19 Beautiful Walkway Ideas You’ll Love

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Want to make people fall in love with your house? Start by setting up a walkway everyone wants to go through.

The first thing people will notice is the place they’re walking over. While it may seem counter-intuitive, the more attractive it is, the more appease people will feel when going across your garden.

That’s why we wanted to bring some of the best walkway ideas out there. Whether you’re building a walkway for the first time or giving a new look to an old one – you’ll want to make it memorable.

So, are you ready to get inspired? Check below then!

19 Garden Walkway Ideas to Boost its Beauty

Choosing these ideas wasn’t so easy. We spent several hours finding walkways that could give your garden a more original look and something cute enough to meet even the highest expectations. After thorough research and hand-picking only the best ones, here’s what we ended up with: 

1. The Stone and Pebble Path

The Stone and Pebble Path

Everyone uses stones and pebbles in their landscapes. But few use them for walkways. And that’s where you can stand out.

Sure, it is not the most original – but it’s unique enough to set yourself apart. If you pick the right combination of stones, pebbles, and colors, you can make the most attractive walkway out there.

Don’t forget to stick them together using concrete, dirt, or gravel. The focus is to make something beautiful but also safe. Otherwise, everyone will slip on them – and you don’t want that.  

2. A Concrete & Candle Walkway

A Concrete & Candle Walkway

Why build an intricate walkway when you can make it simple? Now, why would you let it feel dull if you can take it to the next level with some candles?

Here’s what we mean: regardless of the type of concrete walkway you created, you can always boost it up. Especially at night, the addition of some candles, outdoor lights, or torches can add a uniquely attractive appearance.

This will not only give a more romantic feel but can also add a mysterious touch. Depending on what you’re looking for, your walkway will surely stand out with the addition of some fire-holding pieces. 

3. Wooden Deck-Style Walk

Wooden Deck-Style Walk

While laborious and a bit expensive, wooden decks are never to be dismissed. One significant advantage is the sturdiness of wood, regardless of the type. It can last a lifetime if made the right way.

But there’s nothing like the appeal it adds up to a yard. Wooden deck walkways seem simple, but they can make even the dullest places feel cozier, safer, and much more attractive.

We recommend using a type of wood that matches the tone of your garden or yard. Dark wood with dark grass, or light wood with light flowers – make it stand out!  

4. Brick Path for Lawns

Brick Path for Lawns

Brick is probably the easiest way you can make an intricate yet gorgeous walkway for your home. The idea won’t be a DIYer favorite due to the cost, but the process can be surprisingly fun. Apart from that, it allows for infinite creativity. 

Brick has another advantage: it lasts a lifetime. When paired up with concrete, it can easily outlast any other type of walkway. 

And lastly, bricks can come in many different sizes, shapes, and even colors. You can find the ideal one for your specific idea and come up with a stunning path for your lawn

5. Japanese-Style Path with Tulips

Japanese-Style Path with Tulips

Some walkways are not made precisely from the materials you use but from the vegetation that surrounds them. If organized correctly and planted the right way, you can make any garden feel amazing to walk through.

One example could be the choice of Japanese-style tiles over a mulch path. Surrounding the tiles, you can plant tulips and other similarly gorgeous flowers

This will change the garden’s appearance entirely and make it the most attractive you’ll see. When the blooming season arrives, your walkway will be the best in the neighborhood. 

6. Japanese Moss & Concrete 

Japanese Moss & Concrete

The Japanese have a touch for making beautiful environments. This includes walkways and floors – like a combination of concrete tiles with grass or moss.

Such a mix can make any walkway feel like a chessboard. But more interestingly, it will require little to no effort to make or maintain. 

These types of walkways are lovely, match with any vegetation, and boost your garden’s attractiveness exponentially. Best of all, they are cheap and pretty much anyone can build them.

7. Paved Cement Blocks Walkway

Paved Cement Blocks Walkway

Combine some gravel with paved concrete blocks. Add a few slabs in the process and build a more serious yet elegant walkway.

This can be a fantastic choice for modern houses that focus on chick styling over anything else. If you don’t like vegetation too much, this could also work like a charm.

Like most things that use concrete and gravel, it also requires little to no maintenance. And suffice to say, it will last a lifetime without a single problem. 

8. Gravel & Concrete Path

Gravel & Concrete Path

For those who like sturdiness and don’t mind a bit of simplicity, mixing some concrete with gravel can suffice.

Concrete adds sturdiness and gravel beauty. The combination gives a gorgeous finish, compatible with most plants, and long-lasting enough for any place.

Like most concrete walkways, this one also requires no upkeep. But most importantly, it stays beautiful for long, due to the resilience of gravel. 

9. The Planks or Pallet Path

The Planks or Pallet Path

Sometimes, you just want a walkway that gets the job done without being a health hazard. In that case, you won’t find anything more straightforward than a row on planks or pallets. 

Wood always looks fantastic alongside plants. It combines with almost any vegetation and still gives the necessary grip to avoid accidents.

