26 Sunflower Garden Ideas with Pictures

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If we ask you to name one particular flower that can bring joy irrespective of where it’s found, what would you say?

Well, for us, it’s a sunflower!

Their bright and happy color is sure to catch the attention of many.

They’re low maintenance and are capable of surviving in any kind of soil.

Now, when we say sunflower, what comes to your mind first?

Tall, wide flowers, right?

But not all sunflowers are like that. There are many species of sunflowers out there.

Want to grow sunflowers in your garden?

Well, it’s easy.

Select the area where to want to plant this beautiful and warm flower. Remove tree stumps and stones from there. Till the area. Now, use your hands to make small holes. Drop one seed into each hole.

Be consistent in watering the area with a garden hose. And in no time, the sunflowers will sprout.

Make sure to plant them in an area that gets plenty of sunlight, at least 5 hours a day. The blooming time of sunflowers depends on the type of flower you choose.

Backyards are often one of the most neglected parts of your home, even though you use them the most. So, if you choose to plant an easy-growing flower like the sunflower, it’ll make the area look attractive in no time.

Did you know sunflowers attract butterflies too?

So, if you plan to include a butterfly garden in your yard, you can do that.

Now, how can you style this pretty yellow flower in your garden?

Sunflower Garden Ideas with Pictures

Check out these awesome ideas!

#1. Lined Walkway

Lined Walkway

Do you have a walkway in your garden?

You can use sunflowers to line the walkway.

To make it look more attractive, make use of other tall plants too.

When you line a walkway, it’ll not only define the path but also offer a natural barrier. These big bright flowers are soothing to the eyes.

Just make sure to choose some sunflower varieties that come with a sweet fragrance.

#2. Sunflower Pyramid

Sunflower Pyramid

Are you on a budget and want to go for a DIY project?

Then this sunflower garden idea may be something that you want to give a shot!

So, the idea is to create a pyramid with sunflowers. You can make several such pyramids and place them in each corner of your backyard.

To do this project, all you need is to create a garden bed. It can either be tall or low. Now use soil to fill it up.

Then take some wood and build a pyramid-like structure with that. Now, place sunflower seeds in the soil.

When the sunflowers grow, they’ll pop out from the pyramid.

#3. Sunny Accessory

Sunny accessory

Do you have a lush green backyard?

Why not add a pop of color to it?

Take some containers or pots and grow sunflowers in them.

This will give your entire yard a beautiful warm glow. This is the right kind of brightness you need in your yard.

Now, don’t go overboard with it. Just a few sunflower pots will do.

Of course, depending on your taste, you can certainly add more.

#4. Backyard wall Screen

Backyard wall screen

Want a little more privacy in your backyard?

Go for this sunflower garden idea!

Plant tall sunflowers, lining the wall of your backyard. This will create a pretty barrier.

For this, plant the sunflowers keeping some inches between them. Now water till they bloom.

Don’t know which variety of sunflower to choose?

Go for the Helianthus Mammoth. This variety can grow to a height of up to 12 feet. They are sturdy and can withstand average and mild winds.

#5. Pallet Sunflower

Pallet sunflower

Use this sunflower pallet garden idea to transform your boring backyard into an attractive one!

For pallets, choose sunflowers that are dwarf. Now you can do two things to make this idea a reality.

You can either leave the flowers lying on the wall or hang them in your yard. The choice is yours!

This is a unique idea. You can move the flowers if there are harsh weather conditions.

In the pallet, create a bed. Now, close the pallet base and fill it with good-quality potting soil. Make sure to keep a gap of at least 6 inches between two sunflowers. This will give them enough space to grow well.

#6. Sunflower Basket

Sunflower basket

Sunflowers are popular for their height and size. But they have some dwarf varieties too. And to give life to this idea, you need the dwarf variety.

Take some small cups that you can use to plant the sunflowers. Of course, you need a large basket too.

So, plant one dwarf sunflower in each cup and then put all the cups in the large basket.

