16 Amazing Treehouse Ideas for Your Backyard

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Want to give your kids an exciting place to spend their time at home? What better than a treehouse for that?

This could be a place of their own, where they can take their friends, siblings, and cousins, have a lot of fun, and still manage to have some privacy. In some cases, treehouses are the best place for parents and children to bond – the opportunities are endless.

But for this to work, you need to build the ideal one. Here, we’re going to show you some of the best treehouse ideas you’ll find on the internet. Below, you’ll find all that and more – check it out!

Why Build a Treehouse in Your Backyard?

Before going into the different ideas we’ve gathered, let’s show you the various reasons why building a fantastic tree house in your backyard can be such an excellent idea.

Physically-Active Children

Nowadays, most children spend their whole day fixed to a TV, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. They aren’t doing any exercise. And even worse, they aren’t even moving in some cases (fixated to the couch or bed at home). 

The best way to combat that is to give them a reason to go out and get away from their devices. A tree house can be an excellent alternative for that. Plus, they’ll be climbing up and down, which works as physical activity. 

Better Socialization 

Like children not doing any exercise, they’re also getting much more dissocialized with the unhealthy use of devices. This makes it hard for children to grow up socially assertive, harming their ability to make friends. 

Building a treehouse can be the perfect excuse to invite new kids to your house. It could also work as a way for your child to bring new friends home. In some cases, tree houses end up being a place for social encounters until they become teenagers.

Higher Bonding Opportunities

Want to bond more easily and effectively with a child? Why don’t you give them the chance to feel like your friend with a tree house? Sharing a place like this where you can have fun and discover new things can be an immensely enriching bonding experience. 

This works for parents, siblings, and cousins. And it all starts from the moment of building the house. It can be an excellent way to introduce teamwork and handwork.

Closer to Nature 

If you have a large backyard with a big tree where all kinds of animals live, it can become a go-to place for your child to enjoy nature first-hand. The height and closeness to animals and plants will give the most curious children a reason to come back every day.

Similarly, it teaches respect for nature and how important it is to take care of trees, animals, and plants. By getting children close to nature, you make them more aware of their surroundings. 

16 Treehouse Ideas for an Amazing Backyard

So, does a tree house sound like an excellent thing to build at home? If that’s the case, check the different ideas we’ve collected for you:

1. The Super Playground Treehouse!

The Super Playground Treehouse

Why give children a standard treehouse when you can give them the perfect place to play with friends and siblings? A well-made tree house with a playful design, different color tones, and a bridge to go through will never stop being fun.

It also makes for an excellent addition to any garden. While it may take a bit more work than a simple alternative, it’s all worth it. 

2. Beach-Themed Hut on Tree

Beach-Themed Hut on Tree

For those who want to give their backyard a revamp, nothing would feel more ideal than a beach-style hut. With timber on the sides and bottom plus some straw in the top, the combination looks a vibey as you can think, making it an extremely inviting option for children and adults alike.

You can make it even more enticing with the addition of windows and marine-style accessories. This one works exceptionally well for treehouses close to lakes and the sea. 

3. A Funny Cottage-Like Treehouse 

A Funny Cottage-Like Treehouse

Some children love feeling like they’re owners of their playground. A cottage house will make them feel like they own it. Filled up with toys and all kinds of personal items, a cottage-style house on a tree can quickly become a go-to place for their adventures. 

You can make it look like a cottage, dollhouse, dog house, or whatever the child loves. And if you’re building for adults, the opportunities are endless. 

4. Tipi-Type Hut Treehouse 

Tipi-Type Hut Treehouse

If you want to make something enjoyable but still simple: go for a tipi-style hut structure. Supported by two to four trees (preferably), this one makes for a relatively straightforward option to make. More importantly, it still manages to catch anyone’s attention at first sight.

Another advantage of a tipi-themed treehouse comes from the easy access. It doesn’t even need a door to work, and it will still be private and safe enough for children and adults to stay in. 

5. Treehouses with Net Stairs 

Treehouses with Net Stairs

Regardless of how large and tall you make the treehouse, nothing will make it more enticing than a fun way to get up and down from it. And for that, few things can beat net stairs.

Instead of climbing a ladder or rope, you can make it super-fun to get on with a net. It will push children to have some physical exercise and hold their balance while climbing. When going down, they can use the net as a slider and go smoothly down. Either way, it will be a blast, and any kid will love it. 

6. A Pirate Ship Fantasy Treehouse

A Pirate Ship Fantasy Treehouse

Anyone who’s ever watched a Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, or Sinbad knows the appeal of a ship-themed place to play. And for that, what better than a tree house?

The work, time, and money it will take can be a little more than other list ideas. But the result is immensely more rewarding, especially if it becomes way more than a treehouse (a place to socialize and have fun – ARRRGH).

