10 Best Rain Barrel Reviews 2023: UPDATED

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Want to water your garden or lawn in an eco-friendly way? Them the best rain barrel will help you as nothing else can.

The focus of a rain barrel is to store water from rain. Every time it pours, water that falls from gutters will go directly into the barrel. Eventually, you could use this water to water the grass, plants, or even clean the house when needed.

In short, a rain barrel helps you save a lot of water. This could lower your monthly bills and allow you to reuse rainwater as a way to protect the environment.

Either way, rain barrels are an excellent investment. Whether you want one, two, or several ones, you will find the perfect options in this article. Below, we have some of the best rain barrels you can take home – so take a look!

RTS Home Accents ECO Rain Water Collection

RTS Home Accents ECO Rain Water Collection

Our Top Recommendation for Rain Barrel!

The Home Accents 50-Gallon ECO Rain Water Collection Barrel is a 100% recycled plastic product manufactured by RTS Companies Inc. The plastic screen helps to keep out debris, and the plastic spigot shut off valve aids hose hook up for dual overflow. The product’s dimensions are 24 x 19 x 34 inches and weigh 18 pounds.

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10 Best Rain Barrels Reviews in 2023

Finding rain barrels that get the job done and don’t let you down in the short or long term is not easy. Luckily, we managed to get 10 barrels that were utterly worth a look. Here’s what we found about them:

RTS Home Accents ECO Rain Water Collection• Debris-Free Water
• Recycled Construction
• Overflowing Protection
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Good Ideas RW40-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel• Practical Bug Screen
• Linkable Design
• Seamless Design
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FCMP Outdoor Wood Grain Rain Barrel• Easy installation
• Slim-line design of the wood
• Easy expansion of your rain water storage capacity
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Suncast Corp RB5010PK Rain Barrel• Ultra-Handy Brass Valve
• Pre-Installed Parts
• Next-Level Construction
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RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel• Save water and money by capturing rainwater
• Flat back to sit flush against a wall
• Designed to be child and pet safe
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Unipaws Free Standing Walk Over Dog Gate• Practical Overflowing Hose
• Top-Quality Valve and Spigot
• Secure Lid System
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Good Ideas Imp-L50-GRY Impressions Palm Rain Barrel• Sturdy Accessories
• Unique Overflow System
• Quality Top Mesh
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Upcycle Gray Rain Barrel• Top Mesh Screen
• Screw-In Lid
• Extra Fittings
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Goplus Portable Rain Barrel Water Collector• Maximum Portability
• Protective Mesh
• Safe Overflow System
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EMSCO Group Rescue Whiskey Rain Barrel• Effortless Setup
• Safe & Sturdy Build
• Next-Level Drainage
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1. RTS Home Accents ECO Rain Water Collection 

RTS Home Accents ECO Rain Water Collection
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As soon as you set your eyes on the RTS ECO RAIN barrel, you’ll know this is an option you shouldn’t overlook.

RTS Home Accents ECO Rain Water Collection  Review

With a whiskey barrel appearance, this fantastic piece will collect rainwater in style. The exterior boasts an Oak-like texture that makes it look exactly like a whiskey barrel. If you want to give your house a stylish touch, then this will work wonders for that.

Another feature you’ll love is the flat-back design. It will make it fit perfectly with any wall, preventing a bulky look. Similarly, you can get a custom-molded stand, so it reaches a bit higher and looks even more attractive.

Tap of a RTS Home Accents ECO Rain Water Collection 

It is a 50-gallon barrel, though. This means you get a lot of water after every rain in a gigantic design. Luckily, it boasts a plastic spigot that drops water quickly. You can drain this barrel in less than an hour with consistent usage.

Debris-Free Water

You can find a plastic screen on top of the barrel that prevents debris, bugs, and other unwanted contaminants from getting to the water. 

Recycled Construction 

Even though the barrel looks like wood, it uses 100% recycled plastics. This virgin food-grade polyethylene plastic will withstand several years without problems.

RTS Home Accents ECO Rain Water Collection is placed near my plants to water them

Overflowing Protection

You get a front overflowing valve that prevents any water from flooding out of the barrel. When it drains too much that the barrel fills up, you can expect this valve to prevent any unwanted scenario. 

