46 inches blade mounted on the front can be the perfect choice for this tractor. As for the need for a snowblower, a 44 inches snowblower can be the ideal size.

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Pros and cons of the John Deere S100 lawn and garden tractor

While deciding which tractor will be the best choice for your garden, you should clearly look at the advantages and disadvantages of the particular tractor.

In the case of the John Deere S100 tractor, here is the list of pros and cons that the tractor offers, which helps you decide if the tractor is ideal for you or not.

A few pros and cons of the John Deere S100 Lawn Tractor are:


  • This tractor’s 17.5 horsepower engine will manage most of your gardening tasks.
  • It has a modern design.
  • It is equipped with a storage tray and a cup holder, which provides comfort to the operator.
  • It is a reliable tractor because it features a steel frame.
  • It comes with a two years or 120 hours bumper to bumper warranty.
  • It provides the advantage of superior cutting with the help of an edge cutting system.


  • very small fuel tank. You might run out of fuel or might have to stop very frequently to refill.
  • The belt used in this tractor is too long for the lawn mower’s blade system. It keeps coming off the track, and you may have to put it back manually.

You can never find any product with just a list of pros. There will be a set of disadvantages for everything. It will help if you decide wisely based on tasks in your garden.

Price of John Deere S100 tractor

The current price of a new John Deere S100 garden and lawn tractor in 2022 is $ 1799. However, the company used to charge only $1699 when first listed in 2021.

Even after the increase in the cost of the tractor, it seems affordable. To your surprise, many lawn owners already have this tractor even though it is a modern launch and new to the market.

Final Verdict

Since this tractor is newly launched, finding information about it isn’t easy. Although many lawn owners have already started using this, very few honest reviews are available. This article aims to bridge the gap of this information.

After looking at the specifications and the features of the John Deere S100 tractor, we jotted down a list of pros and cons of this tractor. It shall help you choose wisely.

Even though the fuel tank is very small, this tractor has a lot of benefits to offer. The engine and transmission specifications are ideal at an affordable price.

You should go for this model if you have a small garden and only want the essential tasks done. It provides the operator with comfort, and you can alter the additional tools according to your needs.

This newly launched tractor is winning many hearts in the market and gaining popularity. It would be best if you grabbed this as fast as possible to maintain your garden beautifully.

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