20 Excellent Tree Stump Ideas With Pictures

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Looking for some exceptional tree stump ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

Let’s say you had a gigantic tree in your front yard that was taking too much space. You decided to cut it off.

In the process, you realized that being such a big tree means there are even bigger roots below ground. They make it impossible to get rid of the whole tree.

You decide to leave the stump behind. But this stump is not attractive or functional at all. What can you do to make it so?

Well, we have the perfect answer. With our stump DIY ideas below, you’ll have enough inspiration to transform it. Check them up!

Here is a list of 20 excellent tree stump ideas with exclusive pictures, eventually formed out of trees being cut, that provides a detailed overview of how to use them in different situations and transform it into different inspirational ideas.

1. A Funky Chair

A Funky Chair

What kind of tree was the stump from? If it was a tree species with branches coming almost right off the bottom portion, you’d have the chance to create a funky chair like this.

You can also call it a throne. Either way, the funkiness is impossible to dismiss. Decorated for the right season can make it even funkier, especially on Halloween.

2. The Stump-Supported Bench

The Stump-Supported Bench

Did you have to bring down two or more trees at once? Give those stumps some use as a bench.

Make them the base or support, put them to work, and build up a comfy yet practical place in your backyard. 

You’ll only have to find a sufficiently sturdy plank to use as the seat. The rest will be a no-brainer. 

3. A Couple of Chairs for Dates

A couple of Chairs for Dates

Have a large hillside area at home with a stump looking weird? Give it an afterlife by producing garden chairs.

This is especially useful if the tree has several trunks or more than one stump in the area.

These chairs can help in dates, kids to play with, and even host family or friend get-togethers in nature. They offer no downside.

4. The Tree Stump Throne

The Tree Stump Throne

Want to feel like an emperor in your own backyard? We have a perfect idea.

With some carving, that large stump with a thick trunk can become a big chair. Even better, it can become a throne.

You can set it up with a cupholder on the wood, bring some cushions, and even place an umbrella to block the sun. It will quickly become your go-to place to feel like the king of the world. 

5. Mini Cabin from Huge Tree Stump

Mini Cabin from Huge Tree Stump

If the stump in your backyard is much bigger than expected (a sequoia or similar tree), there’s a chance you can make it a lot more than a simple decoration.

These gigantic trees are big enough to provide sufficient space inside to become huts, cabins, sheds, or even more functional areas like bathrooms, treehouses or reading rooms. 

It will be a lot of work, for sure. But nothing impossible to do, as long as you’re willing to see the fantastic results.  

6. Tree Stumps Huts for Playgrounds 

Tree Stumps Huts for Playgrounds

In the same set of ideas, why don’t we build a few huts for children to play with? Instead of plastic or concrete playhouses or outdoor storage, use large stumps on the field.

These huts will be a lot easier to personalize, beautify, and make fun enough for children to play with. Heck, they will even work for adults to have a great time – so there’s no downside! 

They will be TONS of work to build. But given they’re a lot of fun, the effort is undoubtedly worth it.

7. Colorful Tree Stump Sculpture

Colorful Tree Stump Sculpture

If functional is too much work for you, make it decorative. Nothing talks better about someone’s character than the art they choose to add to their homes. A tree stump sculpture can be a perfect example.

Make it colorful if you want. Dull and colorless if you don’t care. Either way, make it enjoyable. Sculptures made of wood are always worth looking at and a perfect dive into anyone’s personality. 

You may need to develop carving skills for the job. But it will be tons of fun, so it’s totally worth a try. Don’t hesitate and put all your feelings into it.

8. Animal Sculpture for Gardens

Animal Sculpture for Gardens

For small stumps that are too hard to make functional, you can also make them cute. Animal sculptures, for example, always stand out. 

They can make up for a lack of animals at home as well as a lack of decorations. Regardless, they offer an infinite number of opportunities. 

Do you like dogs, foxes, big cats, elephants, whales, wild birds, or werewolves and dinosaurs? You can bring them all to your garden with a tree stump. 

9. Street Art Stump Sculpture

Street Art Stump Sculpture

You don’t have to use the stump directly to make it cuter. Instead, you can use it as support for the sculpture or decorative piece.

That could be anything, going from concrete fun pieces to stone faces and more. Whatever comes into your mind, that’s probably a great addition to the garden. Boost its appeal and give that stump an afterlife.

The work? Depends. But if you already have the sculpture, you may not need to do much. Just make sure the sculpture doesn’t fall. 

10. Basins, Fountains, and Stumps

Basins, Fountains, and Stumps

Have tons of basins, pots, fountains, and other decorative pieces in your garden? Use them to cover the stump and bring a museum to the place.

It may look strange at first, but once you see how nature and human-made decoration blend together, you won’t be able to unsee it.

The work? Almost none. Just reorganize the garden and bring those pieces together for a unique touch of beauty. 