Pros and Cons


  • It is made of entirely recycled materials
  • Installs seamlessly on any wall
  • Boasts an attractive liquor barrel design
  • The spigot is durable & easy to use


  • The plastic spigot pours water slowly
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2. Good Ideas RW40-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel

Good Ideas RW40-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel
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Storing rainwater in style while ensuring a straightforward user experience, the Rain Wizard from Good Ideas is designed to make other rain barrels look like a waste of money.

First and foremost, you’ll love the Oakwood appearance. You can confuse this barrel with a casket of rum. This will add a unique style to your house, especially matching wooden styles like camping, lake, or townhouses.

Unboxing of Good Ideas RW40-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel

It is not the design that you’ll love the most, though. The barrel can handle a total of 40 gallons. This is more than enough to save water from several drops of rain. And with rotationally-molded plastic construction, it won’t crack, split, or brittle even when filling in the winter.

The construction works well with the side overflow system. It will prevent the barrel from overflowing and leaking water. If you don’t want the walls or floor around from flooding, this feature will prevent that.

Good Ideas RW40-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel Review

And to place the cherry on top, you get a brass spigot that allows easy hose hookup. If you want to pour water directly, then that’s also possible. It does everything smoothly and without a single unwanted leak.

Practical Bug Screen

You will find a plastic screen that allows easy water collection without letting bugs, debris, or animals get in.

Linkable Design

Apart from its already convenient design, you can increase your water-collection system’s overall capacity by linking several Good Ideas barrels at once.

Good Ideas RW40-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel Testing

Seamless Design

The faux Oak design plus the barrel’s flat-back shape will make it fit flush on any wooden wall, making it look seamless.

Pros and Cons


  • It is available in 5 gorgeous colors for any decoration
  • The plastic build withstands freezing temperatures
  • Easy-to-operate spout with a compatible hose connection
  • The top mesh will prevent debris & insects from going in


  • It doesn’t have an overflow valve or spout

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3. FCMP Outdoor Wood Grain Rain Barrel

FCMP Outdoor Wood Grain Rain Barrel
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This FCMP Outdoor Woodgrain barrel looks like a traditional wooden barrel. And its slim design makes it ideal for places where a large-size barrel would be intruding. Thanks to the flat back and shallow depth, it is easy to install and place the downspout. In addition, the safety rib on the barrel’s top ensures the safety of pets and children. 

FCMP Outdoor Wood Grain Rain Barrel is Kept Near Plants to Water them

You will find spigots on the device’s side that enable you to connect other rain barrels in series. Likewise, you can expand your capacity for rainwater storage. In addition, the company has provided this barrel with an aluminum mesh screen to keep mosquitoes and debris out of the barrel. This allows you to keep the water clean, keeping your family safe from illness. 

This barrel can hold up to 55-gallon of water. And a bonus is that it comes with a linking kit. Overall, this home outdoor wood grain rain catcher from FCMP is designed to meet all your rainwater collection kits.

Easy Installation

Besides a shallow depth, the barrel features a flat back that allows you to install it without any hassle. You can even place it under the downspout. 

FCMP Outdoor Wood Grain Rain Barrel Review


FCMP has equipped this barrel with a corrosion-resistant screen that prevents dust or bugs from entering the barrel, eventually keeping the water clean.

Slim-line Design

It boasts a slim-line design that will allow you to set in places where a larger barrel can’t be placed. Overall, it appears like a traditional wooden barrel.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set 
  • Lightweight and appealing
  • Maximum capacity of 55-gallon
  • It comes with a flat back
  • It has a shallow depth
  • Features a corrosion-resistant screen
  • It comes with a safety rib on the top
  • There are spigots on the sides to connect multiple barrels in-series
  • It includes a linking kit.


  • Water can leak from the hose connector
  • The quality of spigots could be better.
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4. MirainbarrelTerra Cota Rain Barrel

MirainbarrelTerra Cota Rain Barrel
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Simplicity and sturdiness go a long way to provide an excellent water-collecting experience. This terra cotta model from Mirainbarrel ensures a top-notch experience from the first moment of use.

