16 Amazing Pool Cabana Ideas & Pool House Designs

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Want to give a revamp to your poolside area but don’t know what to do? Check our pool cabana ideas for some inspiration!

We know the tricky part about building something close to the pool. You want it to stand out, to be gorgeous but also practical – somewhere you can spend a great time with loved ones but also enjoy when alone.

Sadly, it’s not always easy to come up with something that fits all those standards perfectly.

That’s why our pool house ideas below will help you. We assembled a list of all the coolest designs that anyone can put to work at their own home. Check them up and see for yourself!

16 Impressive Pool House Plans You Can’t Ignore

1. A Fancy Cabana for the Villa

Cabana for the Villa

For those who have a summer home or a villa-style patio in their primary residence, nothing will match their style better than a fancy cabana.

The term fancy is loosely used in this case, but we’re referring to the beauty of the place that combines a classic approach with a modern villa style. This creates an elegant touch that even the most serious of owners will appreciate.

It is essential to mix the roughness of a wooden deck with the mirror-like surface of the ceramic. Paired up with some cabana-style furniture plus the typical vegetation and you’ll have a place that never goes out of style.  

2. Close-to-Bedroom Pool House

Close-to-Bedroom Pool

When you invite friends or family at home for a night’s reunion, someone will eventually want to stay.

What better to let them stay overnight than in a bedroom house close to the pool?

Preferably paired up with a wooden deck around the pool, this type of poolside house makes for an excellent addition. It gives the place a touch of innovative beauty while increasing the practicality of the whole site.

We recommend a shed-like cabana with a bed and a bathroom. If you can ensure a view of the pool and a sliding glass door, the place will be almost a vacation place. When it’s not for friends or family, why not sleep there yourself?

3. Tropical Style Cabana

Tropical Style Cabana

For those who like the beauty of wood and appreciate a tropical setting as much as any other style, pairing all-things wooden is the best way to go.

Come up with a practical hut boasting a waterproof sofa for the outdoors. Bring your favorite wooden pool chairs and a couple of wooden umbrellas to the mix.

Don’t forget to build a super-smooth wooden deck for the extra touch that gives away your inspiration. Even people who don’t like tropical settings will feel at ease stepping on this area.

4. Pool House with Elegant Touch

Pool House with Elegant Touch

Elegance can be anything, as long as it looks like you could use it for casual and business activities. This fancy cabana can be used like that.

Start by bringing your favorite living room furniture under the cabana. Placed as if it were any other indoor area. Add up the barbecue or grill section close. And if you want to give it an extra touch of elegance, don’t forget a freezer.

With a pergola around, your favorite garden chairs, and a floor made of ceramic or smoothed-out concrete slabs, you’ll enjoy an almost perfect place to host your personal or business reunions.

5. The Pool Cabana for the Desert

Live close to a desert or in a dry place? Say no more!

A combination of wooden and stonework decorations, timeless furniture, and a beautiful structure with logs as columns and wood fibers for the ceiling. It will be almost impossible not to relax when it’s time to disconnect.

Why only wood and stone? Given you’re building it close to a sandy place, it’s always better to avoid materials that could either corrode or wear out. These two are the perfect choice for that.  

6. Seamless Pool House Style

Seamless Pool House Style

You don’t have to place your bedroom and living room on the second floor of your home. Keeping them close to the pool can be a much better idea.

An almost seamless architecture like this, featuring full glass windows with sliding doors, can set your house pool apart from everyone else’s.

We recommend it for those who are tired of far-away and straightforward configurations that keep the pool separated from the rest of the house. And more importantly, those who love to spend a lot of time in the pool – there’s no time to walk anymore.

Wake up or take your break, and get into the pool in just a few steps.

7. Pool Huts for Tropical Perfection

Pool Huts for Tropical Perfection

An array of tropical huts match with pretty much anything. These pergola-style pieces can work close to the pool, beach, or even in the mountain.

They transport you to a relaxing place whenever you are, making it easier to enjoy the pool at any moment.

But they do match tropical areas better, especially those close to coconut trees and other tropical vegetation.

The hairy roofs and the huts’ wooden simplicity can match pretty much any poolside without additional decorations. And they’re immensely convenient either way.

8. Garage-Style Pool House

Garage-Style Pool House

Have a small shed or garage close to the pool? Want to put it into work and make it a go-to place to stay?

Then this is an idea you shouldn’t overlook. Poolside houses like these are incredibly practical, ready to host your friend’s get-togethers as well as your weekends away from stress.

