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"The Mission of Treillage Magazine is to make it easier for you to become a skilled gardener and adopt green living within your lives. If your search is for any of these:

  • Grow your own plants and vegetables
  • Know about different growing problems
  • Learn the techniques that makes a great gardener
  • Practice and build garden with different themes
  • Become familiar with different gardening tools and how to use them

Then you have reached the right destination because Treillage Online Magazine was founded by two lifelong gardeners for the very same purpose." Know about them:

Founder of Treillage Magazine and a Lifelong Gardener.........

Growing up in Ventura, California famous for it's rich gardens. Brice has spent most of his life trying to help make the world greener. Studying Botany at CSRA, he's made it a lifelong passion to greenify every home.

Brice Hagood  //  Read His Posts

Co-Founded Treillage & a Green Living Fanatic...

Qaiser, a 30-year-old gardener, co-founded Treillage with an aim to help educate the masses in green living. He heads the team responsible for testing and reviewing every gardening product that is featured on Treillage.

Qaiser Soaz  //  Read His Posts