12 Attractive Landscape Timber Idea & Designs You Will Love

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Landscaping is an art. People who love creating an out-of-the-box landscape are the artists. So, if you are one of them and landscaping is something that defines your forte, you have come to the right place.

An eye-catching landscape makes your house and outdoors a scene worth admiring.

Outdoors can never be enough decorated enough, and you can never run short of ideas for creating an attractive landscape.

However, if you are up to something unique this time and vow to master landscaping, it is time to do some creativity with wood. Woody landscapes always have a sense of class about them that never fades.

Timber is meant to transform anything and everything you associate it with. So, your outdoors or garden is no different with a flourish with the touch of timber. When discussing landscaping with wood, timber always stays at the top of the list.

Timber landscaping has many ways to attract you, be it the ease and convenience of designing it or the durability and elegant look it bestows on your garden.

Moreover, when you use timber, you take a step toward preserving the integrity of the environment because it is highly sustainable and leaves zero impact on the surroundings.

Landscape Timber Ideas and Designs

The best part about timber landscaping is that you can transform it into anything of your liking and climatic conditions, as you will soon notice. So, if you look forward to making your outdoors serene, here are some attractive landscape timber ideas (with pictures) you are destined to fall for.

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1. A Timber Deck

A Timber Deck
Image Source: pinterest

Timber will best attract your visitors when you use it as a decking medium. Timber decks are classy and elegant enough to keep all eyes on them. So, you can always go for timber decking and never regret it.

Timber suits your outdoors best as a decking material, as it is highly resistant to climatic changes. The coping nature results from the natural oil it contains being a part of the hardwood family.

You can rest assured about its integrity for ages as it requires deficient maintenance. Hence, a timber deck is all you need to chill outdoors.

2. Coastal Landscaping

Coastal Landscaping
Image Source: thespruce

Not only polished but weathered timber can also come to your rescue while landscaping. Yes, timber holds beauty even if it is faded. There cannot be a more classic approach to landscaping your garden than sun-bleached timbers as garden stairs.

The scene becomes even more eye-catching when you blend the elegance of faded timber with wild-style plants lining the steps. It gives you a soothing coastal vibe with the vibrance of wildflowers.

You can prefer scavenged driftwood and ground cover plants, such as Santolina, sea thrift, and so forth, for giving life to this fantastic coastal landscaping idea.

3. Screens That Reflect The Beauty

Screens That Reflect The Beauty
Image Source: hgtv

Taking a step ahead towards perfect timber landscaping, we stop at the charming beauty of timber screens in your garden. Timber screens have a vintage vibe that you can not run away from.

It is the best way to bring garden screening ideas alive while keeping up your privacy intact and allowing sufficient light to pass through. You must ensure to install timber screens with sight lines. You can use a ready-made trellis made of timber and screen your garden with it to reflect nothing but beauty.

4. A Match of Perfection

A Match of Perfection
Image Source: goodhousekeeping

Are you too bored with plain timbers of the same colors around you? Then it is time to show your color-combining expertise. Why settle with timber of a single color when you can elegantly mix different shades of timber and go bold?

There is no limit to blending painted timbers in your garden and filling it with a transformed look. When your garden flourishes in its natural form, this perfect match will surely warm your heart. The best way to achieve it is to install painted timber fences and keep the paler ones for decking.

5. Sawn Log Paving

Sawn Log Paving
Image Source: gardeningetc

Paving is also a great way to explore the greatness of timber landscaping. You can use timber as a material for sawn log paving and get the natural feel of a classy woodland. Landscaping with timber does not stop at decking or screening.

The idea works best when you cut timber into circular logs and pave it as stepping stones in your garden. The remaining spaces you can fill by using the wood chips and filling in the gaps. This way, you can create a sawn log paved heaven of your own.

6. Curves to Soothe Nerves

Curves to Soothe Nerves
Image Source: forbes

The fact that timber can take any shape and design of your liking gives you all the answers to why you should not just stick to straight and right-angled timbers. You can divide the spaces in your garden with standing timber linings and go with the curvy structure the paths take.

Curvy walls of timber with timber decks provide excellent walking and seating space for you and your guests while enjoying the greenery of your garden behind. The timber walls add privacy to your garden and protect the plants from heavy wind. So, we must transform something of such high benefits into an attractive landscaping design.

7. Walking on Timber

Walking on Timber
Image Source: pinterest

Do you want to walk on timber like a boss? Then why not make walkways with timber with flower linings? Timber walkways in your garden can be the best way to welcome your guests to its astounding beauty. They would love to walk around on them and envision the beauty of your garden.

Hence, you can make timber walkways with timber decks or the design that pleases you the most. The best part would line the walkways with lush green foliage, giving you a heavenly feel every time you walk across your garden.

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8. A Kind Step Toward Wildlife

A Kind Step Toward Wildlife
Image Source: housebeautiful

Another way to implement timber paving is to stockpile a chopped tree pile in the corner of your garden. A pile of timber logs provides your garden with a classy and vintage corner. You might wonder how it would be any addition to your garden.

The main motive behind stockpiling timber is to provide a home for wildlife. It can form a thriving space for many insects, toads, hedgehogs, birds, etc. Mosses and lichens shall make the scene even more admirable, and you can get your two shots with one arrow.

9. Transform Into Furniture

Transform Into Furniture
Image Source: prima.co.uk

Timber furniture never goes out of fashion. Regarding landscaping your garden, timber furniture to seat your guests and family members is the best thing you can get. You need not settle for boring wooden furniture when it comes to timber.

You can transform timber into a garden bench, swing, stool, and more. You can also surround a tall, old tree with a broad timber table and install timber chairs. It would be the best setting for a family luncheon or dinner, which you can’t just miss.

10. Living Wall

Living Wall
Image Source: lawnstarter

Here is another excellent idea for landscaping using timber. You can create a cozy space in your garden by installing a living wall made of timber. If you are wondering how you can create such a long living wall of timber with the most negligible costs and effort, all you need to do is reuse timber pallets.

You can use wooden stacks as a support for the wall. It becomes even more straightforward as you stack the timber pallets one upon each other. The best effect comes when you paint the wall according to the color combination in your garden. Hence, you can go ahead with reusing timber pallets and create a beautiful border.

11. Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed
Image Source: gardengatemagazine

Suppose you are looking for a timber landscaping idea that also satisfies your passion for gardening. In that case, this idea is just for you. You can use timber to create raised garden beds for your favorite plants and give them a touch of elegance.

Just as you created the living wall by stacking timber pallets, you can create raised garden beds by stacking timber blocks without giving support. It gives your garden a lovely view that your neighbors will admire.

12. A Cool Pool

A Cool Pool
Image Source: veranda

Do you have a swimming pool that honors your outdoors? Then it is time to redefine it with a timber finishing touch. Not only plain decks, but you can also create a decking area around your swimming pool using timber. You can also modify this landscaping idea with timber sun loungers. This incredible pool timber landscaping idea is doomed to make your swimming days fun and memorable.

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Timber is the most versatile hardwood you can come across. It leaves behind all materials regarding landscaping or gardening ideas and designs. You can mold timber into almost any shape, creating a brand-new landscaping feature. For now, you can follow these attractive landscape timber ideas and designs and make you a place to adore outdoors.

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