You fill these tiny garage-style houses with any furniture and appliance, making them perfect for visitors to stay or for your reunions to be fully equipped.

Regardless of how you proceed, one of these can make your seemingly dull pool into a place you won’t will love.

9. Roman-Style Poolside Cabana

Roman-Style Poolside Cabana

Feels like a stretch? It is – that’s why we couldn’t help but bring it as an inspiration.

This is an example of what you can create when you put that creativity to work. It matches any type of decoration, mainly classical ones. And it works perfectly as a cover when it rainss, as a place to host your parties, and more.

There’s simply no downside to getting your creativity to the max to build something that catches attention and adds a lovely tone to the place.

10. Middle-of-Backyard Poolside Cabana

Middle-of-Backyard Poolside Cabana

For those who have large backyards and want to put them to use, nothing beats a large wooden deck, a wooden roof, and wooden furniture paired up with a side pool.

The place can become a magnificent area to be whenever you want. And it can be used for pretty much anything.

From parties to business meetings, a place to work from home without getting absorbed by your home, or an area to simply relax when it’s time – there’s merely no drawback to building something like this.

11. A Wooden Jungle Cabin Pool House

Wooden Jungle Cabin Pool House

If you’re a bit more skilled with woodwork and want to put those abilities to work, then you may find jungle-style poolside houses ideal.

Once again, it’s all about getting your creativity to the next level, pairing up the use of unconventional wood like bamboo with a wooden deck that stands out.

Don’t forget the full-sized glass windows, a few sliding doors, and a set of poolside furniture to set it apart. If large enough, you can even add a bed and a few appliances to make it a place for your visits to stay.

12. Cabin-Style Pool House

Cabin-Style Pool House

Have a house close to the beach that needs a revamp?

Want to give it a cabin appearance without getting rid of the tropical touch?

This is your best bet.

Combining the simplicity of a wooden deck, a symmetric approach to the structure, and still the classic style of a tropical cabin – this is the place to relax on your weekends after long weeks.

It could be ideal for both poolside houses at home or those in your summer residency. Either way, you’ll enjoy all the advantages with none of the downsides of a place like this.

13. An Architect’s Pool Cabana Dream

An Architect’s Pool Cabana Dream

Love unique and gorgeous architecture? Find yourself attracted to over-the-top outdoor designs? Here’s what you should go for!

Combining the beauty of stonework with timber’s practicality, this cabana adds a touch of fanciness to any place. It also feels hugely relaxing on a free day. And can host any type of reunion that gives your visitors an enjoyable time.

It’s an almost perfect configuration for those pool owners who don’t want to go the conventional route but instead give their poolside area an extravagant approach.

If that sounds like you, this one will be an idea you can’t dismiss.

14. Relaxing Shed-Style Pool House

Place it at the end of the terrain, where it connects with your neighbor, or at the hillside’s border. Regardless, it is all about building a small structure where you can bring your favorite furniture.

Make it a place to read on the weekends, to watch a movie with your family, or to watch the stars when the night falls.

Close to the pool and equipped with appliances and furniture, it can become a go-to area for your get-togethers. There’s simply no downside to building something like this.

15. Luxurious Pool Cabana Pergola

Luxurious Pool Cabana Pergola

Luxurious but straightforward at the same time – this pergola style gets your pool to a whole new level without overworking your wallet.

The focus? Be creative with the interior, bring along your favorite furniture, and don’t hesitate to make it as cozy as necessary.

The area will work for pretty much anything you want, from hosting reunions with family or friends to working as a business meeting area or whatever.

Paired up with a wooden deck, some tropical plants, and a quality enclosed structure, it will be as perfect as you expect it to.

16. Pergola Cabana for Summer Homes

Pergola Cabana for Summer Homes

There’s no point in going the extra mile if what you need is a simple place that protects from the rain and the sun rays, that feels comfortable and can fit several people at once.

A pergola like this can boast any style and go from summer home to tropical approaches and even a more elegant tone if needed. Whatever you pick, it won’t be much of an expense or work, but it will still change your poolside experience completely.

We recommend building it with a wooden structure, using the fanciest fabrics you can, and pairing it up with some furniture for extra convenience. In the end, this will be a place that works without being too much.


So, did you like our pool cabana ideas? There are so many ideas to take inspiration from that you should be ready to tackle the job right away!

Your poolside can go from the dullest areas to the most incredible place that you won’t like to get away from. And when visitors come, they’ll feel the same!

Don’t waste more time and get that pool house ready with these ideas. You won’t regret it!

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