How to Keep Squirrels Out of Flower Pots: 10 Ways

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You must adore those cute, small, fluffy squirrels when you see them on your patio or lawn, but how do you feel when they don’t leave your pots? The colorful flower potted invites those pesky squirrels to abode in the pots.

At first, you might think they are just roaming around, but when they don’t leave the pots, they start ruining your plants. It makes a whole cumbersome situation.

These perky squirrels are infamous for digging holes in potted plants to store their food inside them. And once they make their space there, they leave it slowly. But it’s not likely there won’t be a way to get rid of them.

You can get rid of them. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 non-toxic and not fatal ways using which you can quite easily get rid of them and also shield your plants.

10 Most Effective Ways to Keep the Squirrel out of Flower Pots

Here is how you can keep squirrels out of flower pots. Keep reading.

1. Cover The Top Surface of the soil in the Plant With Stones and Rocks

Cover The Top Surface of The Soil in The Plant With Stones and Rocks
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The loose soil gives the squirrels a place to dig in and hide their food or abode. But what if they don’t get access to this loose soil in the first place? You can block their entry point with decorative stones, gravel, and pebbles.

It will hide the soil from squirrels. Not only this, but it will also provide a beautiful look to your pots and be a pleasure to the eyes.

While arranging the tones, take care of them;

  • Consider matching the rocks to the route in your garden.
  • The arrangement of small to medium-sized stones is preferable.

2. Spray a Natural Squirrel Repellent

Spray a Natural Squirrel Repellent
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The soil is the main source of attraction for the squirrels in the plants. Therefore, add the natural squirrel repellent on or around the pot after the flowers grow. Doing this will save your plants. However, it will make a stinking smell for the squirrel, which they can not stand and thus do not try to come around the pot or the soil. As a natural repellent, you can use:

  • Pepper flakes, powdered chili, and garlic powder work well as a squirrel repellant.
  • A combination of these spices creates a potent concoction that squirrels will loathe.
  • The stench of their predators’ urine, i.e., fox and coyote. Squirrels won’t bother you because fox and coyote urine will both drive them away.

3. Make a DIY Squirell Repellant by Yourself at your Home

Make a DIY Squirell Repellant By Yourself At Your Home
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Making squirrel repellants at home using local ingredients is not a tough job. By now, you must have figured out that squirrels are sensitive to strong smells and tastes. You must use these weaknesses to keep them away from your flower plant pots. You can easily make a non-toxic repellant with the following ingredients in your pantry:

If you have it all available, use the following procedure to make a DIY squirrel repellent: 

  • Toss a handful of mint leaves in a medium-sized container. If you have the mint plant in your kitchen garden, pluck it from there or bring it from the market.
  • Mix 28.3 g of cayenne pepper and 2 tbsp.
  • Then, mix 2 tbsp (28.3) garlic powder or three to four minced garlic cloves.
  • To the top of your container or around 4 c (512 g) of boiling water, cover the ingredients.
  • Mix it well and put it perpendicular for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on the soil as well as the leaves of the plant.

However, if you need more time or find this process lengthy, you can order the same from any online website. They all work with safe effectiveness.

4. Add Bone Meal to Your Potting Mix

Add Bone Meal to Your Potting Mix
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A bone meal will work well for the health of your plants as it provides added calcium and vitamins. But do the squirrels going to like it? Well, no. Not at all. Why? Because the natural fertilizer may smell normal to you, but it produces a pungent and strong smell for squirrels. That smell keeps the squirrel at a large distance wherever you apply the bone meal.

All you need to do in that process is add the bone meal before you plant the flowers or bulbs in the pot. Just be precautions because if you have pets like dogs or cats, keep them away while using bone meal.

5. Frame the Flower Planter With Poultry Netting

Frame the Flower Planter With Poultry Netting
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The best way to prevent the squirrels from the plant dirt is to block their way only. You can do this by putting a poultry net fence around the pot and giving flowers.

Chicken wire effectively locks off curious squirrels, preventing them from pawing through your soil. After planting, place the wire on top of the pot. Once the shoots have emerged, weave them through the wire.

For better protection, you can also:

  • Use Hardware cloth and plastic bird netting, which work more effectively.
  • Making cylinder cages for your potted plants or covering them with netting will provide a robust solution. It may reduce curb appeal while maintaining the health of your plants.

