16 Amazing DIY Landscaping Timber Ideas

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The beauty of a landscape is rarely connected to the quality of the materials you used but more to the way you used them. If you want to create a landscape that catches everyone’s attention at first glance, you’ll want to use any material well enough. 

Here, we want to talk about how timber can be that material. We’re going to show you a few do-it-yourself landscaping timber ideas to consider. They’re going to show you how, regardless of what type of timber you’re using, you can make any landscape a lot more attractive.

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Why Use Timber on Your Landscape?

Now, while the material’s quality is often not significant – it still makes a huge difference. We want to make it easier for you to understand why timber can be such an excellent choice. Here are a few reasons to consider:

It Looks Good Anywhere

You can combine wood with practically any other material or object, and there shouldn’t be a problem. Whether it is concrete or steel, gravel, rocks, grass, flowers, or whatever – timber looks fantastic either way. 

It Lasts A Long Time

It doesn’t matter how you use wood: the right type can last a lifetime. This happens because wood is resistant to outdoor factors such as rain and sunlight. Similarly, it can withstand wear and tear for years. 

It is Environmentally-Friendly

There’s nothing more attractive than a well-made structure that increases the appeal of your landscape – but also produces no contamination. Timber does precisely that. It will work in any environment without causing the slightest of damage.

It is Easy to Use

Last but not least, timber is a no-brainer to use. Whether you want to make a landscape border, a garden bed, or a garden shed – it will take you little to no effort. As long as you put in the work, it will be totally doable to create whatever you want to make with wood. 

With all that said about timber, let’s get into the nitty-gritty!

16 DIY Landscaping Ideas with Timber You Can’t Miss

So, you’re aware of why timber is such an excellent addition to any landscape. With all those benefits in mind, here are some ideas to consider: 

1. Timber Garden Bed 

Timber Garden Bed

Because of its ability to get unaffected by dirt, water, and vegetation, wood becomes an excellent choice as garden beds or borders.

The exciting part is how beautiful it looks. The woody tones alongside the green of any plant will look outstanding, regardless of how you make it. 

This is also a super-quick and easy thing to do. One day of work should be enough to cover small garden or yard landscapes. 

2. Wooden Wall for Patio

Wooden Wall for Patio

A landscape doesn’t have to be purely combined with grass and flowers. It can also be something artsier, like a wooden wall with a metal structure. Use some timber to fill it up, and the wall will surely attract anyone’s attention at first sight.

The best part about this is that you can place it anywhere. Close to a wall, in the middle of the patio or backyard, under a pergola, etc, – it will look amazing either way. What’s more exciting, it can also work as a separator for different areas (your landscape from your patio barbecue area, for example). 

3. Hanging Garden on Wooden Wall

Hanging Garden on Wooden Wall

Let’s be honest, part of your house’s landscape also includes walls and fences. In that case, why don’t we use those walls and fences as landscape structures? 

Set some nails in the structure, hang some pots, wooden baskets, or even tires. They all work as the perfect house for most plants – and will add a subtle yet still attractive vertical garden to any landscape.

4. Mini Garden Hut Cart 

Mini Garden Hut Cart

If you’re willing to go the extra mile and build something with timber, you may find a mini-hut an ideal choice. 

You can use already-built carts and other structures to finish the hut with your own timber. Add a wooden table or structure on top, and it will be not only decorative but also practical. If you want to make it more landscape-oriented, use it to grow a viny plant or hang pots around it. 

5. A Rustic Garden Focal Point

A Rustic Garden Focal Point

Why focus on purely vegetative landscaping when you can build something super-useful with timber? The combination of the rough wood with the chair and table’s usefulness can improve anyone’s backyard or patio.

If built alongside a fireplace, this may become a go-to focal point of the house. Hosting reunions, barbecues, and night parties would all be a pleasure with one of these.

6. Wooden Table & Deck for Patio

Wooden Table & Deck for Patio

There’s no need to make a super-cute landscape with flowers and colorful plants all around. You can make a simple wooden table, with some wooden chairs, and a wooden deck. This would be more than enough to boost up the appeal of any backyard.

If you want to make it more colorful, make some wooden pots and add some plants. Timber decks look amazing with dazzling flowers too. 