You can keep this basket wherever you want in your garden. Move it around according to your preference. You can place it on your sidewalk or your patio too.

And trust us, this sunflower garden idea is sure to make heads turn!

#7. Sunflower Bag

Sunflower bag

We are presenting another unique sunflower garden idea to you!

For this, you need a bag, preferably made of jute. This bag will act as a container.
Now fill the bag with potting soil and plant sunflowers in it.

The best part?

You can hang it from anywhere you want. Be it a wheelbarrow or any old object lying in your backyard, such as a bicycle, motorcycle, or cart – anything.

Is the object that you choose to hang the sunflower basket from too old?

Repaint it to make it look attractive.

Make sure that you hang it from a place where it gets plenty of sunlight.

#8. Grow it Wild

Grow it Wild

Well, a sunflower garden doesn’t always have to be regulated!

Just choose an area in your backyard that gets enough sunlight. And plant sunflowers there.

Let the flowers grow wild. This will give you a lush, thick garden feel.

Want to create a contrast?

Mix tall species of sunflowers with dwarf species of sunflowers.

This will look great!

#9. Mix it with Other Backyard Plants

Mix it with Other Backyard Plants

Do you already have a garden full of flowers in place, and you don’t want to replace them all with sunflowers?

Well, who said you have to make a special garden design for sunflowers?

You can just incorporate them into your existing garden too!

We have already mentioned that the sunflowers are easy to grow, and they don’t need much maintenance. You don’t need to provide them with stringent soil conditions so that they can bloom.

Instead, you can add them to your existing garden with ease.

As most species of sunflowers have good height and come in bright yellow color, they’ll stand out among the other plants in your yard.

You can either add them to the edge or the center of your garden area or watch it grow into full bloom!

#10. Sunflower Bouquet

Sunflower Bouquet

Did you know that sunflowers can make the prettiest impression when you plant them in thick clusters?

You can choose some giant sunflower species and plant them hugging each other. Once they bloom, they can bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees them.

Don’t fill your entire backyard with sunflowers. Instead, pick an area and plant some. Now plant a thick stand of other short flowers framing the pretty yellow blooms.

#11. Sunflower Bouquet Planter

Sunflower bouquet planter

Do you have small garden space?

Don’t worry. You can maximize the space with this clever idea of planting sunflowers in your planter.

Want to give it a burst of color and some added texture?

In the planter, along with some large sunflower blooms, add some flowers with other colors.

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#12. Sunflower Wall Decoration

Sunflower wall decoration

Sunflowers and walls – make a great pair!

If you have a small yard that’s already full of other plants, you can use sunflower against the wall too.

And trust us, it’ll look amazing.

For this design, get some tall sunflower plants and plant them against the wall.

To make the whole look come together, use some vertical decorative pieces in the background.

The vibrant and upright sunflowers will look beautiful against the wall.

#13. Summer Blooms

Summer blooms

Want to get some ideas for your summer garden?

You can choose to plant sunflowers and cosmos together.

They look stunning together!

You can choose this duo if you want pollinators in your yard too.

Bees and hummingbirds love these flowers.

Plant these flowers and enjoy the pretty blooms in the months of summer.

#14. Sunflower Fort

Sunflower Fort

Do you have kids at home?

Then go for this sunflower garden idea.

Trust us; they’ll love it!

The best part?

It can act as an outdoor fort for your kids too!

In order to create it, you need to plant sunflowers in a square or circle. Make sure to leave a gap of about 2 to 3 feet wide.

Now, wait for them to bloom.

Once they turn into full-grown plants, the flowers will form a wall – looking like a fort.

Let your kids play inside it.

#15. Giant Sunflowers

Giant sunflowers

Sunflowers look pretty when they’re young and in full bloom. Throughout the day, they follow the path of the sun and move their way in that direction.

You can see this fascinating natural wonder if you plant sunflowers in your garden.

So, get some sunflower seeds and plant them in your yard and soothe your eyes to the view.