7. Simple Cottage-Style Mini-House

Simple Cottage-Style Mini-House

No need to go the extra mile trying to impress all your neighbors and visiting friends. A mini hut treehouse could also get the job done, especially if you make it comfy, sweet, and adorable.

More importantly, it will be an excellent place for children to spend time in – as it can be a lot more private than other larger and more visually-appealing options. 

8. The Rudimentary Treehouse Way

The Rudimentary Treehouse Way

Giving your child enough space to have a lot of fun but also the chance to look rough and put their imagination into play – there’s nothing better for that than a rudimentary treehouse.

A simple set of timber planks, rough-looking wood, and the weirdest-shaped logs – all can come together to make a rudimentary yet still safe and super-fun treehouse. Interestingly, this one takes a lot less effort to make but always catches everyone’s attention at first sight. 

9. Short Tree House with Slide

Short TreeHouse with Slide

Who said treehouses need to be tall and far from the ground? Why not build something easy but still incredibly entertaining? A short tree house with a slide can be an excellent choice.

You can pretty much come up with an idea about how the house will look – whether a princess castle, a pirate ship, a space station, or whatever. Regardless of what you pick, once you add the slide, it becomes an instant game breaker for children. Everyone will love it. 

10. Fully-Equipped Lodge Treehouse

Fully-Equipped Lodge Treehouse

Treehouses are not necessarily for children only. A lodge-styled tree house could also be an exceptional addition to any backyard. Built with sufficiently sturdy timber and paired up with stairs and other amenities, it can quickly become a go-to area in your home to spend time with other adults.

A mini version of this lodge could also become an excellent choice for children. Or, if you want to make it both, it could become a simple place to have conversations or rest on a Sunday afternoon.

11. Kids’ Playground Backyard Tree House

Kids’ Playground Backyard Tree House

Ideal for toddlers and big kids alike, a playground tree house with all kinds of toys and ways to play can easily surpass any other idea. 

Add some slides, a bridge, a ladder, stairs, windows, a refuge, or whatever. As long as it is enticing enough, most children will appreciate the appeal and, more importantly, the massive amount of fun they can have in a place like this. It would work as the go-to area for children at home to spend time at. 

12. The Lookout Post in Garden

The Lookout Post in Garden

Does your child like military movies and playing shooting games? In that case, nothing will beat a lookout-post-styled treehouse. 

It is sufficiently easy to make, fits most children’s demands in terms of fun, and still makes for a highly appealing addition to any backyard. If your home is close to forests or jungle, it can also become an excellent way to spy on wild neighbors. 

13. Effortless Hut Jungle Style  

Effortless Hut Jungle Style

You can also go the easy path and make a super-rudimentary, straightforward, and still exciting way: a jungle hut treehouse.

Resembling huts from indigenous people, you can make it with cheap timber, tree logs and branches, and some straw on top. Make it sufficiently stable to hold a small child, and that should be enough. You’ll be making a fun and private treehouse that gets the job done without wasting your time. 

14. Luxurious Mansion Treehouse

Luxurious Mansion Treehouse

Have a taste for luxury? Then build the treehouse with metal, bring a uniquely styled stair and elegant décor. It will fit both small and big houses alike and steal the attention from anything else in your backyard.

It doesn’t have to be metal, though. You can also build it with plastic, wood, and even MDF. As long as it holds the luxurious and exciting style with a more serious design, it will be ready to bomb. 

15. Simple Cabin Style Backyard Treehouse

Simple Cabin Style Backyard Treehouse

Coming up with creative and unique ideas to build a tree house upon is sometimes unnecessary. In fact, we can go as far as to say that it is always unnecessary. Instead, you should stick to something simple, safe, and well-made that works for children and adults alike. A cabin-style tree house is precisely that. 

The best of all is that you can use pretty much any tree, take just enough space, and still spend as little money as you need. It can make for an exciting place to be nonetheless. 

16. Military Outpost Treehouse

Military Outpost Treehouse

If you want to get it done quickly while still making it sufficiently fun for children, you can develop a military-style outpost design. It doesn’t have to be large or spacious – just enough space for a child to fit in and an open arrangement they can use to push their imagination to the max.

Given it is built in a sufficiently tall and sturdy tree, this type of treehouse can work as an excellent lookout post to watch for the neighborhood. Your children will become the new guards!


Your backyard is waiting to be boosted with a tree house. Don’t let it wait any more time, and give it the perfect revamping with any of the treehouse ideas above.

Given you put in the effort and time to build a sufficiently appealing and exciting treehouse, it will become the go-to place for children (or adults?) to be. 

So, what are you waiting for? Build that treehouse now!

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