These are especially useful in humid areas where other types of walkways can become a nuisance.  Similarly, planks and pallets are often cheap – so it’s a win-win. 

10. Circular Stone Tiles Path

Circular Stone Tiles Path

Stone tiles are often overlooked because they look simple and unoriginal. But what about circular ones? Mixed with some mulch and/or gravel, they can add an exciting look that’s impossible to ignore.

They can also work as stepping stones, adding extra sturdiness to every step. And more importantly, they’re super durable. Properly installed, they can last a lifetime without a single scratch or breakage.

A pathway with this kind of decoration is always a pleasure to use. Given the right positioning, they can also guide the way as nothing else can. 

11. Rocks with Moss 

Rocks with Moss

Rocks with moss, a combination that sounds awkward but is actually super-cool. Moss gives the rock some color, making the pathway a lot more attractive than with rocks alone. But rocks don’t stay behind, adding the seriousness and durability necessary to make any walkway precious.

The moss usually grows by itself, especially if you place the rocks close to grass and other mossy vegetation. As for the stones, you’ll have to use slabs or slices for the best results.

12. Planks on Grass

Planks on Grass

When you don’t want anyone stepping over your lush grass, the only solution is to make the least intrusive path possible. Here’s where planks at the right distance can make a difference.

Planks, as said before, are often attractive. They match with everything. And grass is one of those mixing partners.

What’s vital about planks is their ability to go over the grass without causing much damage. The woody tones also fit perfectly alongside the green of the grass. This makes for an almost perfect combination. 

13. Gravel, Rocks & Timber 

Gravel, Rocks & Timber

Have a semi-tropical garden with tons of desertic plants? Then give yourself a chance to use gravel, rocks, and timber together.

This works exceptionally well when making steps and leveled walkways. The wood works as the signals for the elevation, the gravel lets you level up the walkway as needed, and the rocks add the sturdiness.

For sunny places where other materials won’t last, this mix would work like a charm. Interestingly, it is decently cheap and easy to make.

14. Slabs and Grass Garden Path

Slabs and Grass Garden Path

Stepping stones surrounded with some grass – a dream for those who want simplicity and beauty. 

There’s no need to develop an intrinsic idea when you can make something as straightforward as some stepping stones. Close together, they can highlight the path and the surrounding vibrant grass.

For yards where other materials won’t match or may cause too much trouble, you will find this combination to be almost perfect. 

15. Mulch and Stone Tiles 

Mulch and Stone Tiles

Once again, stepping stones will tell everyone “walk over here!” without feeling too intrusive. When you pair stepping stones with mulch, your garden also gains a next-level appeal.

Mulch is a fantastic idea for keeping soils moist and fresh. But it also works as an excellent decorative addition. When paired up with stone tiles, it looks surprisingly good.

We encourage everyone to try this one, especially if they don’t like straight-up soil or grass, and instead prefer something easier to control – like mulch. 

16. Edwardian Tiles Path Style

Edwardian Tiles Path Style

If you have the money and time, you can also come up with a ceramic-style pathway. While it gets you away from the beauty of nature, it can also be stunning in its own way.

Ceramic tiles and other similarly precious floor options can change any path completely. Not only making it easier to maintain but also sufficiently attractive – especially in urban areas.

The advantage of ceramic tiles is the thousands of colors and styles available. You can come up with whatever meets your expectations without regrets. 

17. Pergola, Gravel, and Ornamentals

Pergola, Gravel, and Ornamentals

For those who have a sufficiently large garden, the addition of a pergola never comes like a bad choice. But a pergola alone doesn’t make it work – you need to also add gravel and ornamentals for even better looks.

The pergola can be matched with a viny plant for a gorgeous appearance. And for the ornamentals, you can go for anything, including grasses to flowers. 

And if you want to take it a step further, choose mulch or moss for the floor. Depending on the style you want to achieve, a combination like this can get your walkway to a whole new level of beauty. 

18. Wood Slices Path

Wood Slices Path

Wood never disappoints. The best about it is the different ways you can use it. While planks and pallets can make a deck, you can also go simpler: use wooden slabs.

Big or small trees, when sliced, create some of the most attractive pieces you can use pretty much for anything. And a walkway can be a perfect idea.

19. Stone Slab Steps  

Stone Slab Steps

Big rocks, sliced in thin slabs, can also make for an impressive walkway idea. The rustic look and the secure feel they offer is unbeatable.

You can make them steps in case the walkway has some elevation. But you can also go simple and put them at the same level, for a more static yet straightforward path.

Either way, slabs, whether from rocks, stone, or concrete, will always last a lifetime. They require virtually no maintenance and, more importantly, are incredibly affordable. 


So, did you like our walkway ideas? There are enough in this article to set yourself apart from your neighbors. And if what you needed was some inspiration, you should be ready to put your creativity to work now.

Remember that you can come up with your own. Mix the ideas above with your own and get your walkway to a whole new level. Whatever you do, do it with love!

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