7. Timber Structure for Tree Yards

Timber Structure for Tree Yards

Have a large yard with tons of trees around? Don’t let the fallen trunks and limbs go to waste. Use them to make a structure between two trees that catches eyes at once. It wouldn’t be anything especially useful nor attractive to have, but it will undoubtedly be interesting.

The best of all is that you’ll be putting those logs and trunks to work. Instead of going to waste, they will be serving a purpose beyond their lifespan. 

8. Handwork Decorations & Pots

Handwork Decorations & Pots

Timber doesn’t have to be only logs and planks. You can also use wooden fibers to make the cutest of decorations for your landscape. This goes from pots to baskets, tricycles, small fences, borders, and more.

The right creation can offer both a decorative advantage as well as more practical use. Make sure it’s something that combines with your landscape, and you’ll have a perfect idea.

9. Wooden Animal Decorations

Wooden Animal Decorations

You don’t have to stick with the standard use of timber. Instead, you can get your carving tools and make your own decorations by hand. A set of animal carvings can be one of those unique creations.

What sets these ones apart is that you can use them both as decorations as well as protection. Wild animals may think it is truly an animal in the area and may not want to get close (or could attract more animals – try it out and see for yourself!?)

10. Pergola Style Landscapes

Pergola Style Landscapes

Something that will never get out of fashion is a well-made pergola or trellis structure. It adds a unique touch of decorative elegance while still helping to make a small structure you can spend some time in. 

Combined with the right viny plants and painted the right way, a wooden pergola can change any environment for the better. 

11. A Stake Boundary or Path Setter

A Stake Boundary or Path Setter

If you want to keep it simple, you can use several timber stakes and plant them across a landscape. They may work as a way to signal a path or a border (limit with your neighbor or adjacent property).

Making it will be a piece of cake for sure. You just need the patience to repeat the same digging and sticking process, and that’s it. If you use the right stakes and paint them well, they may also add a unique appeal to your landscape.

12. Timber Sculptures 

Timber Sculptures

Art lovers may appreciate some sculptures. Carved in the right wood, painted adequately, and placed in the right area in a landscape, timber decorations like this can make any home look more elegant and exciting.

We recommend using your local sculptor’s art for an extra boost in interestingness. Or, if you want to take it a step further, use a sculpture of your favorite animal. Either way, make sure it’s something you can enjoy. 

13. A Classic Barrel Decoration

A Classic Barrel Decoration

Few people consider timber barrels to be decorations for landscape. But as we’ve seen time and time again, barrels can help with everything from working as composters to helping to catch drain water – there’s no limit. 

Sure enough, one of these uses could also be pure landscape decoration. Paired up with flowers, you can make one of these the perfect addition, either as a mere structure or as a pot or container for your favorite plants. 

14. Wooden Handcart for Pots

Wooden Handcart for Pots

Let’s say you have tons of pots hanging and traveling around your garden that don’t really have a regular place to be. In that case, you can bring them all together with a handcart or large basket made of timber.

Sure, this may take you a bit more time and effort than other ideas, but it’s always worth the effort once you see how attractive it looks. And more importantly, how practical it is when you place those out-of-order pots on it. 

15. Wooden Basket & Pot Carrier

Wooden Basket & Pot Carrier

Like a wooden handcart, you can make a more straightforward wooden basket to move your pots around. But it doesn’t have only to move them around – it could also work as the perfect place to bring them together.

You can use small pieces of timber hanging around in your backyard or patio and make something exciting and easy like this. With the right decorations, lettering, and paint, a basket could become the most exciting part of any landscape. 

16. The Timber Landscape Border & Chair

The Timber Landscape Border & Chair

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to use timber to make a garden border or bed. If you have particular woodworking skills, making these planks and logs both a garden bed and a garden chair to stay at the same time would be an exceptional choice. You would be hitting two birds with one stone.

We recommend this is you have tons of timber to use and a lot of time in your hands. Of course, you’ll also need semi-advanced woodworking skills. But it could also be an excellent learning project if you want to make it one. 


Whatever you go for, these ideas are more than enough to get your landscape to another level of amazingness. The days of staying with a dull and straightforward garden are over.

You’ll only need a few pieces of timber, and that’s it. Most of these landscaping timber ideas don’t require too much work and can be done by pretty much anyone willing to put in a bit of effort.

So, what are you waiting for? Boosting up your landscape with a few wood pieces won’t be possible unless you get your hands dirty – start now and make it so!

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