The most exciting feature at first is the utterly recycled plastic construction. Every single part of this barrel is made with high-quality but recycled materials that withstand heavy use, sunrays, and years of outdoor element exposure.

MirainbarrelTerra Cota Rain Barrel kept Near Garden to Water the plants

But it is not only about the quality of the plastic. The barrel is sealed with silicone caulk that prevents any leaking. Even if it’s filled at its max, the barrel won’t cause any problem around.

To make it even better, you get an overflowing brass valve. Whenever the barrel is full and keeps getting water, this valve will automatically open to prevent unwanted results.

You won’t have to worry about the water getting dirty either. It boasts a top plastic mesh screen that avoids any type of contamination. And with a twist lid, you can open and close it when needed for easy access.

Ultra-Handy Brass Valve

There’s a lot more to the overflowing valve than preventing overfilling the barrel. You can also use it for connecting to other barrels, attach to a garden hose, and more.

Pre-Installed Parts

As soon as the barrel arrives at your house, it will be ready to start using. From the spouts and valves, mesh, and even the lid – everything will be in its place so you can use it right away.

MirainbarrelTerra Cota Rain Barrel Review

Next-Level Construction

We mentioned where the plastic comes from, but we didn’t explain that it is HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This material will last a lifetime, decades if you’re unlucky.

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  • The material lasts a lifetime with proper use
  • Silicone caulk prevents it from ever leaking
  • Comes ready to be used from the factory
  • Its lid is easy and secure to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • The design and colors are a bit ugly

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5. RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel

RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel
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This rainwater collection barrel from RTS is here to save your day by meeting all your watering purposes. It is a popular product that supplies up to 50 gallons of pure water. Interestingly, this rain barrel appears exactly like an old wine barrel that adds an elegant and classy touch to your garden. 

The barrel comes with a flat back that helps it sit against a wall. Plus, you can connect it to other barrels, thereby increasing the water collection. Furthermore, you will find an aluminum screen on the device. It will prevent insects and debris from entering the barrel while using, and ultimately, the water will be clean. 

Plus, rest assured the barrel won’t rust. Thanks to the quality spigot equipped within this barrel, you can use the device for many years without any hassle. In addition, you get a shut-off valve and a regular hose thread to connect any standard garden hose with the stopper.

RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel Kept near Garden to water the plants

RTS makes their barrel from a genuine whiskey barrel. Thus, you will always get an authentic rain barrel look on RTS barrels. Finally, a folding stand accompanies the barrel. It renders a custom fit for the flat back design. Eventually, you can flush this barrel, standing near the structure for a tight fit. 

Aluminum Screen

This rain barrel features an aluminum screen that prevents debris and bugs from getting into the barrel during use. Plus, the aluminum coating will prevent rust.

Great Capacity

The RTS rain barrel has a maximum capacity of 50 gallons. It will provide you with the precious water you need for watering the garden or lawn by collecting rainwater. 

Unboxing of RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel

Custom Molded Stand

You get an RTS Rain barrel stand that gives you the customized fit for our flat back design. Thus, you can flush the barrel and stand close to the structure, offering a snug fit.

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  • Easy to set
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • An appealing liquor barrel design
  • Durable, high-quality spigot
  • Maximum capacity of 50-gallon
  • Aluminum screen
  • Hand-painted bands
  • Custom folding stand.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It can bow outwards when full.
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6. Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGarden Rain Barrel

Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGarden Rain Barrel
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No need to get a good-looking barrel when you don’t care much about appearance. In that case, the FreeGarden from Enviro will work like a charm.

The barrel is designed to match even the highest of standards with a 55-gallon capacity. This is enough to fill in a day of rains while large enough to water your garden for several days.

Tap of Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGarden Rain Barrel

Although it has a large design, the flat-back shape saves a lot of space. You won’t have to worry about a bulky-looking barrel that eventually looks awful in your garden. And with its white color, it will match almost any garden decoration without setting back the style.

The construction doesn’t disappoint either. It boasts an injection-molded plastic that looks super-clean and doesn’t crack or split.