Go for sunflower plants that are large enough to catch the view. Plant them in a group of four or five. They’ll look gorgeous and make heads turn.

#16. Sunflowers beside a Sculpted Hedge

Sunflowers beside a sculpted hedge

Do you have a sculpted hedge in your garden?

Want to add a pop of color?

We suggest, make use of sunflowers!

Plan some sunflowers along the border of your sculpted hedges. Throughout the day, they’ll align with the sun. This will add more charm to your flower garden.

Sunflowers have large leaves. They, along with the beautiful petals, will complement the delicate leaves of the hedge. This, on the whole, will create a thrilling contrast.

#17. Vintage truck-bed Planter

Vintage truck-bed Planter

Do you have a vintage truck in your backyard?

Are you in for some creativity?

Hop on!

Go for full-size sunflowers. For that, you’ll need quite a large planter.

So, why not make use of your vintage truck for this?

This is a larger-than-life display. And it’s a perfect combination of cheeky charm and vintage style.

Now, don’t be surprised if your visitors want to take a photo of it!

#18. Cottage Staircase with Sunflower Border

Cottage Staircase with Sunflower Border

Do you have a cottage-style home that has stairs in the front?

You can give this sunflower garden idea a try.

Along the staircase, plant some tall greens and create an arch that is made of vines. And don’t forget to add a gorgeous patch of sunflowers. This will turn a simple staircase into a magical one.

Your guests will love to walk up the stairs to your home. And they’ll be delighted to pass through a tunnel made of plants.

#19. Pair them Up

Pair them Up

How about pairing up vibrant sunflowers with some other variety of flowers?

Trust us; it’ll look awesome!

So, which flower variety can you use to pair it up with the sunflower?

Well, it can be any flower of your choice.

How about jasmine? Do you like them?

If so, then you can go for jasmines. Tons of tiny white jasmine blooms will complement the bold, big sunflower heads.

#20. Rusted milk Jug Planter

Rusted milk jug planter

Did you know that you can heighten the rustic vibe of your garden just by using unexpected items into planters?

Well, yes!

And this is exactly where the rustic jug comes into the picture.

Rusted metal can look like garbage when you look at it for the first time.

However, once you plant vibrant and pretty sunflowers in it, it’ll not be the same anymore.

It’ll be a thing of beauty that your visitors will admire when they see it.

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#21. Classic garden scattered Sunflowers

Classic garden scattered sunflowers

Yellow is such a vibrant and warm color that it can turn a bland space into a happy space in no time.

And if you want to add a pop of color to your garden, choose yellow.

And what better flower can your pick other than sunflowers when it comes to yellow flowers?

Now, to go with this design idea, you don’t have to create an entire sunflower garden right from scratch.

Only a few sunflower plants will do.

In your garden or yard, choose some points where you want to plant sunflowers. Now plant them in those strategic locations.

Once the flowers are in full bloom, they’ll rise above the foliage. This will create an exciting peek-a-boo effect.

#22. Square Sunflower Patch

Square Sunflower Patch

Do you have a small yard?

Then this sunflower garden design will work best for you.

Select an area in your garden and plant full-size sunflowers into it.

Now, arrange a tiny picket fence and give a boundary to the sunflowers. Paint the fence in white so that it can define the sunflowers well. Also, this miniature picket fence will emphasize the height of the flowers.

To make it more impactful, build a small wooden gate too. Place that at the middle of the picket fence on the front side.

The entire setup will create an impression that creatures from fairytales are living among the leaves!

#23. English Garden Scattered Sunflowers

English garden scattered sunflowers

Do you have a lush green English garden?

Then know that sunflowers can fit into it perfectly!

Here’s the trick.

Plant them with other foliage and tall bushes.

It will make them look like a natural extension of the untamed, wild growth.

Now that you have these pretty yellow flowers in your garden, why not showcase them?

Place them in front of the greenery. The yellow and green will look perfect together.

