When To Start Mowing Your Lawn In Spring? Expert Tips And Advice In 2023

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Is your lawn mower placed in your storage room, waiting to cut the yard grass? The mower must wait until springtime to come out of the space.

As known, we should wait until spring before mowing the lawn, but most people get confused about when exactly in spring they need to take out their lawnmowers. After the cold, harsh winters, it becomes stressful for homeowners to bring their lawns back to health.

To make your lawn look lush green and beautiful again, it needs proper maintenance after the winter. Spring season is the perfect time to start the process, but what is the exact time and month to start?

This article discusses when to start mowing lawns in spring with added bonus tips about fertilization and weather conditions. So to get the best advice and suggestions and stay with us throughout the article.

When to Start Mowing The Lawn in Spring?

Determining the exact time to mow your lawn can be challenging. However, there are a few steps to follow to understand when to start mowing your lawn in the springtime. Mowing the lawn at an unsuitable time can damage your lawn and the lawnmower. So, to avoid ruining your lawn completely, it’s better to know the proper time to begin.

We have stated a few things you can consider to know when to start mowing your lawn in spring. Let’s get started.

1. The Month When We Can Start Mowing

The Month When we Can Start Mowing

According to the facts, there isn’t any exact month to start mowing your lawn in spring. The mowing depends on a lot of factors, such as the location, weather, soil condition, and growth. So, the first step is to check out these factors to know the suitable time for mowing.

However, in some places, mowing starts in mid-April, late April, or the beginning of May. Wait until your lawn grass has grown significantly tall, at least two-three inches, before cutting them.

2. Preparation of The Lawn

Preparation of The Lawn

Check the condition of your lawn before starting condition of your lawn. The soil and grass should be dry enough to begin. Ensure to clear all the unwanted particles, such as debris, weeds, and sticks, from the lawn that can damage the lawnmower.

Check your lawnmower for any damages. It should be in good condition for mowing the lawn properly.

3. Suitable Time And Frequency to Cut The Grass

Suitable Time And Frequency to Cut The Grass

The frequency of cutting grass also affects its overall health. They should be mowed once a week or once a fortnight to maintain health and growth.

The grass should not be mowed very early in the morning or very late in the day. They should be cut in between the day to avoid damage to the lawn and the lawnmower. The suitable time for mowing a lawn is in the middle of the morning or late afternoon.

You can mow the lawn between 8 to 10 am. If you want to do it late afternoon, we suggest starting after 2 pm, and between 4 to 6 pm in the evening is suitable.

4. Length of Trimming

Length of Trimming

While trimming the grass, follow the one-third rule. For the first cut, never trim more than one-third of the grass. Cutting it deeper might affect the growth of the grass. Eventually, with frequent cutting, you can extend the length of the trim.

5. Time to Avoid Cutting Grass

Time to Avoid Cutting Grass

Every season is not suitable for cutting grass. Spring, summers, and autumns are better seasons to mow your lawn, but when the temperature falls, it’s better to avoid mowing the lawn.

Grass in winter is either dewy or covered in snow, so it is not the perfect time for mowing. It can damage the yard and the mower, both. Therefore, when the temperature is very low, or the grass is wet, it is not advisable to take out your lawnmower.

It is recommended to check all the factors thoroughly before mowing your lawn for the first time after the long break. Spring is the best season to start, and the most advisable time is mid or late April. However, it’s better to start according to the condition of your lawn and location.

Best Weather Conditions For Mowing

As there are suitable seasons and times of the day for mowing a lawn, similarly, there are also suitable weather conditions for mowing. Mowing a lawn in bad weather conditions can be harmful and is strictly not recommended.

You must know that mowing a lawn early in the morning is not the best option because the grass is dewy and wet. Mowing wet lawns can damage the grass and is unsuitable for the lawnmower. Also, never mow a lawn immediately after watering or rain. Avoid mowing if the temperature is low to prevent any harm.

The grass is sensitive when it is wet, so while mowing the machine can tear the grass entirely from the ground. Another reason is if mowed while the grass is wet, the lawnmower might not trim them properly, resulting in uneven cutting.

If we talk about your safety, mowing in wet grass can be risky because the ground is slippery, so you might fall and get injured.

So ensure to check the weather conditions properly before mowing your lawn. Take out the lawnmower only when the grass is dry enough, and the climate looks suitable.

When to Fertilize And Water Your Lawn?

When to Fertilize And Water Your Lawn

Fertilizing the lawn is very necessary for keeping it in good condition. Most homeowners want their yards to look lush green and pretty, but to achieve this, you need to feed the soil properly.

You should consider fertilizing your lawn when it is in poor condition. Regular check-up is required to know when the lawn needs fertilizer. However, it varies from person to person because few prefer not to fertilize. But if you have the time and money to invest in your lawn, consider frequent fertilization.

Now comes the question, when to fertilize your lawn? The answer depends on the grass type. Every grass has a different growth time, and fertilization should be done when they are actively growing. So, fertilize according to the grass type. However, fertilizing once or twice a year is good for your lawn.

It is not recommended to fertilize the lawn during heavy rainstorms as it washes off the fertilizer. Although, fertilizers can be used during moderate rainfall.

Despite the year, you should fertilize your lawn in the morning. The grass is moist in the early morning, so it easily soaks up the fertilizer. You should not do fertilization when it’s hot, and the grass is dry. Lawns should be properly watered after fertilization because it helps the fertilizer to enter the soil.

Watering of Lawn

Lawns should be watered regularly to keep them hydrated and healthy. The quantity of water depends on the type of soil, location, and growth rate. Early morning is the best time to water your lawn.

It should be watered more during summers and less during winters. Water your lawn weekly or in between the gap of two to three days to keep them healthy. Watering lawns is necessary before and after fertilizing to spread the ingredients evenly in the soil.


Let’s know some frequently asked questions about lawn mowing.

Q1. What is the suitable month for mowing lawns?

Ans: There isn’t any exact month to mow lawns. However, the spring season is considered the best to start lawn mowing after the long break during winter. You can mow your lawn in mid or late-April.

Q2. When should we not cut grass?

Ans: Grass should not be mowed when it is wet. When wet, they are sensitive and prone to damage. It can also lead to damage to the lawnmower.

Q3. What is the suitable time in the day to mow a lawn?

Ans: Lawns should be mowed in the early mornings, late afternoons, or evenings. Between 8 to 10 am, 2 to 4 pm, or 4 to 6 pm are suitable times for lawn mowing.


Lawn mowing is necessary for keeping it beautiful and green. Otherwise, it will become bushy and give a weird appearance to your garden. However, as a lawn owner, you must know the suitable time and weather conditions for lawn mowing.

We hope this article helped you to understand the importance of lawn mowing and when to start mowing your lawn in spring. Now you can maintain your lawn easily.

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