15 Vinyl Fence Ideas for Your Garden

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There’s no doubt about it. Vinyl fences are the most resilient, cheapest, and the most practical. Installing one of these in your garden will save you TONS of time, effort, and money.

But what type of fence should you go for?

That’s where our vinyl fence ideas enter into play.

Also known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), this material withstands any environment and works wonders for style. It can be shaped in any way, painted, and customized to the fullest – making it an ideal choice for DIYers.

15 Garden Vinyl Fence Ideas for DIYers 

Coming with great ideas for vinyl fences is not as easy as it seems. So, if you need a bit of inspiration or want to have a glimpse of what’s possible, check below!

1. Tiny Garden Bed Vinyl Fences

Tiny Garden Bed Vinyl Fences

Have garden beds that need a bit of protection? Want to stylize your garden without installing extra-large fences? Or just want to add a more exciting appeal to your yard?

Either way, you’ll find these little fences made of PVC a perfect choice. Designed to cover small or large areas, they’re small enough to look cute but still large enough to clarify where the garden starts and where it ends.

These vinyl fences are a piece of cake to install, and more importantly, are super cheap. So you’ll have almost no excuse not to install these. 

2. The Solitary Field Fence

The Solitary Field Fence

Have a field in the country in need of a purely decorative fence? Then this is your best bet.

Why do we say purely decorative? Because you don’t need to surround the whole place to call it a fence.

The whole purpose of this one would be to identify where the entrance is. But more importantly, it adds a quirky style to the place, combines with the surroundings, and looks pretty neat nonetheless.

The best about this idea is how cheap it is, how little time it takes, and how effective it can be at adding a bit of personality to the place.

3. S-Tyle Fence with Arch

For home gardens and landscapes where style is the most important thing, nothing will match an S-tyle fence gate with a trellis pattern.

Alongside the arch that adds the extra touch of elegance, you can place it on any traditional-looking home to make it a lot more enticing. As a plus, it will make it easy to understand where to go in and out of place.

This one is also affordable and doesn’t take much effort or time to make it happen. You’ll have a blast once it’s set up. 

4. Night Fluorescent Vinyl Fence

Night Fluorescent Vinyl Fence

Homes with front-facing gardens and narrow sidewalks may struggle with drivers getting way too close to their lawn. Especially at night, this can be a bit problematic.

The solution? The usual vinyl fence but with fluorescent strips. Not only do these strips make it clear there’s a fence in place, but they also add an exciting look.

You can get the fence with the strips built-in, preferably in green, to better fit the garden area. But you can also install the strips yourself.

What sets this idea apart is that you can install pretty much any fence style and then install the strips as needed later on. So there’s no limitation!

5. Decorative Easter-Style Fence

Decorative Easter-Style Fence

Purely decorative vinyl fences are never a bad idea. This easter-style design is one of those.

Even though it is specifically designed to be for festivities like easter, you can make it work the entire year without problems.

It has a playful shape with a cute elegance to it. This combination adds up to any type of house or garden. You can enjoy all its benefits with none of the drawbacks.

One exciting part of these fences is the beautiful shapes they offer. You won’t have to paint and/or customize them to make them stand out – they will do so without any output from your part.

6. Trellis-Style Fence 

Trellis-Style Fence 

Why go complex when you can go simple? A trellis fence made of plastic can be precisely that.

Ideal for pretty much any place you can think of, these fences add a decently attractive style to the area, require little to no effort to install, and still manage to be decently protective.

You can keep your garden flowers out of reach and still enjoy the beauty from inside and outside your home. 

More importantly, it gives a traditional-looking vibe, perfect for farms or traditional suburban areas where sophisticated fences would look a bit overdone. 

7. Decorative Plastic Fence 

Decorative Plastic Fence 

Don’t stick to the dull and simple when you can go for the extravagant and enticing. This one does it perfectly.

You can see how the fence boasts a unique pencil-like shape. But you can go for ANYTHING you desire. There’s a shape for any home style you can think of.

Whether you want to have a more elegant approach, something colorful and fun, or just a duller traditional approach with unique vinyl fence shapes – it’s all possible.

Just make sure it’s all within your budget so you don’t end up paying a premium for unique fences that may eventually feel like overkill.

8. Smart Plastic Fence 

Smart Plastic Fence 

Ideal for farms and side pitches in sports fields, this smart fence works like a charm to separate areas without overdoing it.

If you need to cover a large area with a fence, this one comes like an almost perfect choice given it’s large enough to be visible from afar, small enough to not require much effort, and still simple, so you don’t waste a lifetime setting it up.

The main advantage is how good it looks. You won’t have to go extra complicated to build a fence that stands out. 

