Where is the Carburetor on a Lawn Mower? (Every Mower)

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The beauty of your lawn depends, to a great extent, on your lawn mower. So what if that lawn mower begins malfunctioning?

Among the many engine parts, take, for example, the carburetor isn’t in its proper mood. How do you get it fixed, and where do you know it is located in your lawn mower if you ever need to fix it?

Worry not. In this piece, we will guide you on everything and make it simpler to understand what a carburetor is, where it is located, and how you should fix it if you ever get stuck up with its problem.

We can find the carburetor in any type of engine. The carburetor controls the amount of air and fuel mix entering the engine. Then the spark plug ignites the mixture leading to combustion.

This combustion pushes the piston downwards, which rotates the crankshaft. The rotation of the crankshaft spins the lawnmower blade. But let’s first understand how to identify the carburetor.

What Does a Carburetor Look Like?

The location of a carburetor may vary depending on the type of lawnmower and the manufacturer. But all the carburetors share some common qualities.

What Does a Carburetor Look Like
Image Source: rxmechanic.com

Carburetors are metals in a rectangular shapes. Lawnmowers carburetors will have black areas, such as black circles and trim on the right and left.

The location of the carburetor in the lawn mower engine will differ according to the type of lawn mower used for mowing.

Different Types of Lawn Mowers

In this section, we will discuss the different lawnmowers and the respective location of the carburetors.

1. Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers
Image Source: troybilt.com

As the name says, you can walk behind and mow the lawn. It is also called a pedestrian or push lawn mower.


  • For large to a small area.
  • Has a cutting width typically between 30cm and 56cm.
  • Can be powered by petrol, battery, or even hand powered.


  • Self-Propelled Mowers: use the power from the engine to drive forward without much human effort. You can use this to cut a large area.
  • Push Mowers: The engine or motor only rotates the cutting blades. We have to push it to drive forward. They are generally cost-effective and used for lawns with a small area.
  • Hand Lawn Mowers: Also known as manual lawn mowers. We have to push it, and the wheels drive the cutting blades. It has no engine or motor to propel power and is suitable for a small area.
  • Four-wheel Mowers: You can use this to even an uneven lawn surface.
  • Mower with a Rear Roller: This type has two wheels at the front with a roller at the rear end. On mowing, the roller creates stripes on the lawn. Also, best suited for border row cuts.
  • Hover Mowers: Very light to use. They have special engines to work even on a slope of 45 degrees.
  • Rotary Mowers: Most are rotary mowers with sharp blades within the cutter deck. It is best suitable for cutting rough grass.
  • Cylindrical Mowers: T scissors and grasses get cut between them and are generally used in sports turfs and golf courses.

Location of Carburetor in a Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

In the walk-behind lawnmower, the carburetor is located behind the air filter at the side of the machine. The first step for you is to identify the air filter, so the job becomes simple.

The air filter is generally fitted within a plastic, or metal case tightened with screws or snap fittings. Next, we can easily loosen the bolts to remove the filter, and the carburetor will be the underside of it.

2. Ride on Lawn Mowers

It is comfortable as you can sit and take a ride on your lawn and at the same time cut the grass.

Ride on Lawn Mowers
Image Source: deere.com


  • Suitable for medium to larger areas.
  • The cutting width is between 66cm and 140cm.
  • It can collect, discharge or mulch the clippings.


  • Ride on Lawn Tractors: These are also called garden tractors, having the cutter deck between the wheels. It can cut and even mulch the grass.
  • Out front Mowers: The cutting deck is at the front, making it more easily accessible for cutting in borders and congested areas. Also, the rear wheel steering prevents damage to any obstacles.
  • Zero Turn Mowers: It has two drive wheels at the rear and two castor wheels at the front. With this facility, you can easily drive it in a circular path, which can be used in narrow paths with obstacles.
  • Zero Turn Mowers can cut grass faster than other types with large engines.

Location of Carburetor in Ride on Lawn Mowers

In Ride on Lawn Mowers, the carburetor is usually found on the side of the engine. You can find the carburetor below or behind the air filter, similar to walk-behind lawn mowers.

To get it, first, you have to remove the air filter housing, and the carburetor can be found by seeing the fuel line from the gas tank.

  • Robotic Mowers: GPS-mediated mowers that can mow the lawn faster and more accurately.

Signs When a Lawn Mower Carburetor is Damaged

Here are some signs that will help you understand if a lawn mower carburetor is damaged.