6. Stick Pointy End Bamboo Skewer into the Soil

Stick Pointy End Bamboo Skewer Into The Soil
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Another way to stop the squirrels from digging holes in the dirt of the pot is to make the place hard to reach for the squirrels. In doing so, the pointy-ended bamboo skewers will help you a lot. These bamboo skewers are very easily available in the market.

Once you stick these inside the pot and the squirrel steps on the sharp ends will make them flip back instantly. While sticking these skewers, take care of the thing that you stick these skewers all over the plant so that the squirrel finds no space to settle comfortably in the pot.

7. Consider Buying an Ultrasonic Squirrel Deterrent

Consider Buying an Ultrasonic Squirrel Deterrent
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If you are flexible with making it a little more expensive to keep the squirrels away from your pots and cease them exploiting your flowers. We suggest you go for the ultrasonic squirrel deterrent. You can put it inside the soil or the pot on the surface.

The sooner the squirrel jumps inside the pot, the ultrasonic squirrel deterrent starts making sounds that are unbearable to the hearing range of the squirrel. Be assured as pets can easily bear high-frequency noise, as these devices are safe. But if your pet starts acting differently after you implant the device, take it out and try a new repellent method.

 8. Plant Flowers That Keeps Squirrels Away

Plant Flowers That Keeps Squirrels Away
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Only some of the plants are captivating for the squirrels. There are many plants that the squirrels fear or hate to go near. Therefore, these plants are called squirrel-repellant plants. If you plan to put some vegetable plants in a pot on your porch or add some vibrant flower plants, this is a perfect time.

Since these flowers and vegetables release a very strong aroma that is unbearable for the squirrels. The best way to make it more productive is to put a smaller pot with deterrent flowers next to larger pots skilled beside the big plant pot.

9. Spread Dog Hairs Around The Pot

Spread Dog Hairs Around The Pot
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The squirrels hate the smell of dog hairs. They prefer something other than where they think the smell is coming from. This habit of the squirrels makes it extremely easy for you to keep them away. You only have to save the hair from the dog’s body when you comb them.

Spread this hair around the upper layer surface of the soil in the pot.

You can also go for human hair. The trimmed hair might be sprinkled over your plants since this method works reasonably well with human hair.

10. If Nothing Works, Use a Live Squirrel Trap

If you have tried it all mentioned on the list and still need to make the squirrels not reach your plant pot, take the help of the squirrel trap. Yes, now only the squirrel trap is the ultimate solution for your issue.

These traps are very easily available in the market. You need to put it on the surface of the dirt of the pot and let the squirrel come. Once they come, the trap will function and grab them. This way, you can permanently eradicate them from the lawn.

When handling the prey for your squirrel trap, you are wearing gloves on your hands. You can use rubber gloves for housework or latex gloves for medical treatments.


You can take expert advice if the condition is not under your control. In such a scenario, pest control experts the best approach you can take.

Their customized preventive plans effectively protect your flowers and vegetable plant from the attack of squirrels. According to local animal control statutes and ordinances, they can humanely trap and release wild animals if necessary.


Does coffee grounds work as a deterrent for the squirrels?

It is believed that the bitter taste and aroma of the coffee ground keep the squirrels away from the plants if applied there. It works well in keeping the squirrels away from the plants. 

How to deter squirrels from using planters on deck? 

The methods mentioned above work effectively even for the planters on the deck. However, if you want, you can mix ground cayenne pepper, crushed garlic, or something spicy in the soil of deck planters that will keep the squirrels away. 

Why do squirrels dig a hole in the soil of the planter pots? 

The squirrel love to eat flower bulbs and vegetables planted in the pot. They find holes in the pot’s soil, the best place to hide their food. 

What are the flowers the squirrels avoid touching and going around? 

The following are the flowers if you will plant in the neighborhood of other plants, the squirrels will not dare to roam around:
• Daffodils 
• Jonquils
• Kaiser’s Crown or Crown Imperial
• Snow crocus 
• Alliums

Who are the other animals that affect the plants overnight, like the squirrels?

Skunks and deer are two of the most nocturnal animals that devour plants overnight.


Squirrels are fun to watch, jumping and hopping from one tree to another in the garden. But it is fun unless and until your little friend starts digging holes in your plant pots to hide their fruit.

Once they make it, it compromises the soil quality and the health of your plants that do not get the essential nutrients from the soil.

Therefore, we advise you to adhere to the top 10 successful strategies we have listed in this post. By following them, you may quickly get rid of the squirrels and do it without endangering the small, fluffy animal.

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