11. Fairy Tale House on Stump

Fairy Tale House on Stump

Some stumps are big enough to allow some carving on them. But let’s say you are tired of sculptures and typical pieces.

An excellent alternative would be a fairy-tale house (or gnome house stump). Whatever you want to call it, the piece can set your garden on another level, making it an exciting place to be at.

More importantly? It doesn’t take more than a few days to build. And children will love it too!

12. Gorgeous Stump Coffee Tables 

Gorgeous Stump Coffee Tables

Those stumps that leave behind a part of the trunk can also be helpful as indoor furniture pieces. That goes from small chairs to coffee tables and whatever comes to mind.

The catch? There’s none. They are biodegradable, personalized to your liking, and can match pretty much any indoor decoration.

You can also use them outdoors if you prefer, in your enclosed patio or even close to your pool. There’s no limit to how you can use them! 

13. A Picnic Table for Backyards

A Picnic Table for Backyards

Want to give stumps a decorative but also functional touch? Build a dinner table in your backyard.

That sounds like overkill, considering you’ll need at least three to five stumps to make that happen. But it’s entirely worth it.

The place will look fantastic, adding a classy yet rough touch to the site. More interestingly, it will provide a gorgeous area for your friends and family to gather, close to nature and still cozy enough to have a great time. 

14. The Faucet Stump

The Faucet Stump

Think hard enough, and you can convert that tree stump into practically anything. A faucet can be one of them.

This works amazingly for barbecue areas, enclosed patios, and other places that connect your indoors with your outdoors. Still, you can make it work in a backyard and it will be practical yet attractive.

The work will be a little more than you may expect, but completely worth it. Once you start washing your hands and dishes on it, you’ll realize how great of an investment it was. 

15. Chess Table in the Front Yard

Chess Table in the Front Yard

The stump can also become the ideal area to play your favorite table games. One of them can be chess.

But it can be used for anything. From checkers to ludo, monopoly, and whatever comes to mind – they’re all possible on top of your tree stump.

As long as it is tall enough and flat on the top, you can build the perfect area to play any game. And what’s even better, it takes little to no effort to produce. Just try to find a game made of high-quality materials that can withstand outdoor environments. 

16. The Stump and the Cacti

The Stump and the Cacti

What would be easier to give that tree stump an afterlife than making it a place to install your favorite pots? This could be anything from succulents like aloe vera, hens and chickens, and cacti on pots. If you want to give it an Asian touch, bring some bonsais instead. 

Stumps look gorgeous with pretty much anything. Given the plants you’re using are cute enough, you’ll have no issue boosting your butterfly garden with this decision.

Sure enough, the effort will be almost none. Get those pots on top and that’s it!

17. Simple Raised Bed for Flowers 

Simple Raised Bed for Flowers

More vegetation in the garden never comes like a wrong decision. But what if you decided to add some concrete to your patio close to an old tree stump? Building a raised bed can change its appeal altogether.

Stumps often don’t look too good when paired with concrete patios. However, with some flowers or herbs like mints and thyme on top, the stump will look fantastic.

You’ll have to open the stump in the middle and add some potting soil. Plant your favorite flowers and let them grow. A few months in, and you’ll see how beautiful it makes your patio look. 

18. Mini Planter with Fungi

Mini Planter with Fungi

Some stumps are still so rich in nutrients that fungi can’t stop growing on them. Paired up with a planter on top, you can enjoy an extra-cute decoration.

What sets sit apart is the combination of colors and the dullness but the uniqueness of mushrooms. The piece will catch anyone’s attention at first sight.

You’ll have to make sure the mushrooms grow, though. But it will be little to no work still. 

19. The Fungus and the Stump

The Fungus and the Stump

What about pure-fungi stumps? Mushrooms can make for attractive decorative options too, even if there are the cutest of species.

This is especially useful if you live in a humid area. The fungi will grow almost by themselves, and you’ll have to do little to no upkeep to the piece.

20. A Mossy Stump

A Mossy Stump

Need an explanation? Let the stump get covered in moss and forget about it. 

The intense and lush green of moss with its grass-like appearance will make even the dullest stumps look exceptional.


What should I fill a stump hole with?

You can fill the stump hole with a few bags of topsoil. You can also use rocks to fill large stump holes.

How much of a stump should I leave?

A stump size of 4 feet works best for many tree stump ideas.

Will motor oil rot a stump?

Yes. It is because motor oil breaks down the lignin and cellulose of the stump and stops water transport to it.

Will bleach rot a tree stump?

Yes, bleach is an effective method to rot a tree stump. It breaks down the woody structure of stumps and finally causes them to decay.

What is the fastest way to rot out a tree stump?

Applying chemicals to holes dug on a tree stump is the fastest way to rot it. The chemical method speeds up the natural decay process.


Did you like our tree stump ideas? We hope so!

Given how tricky it is to develop creative plans for that boring stump in your garden, these ideas can set it apart completely.

So, what are you waiting for? That tree stump needs a revamp – give it one with our ideas above! You’ll have a blast!

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