And to make it even better, you can enjoy the powder-coated steel screen that prevents unwanted debris and insects from getting inside.

Practical Overflowing Hose

You won’t have to worry when the barrel overfills. This hose will release the water automatically. It comes with a clamp that keeps it together for safe pouring.

Top-Quality Valve & Spigot

Thanks to a brass spigot and valve, you won’t have to worry about the barrel not working soon. It will last a long time before presenting an issue.

Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGarden Rain Barrel Are kept in Graden to Water A plants

Secure Lid System

The barrel’s top is secured with clamps, and the mesh has child-locking screws that do the same. This combination ensures no animal or child can get inside.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes in 3 different colors to match any decoration
  • The brass spigots can handle a lot of use
  • Boasts an overflowing spout and hose
  • The good-looking flat-back design fits anywhere


  • The spigot doesn’t fit tightly on the barrel
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7. Good Ideas Imp-L50-GRY Impressions Palm Rain Barrel

Good Ideas Imp-L50-GRY Impressions Palm Rain Barrel
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Probably the most enticing barrel on the list is the Imp-L50-GRY from Good Ideas. There’s nothing about it to hate.

It all starts with a unique planter design with a corrugated exterior. Along with a unique grayish color, it looks more like a decorative piece than a barrel.

This deceiving appearance hides a 50-gallon barrel. The design can hold enough water to water an entire garden several days in a row.

Good Ideas Imp-L50-GRY Impressions Palm Rain Barrel Review

It is not only the size, though. This barrel also comes with a double-spigot design. You can use a hose directly from the bottom or pour water on a bucket from the top one.

And what’s even better, the construction is utterly resistant. The plastic is BPA-free, and it can handle all kinds of external factors without a problem.

Lastly, you can enjoy the different colors available, going from Terra Cota to Palm Gray, Oak, Black, and even Granite.

Sturdy Accessories

The two spigots on this barrel are made of the highest quality brass, so they withstand heavy use and all kinds of exterior environments for years.

Unique Overflow System

Instead of the typical overflowing valve, this one comes with a diverting channel on top that throws water away when it reaches the top.

Filling Water to Watering Can From Good Ideas Imp-L50-GRY Impressions Palm Rain Barrel

Quality Top Mesh

You won’t have to worry about debris, insects, or even dirt itself from reaching the water. The top mesh cover will prevent that.

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  • Gorgeous planter design in different color options
  • Has a practical multi-spout design
  • Quality spigots won’t cause any problem
  • Comes with a planter on top

What We Didn’t Like

  • The small hole makes it hard to clean

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8. Upcycle Gray Rain Barrel

Upcycle Gray Rain Barrel
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Coming back to simple yet practical designs, we find the Gray Rain Barrel from Upcycle. It looks like the typical water tank with a 55-gallon capacity, and it works exactly as it should.

There’s something about this barrel worth considering at first: it comes with an HDPE construction. This high-density polyethylene withstands years in exterior environments without signs of cracking, splitting, or leaking in the slightest.

Upcycle Gray Rain Barrel Review

The material is sturdy, yet it is also recycled and upcycled. Every part of this barrel is made to help the environment thrive. You are not promoting contamination while buying this one.

And more important than all of that, it is a completely safe construction. This barrel doesn’t have any contaminants, going from chlorine to BPA, phthalates, or any other.

To increase its convenience, you can enjoy a practical spigot on the front and an overflow fitting on the side. There’s also a hose connection on top for even easier operation.

Top Mesh Screen

No unwanted debris will ever get inside the rain barrel. The steel mesh on the lid will prevent that. Even mosquitoes will be unable to get in.

Screw-In Lid

If you ever need to clean or just take a look inside the barrel, you can expect the screw-on lid to help open and close as needed.

Restoring Water to Upcycle Gray Rain Barrel

Extra Fittings

If you want to connect it to another barrel, then that’s possible. It comes with several fittings to make that happen with ease.