9. Fence with Pergola Arch Gate

Fence with Pergola Arch Gate

Standing out is never a bad idea as long as that’s what you want. This example makes it clear why.

When your garden needs a bit of a stylistic boost, you will find arches an excellent addition, especially when paired with the fence gate.

They add the beauty to enjoy how it looks and make it clear this is an opening for a particular area. In this case, your garden.

The significant advantage is that you can paint and decorate however you want. Combined with a vine plant that climbs over the arch will make it an unforgettable area to be at. 

10. Board and Tube Fencing

Board and Tube Fencing

The fence doesn’t have to be wholly made of vinyl. Instead, you can combine it with other metals, like the ones in the picture.

It boasts large boards separated by a relatively broad space but put together thanks to the main aluminum beam.

This lets you cover a lot more space while still giving a decently attractive touch to your garden fence. And as an extra, you’ll have the chance to paint the boards in any way you prefer, so you can make it look any way you want. 

11. Wooden-Style Plastic Fence

Wooden-Style Plastic Fence

Homes that boast that woody brown color will probably not match with the typical white vinyl fence.

In that case, nothing will work better than a wooden-styled plastic alternative.

These are available everywhere, are often pretty cheap, and come with that particular color and style, so you won’t have to paint them yourself.

There are tons of different fence shapes to go for, from the typical picket fence to the more enclosed wall fence, all of them ideal for cabin-like houses.

12. Rail Vinyl Fencing

Rail Vinyl Fencing

Simplicity never disappoints. This rail fence works perfectly that way, as it boasts a uniquely attractive design that doesn’t try to be much, but it does everything well.

This one is almost entirely decorative, even though it will also work as a delimiting piece in your garden, especially on farms. And if you want to use it in more commercial areas, it will also get the job done.

A plus would be how affordable it is as well as how effortless it is to install. And if that wasn’t enough, you can still paint it in any way you prefer and make it even more attractive. 

13. Waxed and Smooth Fencing

Waxed and Smooth Fencing

Wall-style fences with a smooth surface are also worth considering. When they’re made of vinyl, they become ultra-durable, lasting several years and resisting any type of environment with no cracks.

What sets them apart is how well they hide your home from the outside. You can place them in the front yard, backyard, or anywhere else, and they will block the view so well that you’ll feel like in your own private field.

While not the cheapest out there, these can be decently easy to install and require little to no maintenance – requiring no effort from your part later on. 

14. The Mini-Roof Fence Gate

The Mini-Roof Fence Gate

Need to give your garden a more enticing entrance? Don’t go for unexciting ideas and pick this one.

The tiny roof with tiles, a practical gate, and the vinyl fence come together to provide a traditionally-looking gate that fits any house decoration.

It will work pretty much in any place as long as you use the right colors and combine with a suitable vegetation around. Either way, your garden will look better starting from the entrance.  

15. Grooved Boards

Grooved Boards  

Vinyl has a significant advantage over most woods: it can be shaped with full detail.

The grooved-board fence offers that advantage, boasting a grooved board in the center, stylistically shaped boards all across, and a wooden-style color.

You can paint it however you want, add any extra decoration, and place it in any section of your garden. It is a bit more time-consuming to build and install, but it’s still worth the effort, given how unique it makes your garden feel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So, do you feel like a vinyl fence is an excellent idea but still have some questions? Don’t worry – we also brought a list of common questions with their respective answers: 

Is a vinyl fence better than wood?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Here are some benefits from getting vinyl over wood:

  • It comes in all shapes, sizes and can be painted however you want.
  • Require little to no maintenance and can be cleaned in seconds.
  • There’s a style for almost any type of home or building.
  • Tend to last a lot longer without any of the upkeep. 
  • They are often easier to install and placed around. 

Despite that, vinyl is a bit more expensive at first, is harder to fix when it breaks and doesn’t look as natural (many people prefer the rough appearance of wood). 

If the benefits sound ideal and the drawbacks don’t annoy you, then go for vinyl all the way. You won’t regret it. 

How long does a vinyl fence last?

Much more than wood, that’s for sure. You can expect at least 10 years for low-quality vinyl fences and up to 30 or 50 years for high-end PVC-made ones. 

Will bleach damage vinyl fence?

No, as it’s actually used to clean and maintain them. Bleach is safe as long as it’s mixed with water and doesn’t stay on the surface for long. Having said that, painted PVC fences may get discolored with bleach (so be careful around those).


Feel like any of our vinyl fence ideas matches your needs and desires? Then look no more!

As long as you know what you want and are willing to put in the effort and time to make it happen, you’ll have a blast setting that vinyl fence at home.

The best about our ideas is how easy they are to install, how affordable most of them are, and how doable they are for the typical DIYer. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get that fence up right away!

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