1. Old Gasoline Fuel Usage

Old Gasoline Fuel Usage
Image Source: bobvila.com

Your lawnmower can run on old gasoline fuel, but this is where the big problem starts. When the machine is stored without running for a long time, the fuel can create shellac in the fuel system.

This shellac blocks the air and fuel jets in the carburetor. The air and fuel passage gets blocked, and the air filter gets damaged. It also emits black smoke indicating there is too much burning of gasoline.

2. Engine Start Problem

Your mower engine doesn’t start due to various reasons. It might be due to a dusty air filter, loose spark plug, or faults in the carburetor.

The carburetor fault is mostly due to dust accumulation, crack or distorted diaphragm, or improper fuel and air supply.

3. Engine Runs at High Speed

Engine Runs at High Speed
Image Source: covingtonreporter.com

Sometimes there is a sudden rise in the engine speed due to an incorrectly adjusted carburetor. Two screws in many engines can control the idle mixture and idle speed.

4. Gas Leakage in the Mower

Your lawn mower could experience unwanted gas leakage due to an open carburetor cover, carburetor housing, and float.

If the carburetor float is stuck, there will be an overflow in carburetor fuel since the float is responsible for regulating fuel flow into the carburetor bowl.

5. Low Engine Power at High Speed

If your mower’s carburetor and the air filter are blocked with dust particles, then there might be a reduction in the engine power at high speed.

Removing a Carburetor From Mower

To remove a carburetor from the mower, you must completely remove it from the machine. It can be done with simple tools like an adjustable wrench or with pair of needle nose pliers.

Steps Involved

  • First, remove your engine cover
  • Turn off the fuel valve or just cut the fuel line and remove it apart. There may be a little fuel spill this time.
  • Separate the choke and throttle linkages from the carburetor throttle lever.
  • You can see the mounting bolts and use a sliding motion to remove the carburetor.
  • Now unwind the screw to remove the carburetor bowl.
  • At last, remove the float pin and carburetor inlet needle.

How to Clean the Lawnmower Carburetor?

How to Clean the Lawnmower Carburetor
Image Source: briggsandstratton.com

You know cleaning things ensures their health and good quality. Each time you use the mower to cut the grass, there are chances of small grasses, twigs, and small wood particles getting stuck inside.

These can clog the carburetor and, ultimately, the fuel tank and enter the engine, causing damage. The first step is to clean the air filter if it is filled with dust.

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Tips for Cleaning the Carburetor

  • After removing the carburetor from the mower, use a carburetor cleaner to clean the fuel and grime and a dry rag to clean the external parts of the carburetor.
  • Mainly, the outlet ports and carburetor intake should be cleaned well.
  • If you see any surface rust, remove it with sandpaper or rust remover.
  • Allow the parts to dry well without moisture and install them again in the carburetor.
  • Finally, fix the carburetor patiently in the mower.

If the carburetor is physically damaged, you should replace the damaged one with a new one.


Always look for the model and type of lawn mower you use. The location and removal of the carburetor differ with the types. Ensure the air filter is cleaned regularly; if it is full of dirt, the carburetor will get damaged.

Proper maintenance and service of the mower are very important. Regular cleaning of all parts is needed. Replace the spark plug if it is damaged.

Change the oil after every 50 hours of work or in the off-season, drain the fuel when not in use, clean the mowing deck, and check the tires regularly for any damage.


What is the function of the carburetor in the engine? 

A carburetor controls the amount of air and fuel mix entering the engine according to the engine speed and operation.

Are there any specific solutions available to clean the carburetor? 

Yes, commercial formulations and solutions are available to clean the carburetor and its parts. Example: WD 40.

Why is the carburetor located behind the air filter? 

The carburetor is located behind the air filter because the air and fuel mix entering the engine are filtered by the air filter protecting both the carburetor and the engine. So it is highly recommended to clean the air filter and carburetor regularly.

How to find the carburetor in a lawnmower engine?

Generally, the carburetor will be fitted to the engine’s side or top. It is also connected to the gas tank and below the air filter.

Is the carburetor’s location the same in all lawn mowers?

No, the location of the carburetor will differ based on the type of lawn mower used. In the Walk-behind type, it is found on the side of the mower above its base. In the riding type, it is on the side of the engine.


Lawnmowers make our work simple by giving a graceful look to the lawn. We can buy one based on our convenience. Our responsibility is to look over the mowers for proper functioning and maintenance.

We should keep all the parts clean and dirt free to avoid expenses for its service. So, it is advised to check the air filter and the carburetor for their health and performance.

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