What We Liked

  • Comes with spouts for overflowing & connecting
  • The heavy-duty plastic withstands any use
  • Its lid is easy to put on and off
  • The top mesh prevents debris & insects from going in

What We Didn’t Like

  • The design is not the most attractive

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9. Goplus Portable Rain Barrel Water Collector

Goplus Portable Rain Barrel Water Collector
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Want a barrel that conceals with your garden’s vegetation? Then you’ll love the Water Collector from Goplus.

In contrast with other models, this is not a hard-plastic barrel. Instead, it comes with a PVC frame with PVC mesh. This combination ensures maximum durability by preventing cracks and leaks in the process.

Goplus Portable Rain Barrel Water Collector Review

The soft-plastic construction has an advantage: when it’s empty, you can take it apart and transport anywhere you want. With a foldable PVC mesh and the PVC tubes from the frame, you can move it around with little effort.

Another advantage to consider comes from the downspout. It is made of plastic at the absolute bottom of the piece. This will help you get the water out without having to make much of an effort.

Those who still expect a lot more from the barrel can always consider its price. It is available in 53, 60, and 100-gallon alternatives, so the cost is a total bargain.  

Maximum Portability

Zippers, detachable frame, removable lid, and a super-light construction – everything comes together to deliver a portable product all around.

Protective Mesh

A plastic mesh protects the top inlet where the water comes through. It keeps debris and other contaminants out.

Stored Water in a Goplus Portable Rain Barrel Water Collector

Safe Overflow System

Despite its PVC mesh construction, it still boasts a top drain-pipe that leaks water out when the barrel overflows.

Pros and Cons


  • Foldable design makes it a portable option
  • Quality plastic exterior withstands any environment
  • Comes in various sizes for any application
  • Goes unnoticed with garden vegetation


  • Soft PVC construction won’t resist punctures.

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10. EMSCO Group Rescue Whiskey Rain Barrel

EMSCO Group Rescue Whiskey Rain Barrel
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Nothing like a rustic barrel design to bring some style to your garden. The EMSCO Whiskey Rain Barrel will make unenticing patios a lot more exciting to look at.

It is all about its rustic design. It is available in Brown, Brown with Painted Bands, and in Gray. Either one you pick will look fantastic. The colors and shape make it one of the most good-looking models on the list.

EMSCO Group Rescue Whiskey Rain Barrel Kept in the Garden to water the plants

But it is not only about looks. It is also a practical barrel with a flat-back design that makes it look seamless on any wall. And with the integrated planter on top, it will match any vegetation, adding a touch of style and functionality that few objects can.

It is a large barrel nonetheless. It can handle 50 gallons of water without overflowing. The diverter system prevents any unwanted extra water from damaging the piece. It will automatically send water out when there’s too much.

Effortless Setup

No need to be an expert in barrel design to set this barrel up and get it working. It comes with all the pieces and instructions so you can make it work with ease.

Safe & Sturdy Build

Polyethylene all around ensures maximum durability. But most importantly, this build has no BPA or phthalates to worry about.

EMSCO Group Rescue Whiskey Rain Barrel Review

Next-Level Drainage

The downspout diverter will help you prevent overflowing while ensuring maximum compatibility with hoses. You won’t have to throw the water away.

Pros and Cons


  • Looks gorgeous in 3 different designs & colors
  • Quality brass spigot allows free-flow dispensing
  • The plastic build can handle any situation
  • Spigots and valves make it practical


  • Doesn’t come with a lid
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How to Pick the Right Rain Barrel in 2023?

Getting the best rain barrel for your garden may seem like a piece of cake after reading our reviews. But there’s a high chance you’re still not prepared to pick the right model. To help with your decision, our small yet comprehensive list of factors should be enough:

1. Quality of Materials

If you want to ensure that the rain barrel lasts a lifetime, the materials’ sturdiness will matter. At the same time, if you want a barrel that doesn’t get brittle, split or crack, then go for the sturdiest materials possible.

There are tons of different materials to choose from. But we recommend polyethylene over all others. You should stick to the heavy-duty ones, especially options that can withstand UV rays and other outdoor factors.

Resin plastic is another sturdy material to consider. Not as strong or flexible as polyethylene, but it gets the job done.

2. Water Capacity

Once you’ve picked the ideal material for the barrel, it’s time to consider how much water the barrel can handle. Here, we recommend considering the size of your garden.

