Where Can I Rent a Lawn Mower Near Me?

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There’s probably no machine as useful as a lawnmower for maintaining a lawn. The deep cuts it makes on the grass to provide a fresh and smooth look is something you don’t get with any other product.

That’s why you need one of these for your lawn maintenance. But what can you do if you don’t have one?

In that case – you search for lawn mowing near me. And you may find a fantastic lawn mower for rent close to you.

But what does it mean to rent a lawnmower? What should you know about it before deciding it is a great idea? And where can you find this service?

Well, we’re going to help you with all that in this article. Whether you want to do lawn mowing by yourself or let someone else do it for you – you’ll find everything you want to know below. So take a look!

Is It Possible to Rent a Lawn Mower?

Yes. It may seem a little far-fetched because – who rents these machines? Well, you’ll be surprised – a lot of people do.

Remember that not everyone has the money to buy a mower, not everyone has space to store them, and not everyone wants to do the maintenance they require. There are many other reasons for that to happen (as we’re going to explain later).

Yet, it is safe to say that lawn equipment rental is one of the most useful services available out there. And it is also one of the most profitable.

If you’re a property owner or contractor who wants to cut some grass – then you may find these services to be of great help.

Where to Find a Lawn Mower Rental Service?

Now that you know it is possible to rent a lawn mower, you may want to know where to do it.

In this case, it depends on your location. But if you want a quick answer, big-chain stores like Home Depot, United Rentals, Rental Yards, and Sun Belt Rentals may offer what you’re looking for.

There are way too many options to go for that it shouldn’t be a problem to find exactly what you need.

But be aware, as some countries and cities don’t offer these services. It depends heavily on where you live.

Overall, these services are available in most big cities. They will save you tons of time, effort, and money. And the best of all, you can rent them in minutes with just a call, text message, or even through a website.

What are the Advantages of Renting Lawn Mowers?

Now that you have an understanding of how it works, let’s give you a heads up about the benefits of hiring these services.

Saves Money

rent a lawn mower near me

First of all – a lawn mower rental saves you the money of buying one. If you only mow the grass occasionally, then you’ll find these services to avoid the substantial initial investment that these machines can demand. Also, you get rid of the maintenance, repairs, and cleaning that takes tons of time and effort.

Saves Space

Some people don’t have a shed, shack, garage, or garden cabin where to store their lawnmower. In case you live in an apartment, small house, or whatever – renting a mower will be much better than buying one.

Quality Equipment

When contracting a lawn equipment rental service, you’ll be surprised by the quality of the machines and tools. Whatever you need, you won’t get the cheapest or most accessible model – you get fewer worries and better results with quality equipment.

Directly to Home

Most rental services will bring the mower directly to your residence. No need to set up your pick-up truck to carry the mower around. Instead, the renting team will bring the mower wherever you are so you can receive it, use it, and then wait for the team to take it back to their storehouse.

Environmentally Friendly

rent a lawn mower

You may not think about it – but renting a lawn mower may also come as an advantage for the environment. Because that means fewer mowers out there, it means fewer people will emit greenhouse gasses by using them. Sure enough, this is something that helps not only you but everyone around you.

What are the Disadvantages of Renting Lawn Mowers?

Renting a lawnmower is not without drawbacks, though. You may still need to overcome or ignore a few negatives – such as:

Deposits & Fees

A lawn mower rental service is focused on the trust the renting company deposits on you. But this deposit is not on trust, most of the time you’ll have to leave a large sum deposited so they can reduce their risk.

After using the machine, part of the deposit will go back to your hand. But the other part will be used to pay for the service itself as fees. This can be somewhat expensive depending on the company’s policy – they could charge by the hour, day, week, and so on.

Limited Duration

You won’t be able to use the mower for a long time. Renting companies offer the chance to pick an amount of time you want to use the machine for. And you must keep up with that.

If you go over the rental period, you may have to pay for extra fees. And in some cases, these fees won’t be pleasant at all.

Not Your Equipment

While renting mowing equipment, you have to understand that every machine and tool you receive is not yours.

In case something breaks, stops working, or gets lost – you will have to pay for the repair, wait for the technicians to fix the machine, or eventually pay for the full cost of the product. In any of those situations, you’ll wish the equipment was yours in the first place.

Demands Experience

get a lawn mower on rent

There will be tons of mowers and equipment to pick from (walk-behind mowers, riding mowers, mowers for hills, corded mowers, and more). If you aren’t experienced or know precisely what you need – this may come like a difficult problem to solve.

At the same time, you’ll have to know how to use these machines. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the equipment, mowing incorrectly, or even injuring yourself.

Before you hire these services, be sure you know what you’re doing.

How to Rent a Lawn Mower?

how to rent a lawn mower

You’re aware of the advantages and disadvantages of renting lawn mowers. Now, how can you do it?

Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow:

  1. First, start by finding a lawn equipment rental service in your city or neighborhood. You can find one by searching on Google with the name of the area.
  2. Most of these services are operated via calls and/or web apps. You should follow their instructions to receive the service.
  3. They will ask for your address, the amount of time you need to rent for, and the equipment you need. Some services may ask for additional information.
  4.  After giving you info, they will provide you with a price, depending on your exact location, renting time, and equipment type.
  5. Before paying, be sure to read their policies and agreements. This is usually a contract they will either read you or send you as a document. Understand how they operate, how they charge, and how to resolve issues if anything happens.
  6. Once you’re aware of their rules and business method, then you can pay for the service. You may need to leave a deposit.
  7. After depositing the exact amount, they will tell you how soon you can expect the equipment to arrive at your location. This depends on the distance from the storehouse to your place, and the type of equipment you want.
  8. Finally, you’ll receive the mower or tools directly to your house. They will hand you the keys to the equipment so you can use it as needed, always following their instructions.

If you follow each step to the letter, and you receive the mower at home – you’ve successfully rented a mower.

Rent a Lawn Mower Today and Trim your Lawn!

As you can see, finding a lawn mowing near you is just the tip of the iceberg.

These services are amazing, though. The time, effort, space, and money they’ll save you is immeasurable. But it’s still worth considering how they can also be detrimental.

Focus on getting a renting service that matches your standards. Be sure it meets your needs and budget. And that the facility won’t take advantage of you. Then rent if it feels like a worthwhile endeavor.

Follow our advice, and you won’t regret it.

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