#24. Sunflower Privacy Wall

Sunflower privacy wall

Do you have an outdoor garden with a pergola?

Want to have some privacy in your hardscaped garden?

Plant sunflowers!

Of course, in a line.

The leaves and the stems will give the shape of a natural wall.

And not to mention the pop of color that these beautiful blooms will add to your garden.

The color yellow will increase the fresh look of your yard too.

#25. Sunflower Privacy Fence

Sunflower privacy fence

Do you want some privacy when you sit by the swimming pool in your yard?

A traditional tall fence is what people choose to go for. But why not go for something unique and pretty too?

You can create a low-height fence and then pair it up with a patch of gorgeous sunflowers.

The thick greenery of the sunflower will increase your home’s appeal to a great level.

Also, this will block the view of the pool. So your neighbors can’t see you and you can have a great time stretching and relaxing in the sunshine.

#26. Vintage Washtub Planter

Vintage Washtub Planter

Do you have a farmhouse?

Then this clever planter idea can be a fashionable and affordable option.

For this, all you need is an ordinary galvanized metal washtub and some dwarf sunflower plants.

This washtub is pocket-friendly, as you can get it at a much lower cost than a full-size planter.

Make sure to get the washtub in a large size as this will match the miniature sunflowers well.

And to add a touch of a country charm, the metal is just the right material.

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Tips to Grow a Sunflower Garden

Now that you’ve got some awesome sunflower garden ideas, here are some tips while you create one:

  • In your garden, monitor the sunlight for a day. Now pick the best spot to grow your sunflowers. Know that sunflowers grow well in full sun. So the area you choose must receive at least 5 hours of sunlight every day.
  • If you want your garden to be full of different varieties of sunflowers, then make separate sections for them. In order to do this, we suggest not making individual rows for different species.

    Instead, use a clump or square formation on the south-facing side of your garden, plant the smaller species. This way, they’ll not be overshadowed by their taller counterparts, and they’ll get an ample amount of sunlight.

    In the middle, plant the sunflowers that are of medium height. And on the north side of your garden, plant the tallest ones. This will make sure that all the sunflowers in your garden receive sunlight.
  • For planting sunflowers in the middle of your garden, you can go for varieties such as maximillian sunflower, beach sunflower, and tarahumara.
  • For planting on the right side of your garden, choose sunflowers that are tall such as giganteus and mammoth Russian. They grow about 12 feet in height.

    Did we tell you that you can get large seeds from these large sunflowers and that they’re good for snacking?
  • For planting on the south side of your garden, choose short sunflower varieties such as music box sunflower, sundance kid sunflower, and pacino. These varieties can grow about 36 inches tall.
  • There are tons of sunflower varieties to choose from. To give your garden a spring-like vibe, you can add sunflowers of different colors throughout the sunflower bed.

    For chocolate-burgundy colored blooms, plant chocolate cherry. To add a rose pink color to your garden, add strawberry blonde. For bright orange color, add autumn berry.

    Now, did you know that you can get sunflowers in gradient colors too? Once you decide which all varieties to plant in your garden, order the seeds.
  • To prepare your garden area for sunflowers, you need to till the soil to a depth of about 12 inches. Now spread approximately 4 inches of organic matter such as manure, leaf mold, and compost over the soil. Over the soil amendments, use a slow-release fertilizer. Then, making use of a tiller, gather all ingredients into the top 12 inches of soil. Finally, to prepare the area for planting, rake the soil smoothly.
  • You can sow four sunflower seeds in one hole. You’ll need to thin the plants multiple times, leaving one sunflower seedling in each hole.
  • Once you plant, make sure to water them immediately. Per week, give them at least 1 inch of water.
  • If you don’t want weeds to grow all over your sunflower garden, pull them up often. In order to keep the weeds in control, you can opt for tight spacing.
  • What if the sunflower stalks don’t stand upright on their own? Just beside the plant, push a stake into the ground. Now tie the stake with the sunflower stalk using a soft twine.

So, which sunflower garden idea do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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