For example, if the garden or grass is large, you will need at least 50 gallons. If it rains a lot in your area, you will probably get it filled every few days to irrigate your plants.

But if you have a small garden, then anything over 40 gallons is probably too much. If you live in a dry area, the same basis applies. There’s no need for a large barrel when a small will suffice.

3. Connections & Valves

Sure, the barrel allows you to capture the water effectively. But how can you use it? Here’s where valves and other connections come into play.

A small dispenser in front where you can connect a hose is always essential. The same happens with spigots and spouts. They may help you dispense the water more easily, depending on your needs.

At the same time, you want a barrel with an overflow system. This is a small valve that opens up whenever the barrel is full. It will help you prevent cracking and splitting from an over-filled barrel.

4. Cleanliness & Safety

A quality barrel will also prevent exterior debris from getting inside. To achieve that, you want a barrel with a top protection system, preferably a mesh cover. It should avoid sticks, leaves, insects, animals, and overall debris from reaching the water.

Similarly, you want a quality construction that doesn’t leak. For that, we recommend anti-leaking seals, preferably with silicone or similar types of caulking. This will not only help with keeping the barrel leak-free but also ensure a cleaner exterior.

5. Lid &Locking

A secure barrel will prevent animals and children from reaching the water. For that, you want a completely closed top. But most importantly, a sturdy lid that’s not easy to open.

We typically recommend latch systems or brackets that keep the lid closed. A latched lid will be easier to close, open, and operate when needed.

6. Design & Looks

Apart from a secure, safe, clean, and easy-to-use barrel, you want a product that looks good. This is especially true if you’re going to keep the garden looking neat.

For this, you can always pick the different good-looking models available. Some of them look like whiskey barrels, others like planting pots, and you may even find models that can be camouflaged with vegetation.

Apart from that, you may also want the barrel to take as little space as possible. For that, look for a unique design that matches your demands (flat-back, box design, etc.). These will save more space and make the barrel look seamless in your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even though we’ve gone through a comprehensive guide about rain barrels and we’ve taught you how to install one, it is probably not enough. Below, you’ll find additional information that may answer doubts you still have:

Q1. Do rain barrels help with drainage?

Ans: Yes. While they won’t necessarily fix the drainage system in your home, rain barrels will make water runoff a lot more efficient. If you want to keep water from reaching a particular place, then a well-installed barrel could be an excellent idea.

Are rain barrels worth it?

People who want to reduce their monthly water bills and prevent rainwater from going down the drain will find these barrels completely worth it. On top of that, a rain barrel could improve how your garden looks. But if you don’t have any problem one of these barrels could fix, then you’re better off without one.

Can I drink water from a rain barrel?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Unless the rain barrel is connected to a high-quality filtering system, we recommend using the water in the barrel for watering plants and cleaning outdoor surfaces. Remember, this water is typically filled with dirt, debris, and other factors that may be dangerous.

Will a rain barrel attract mosquitoes?

Most rain barrels are designed to prevent animals, insects, and even debris from getting inside. This often includes mosquitoes. If you want to prevent them from getting inside, choose a rain barrel with a mesh cover with small holes.

Does a rain barrel require maintenance?

Yes. You will need to clean the barrel every few months to remove the debris, dirt, and other contaminants from inside. All these things tend to build up over time, clog the spout and sometimes even prevent water from getting inside. Consistent cleaning should avoid all of this.

Will a rain barrel work in the winter?

It depends on the construction and design of the barrel. Generally, however, it is recommended not to use them in winter with freezing temperatures. Most barrels tend to clog and get stuck. Some may even crack or split with below-zero temps.


Getting the best rain barrel won’t be comfortable with so many different factors to consider. But if you follow our advice and recommendations, then it won’t be much of a problem either.

You should always remember how helpful a rain barrel can be on top of everything. With the right model, you can save a lot of water, and most importantly, money in the long term. And if you take the time, you can even get a barrel that makes your garden, yard, or patio look a lot better.

So, what are you waiting for? Use this article as a guide to get a rain barrel that makes your home more efficient. You won’t regret it!

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