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Growing up in Ventura, California famous for it's rich gardens. Brice has spent most of his life trying to help make the world greener. Studying Botany at CSRA, he's made it a lifelong passion to greenify every home.

How to Make Your Own Potting Soil? – The DIY Guide

Are you enthusiastic about cultivating a variety of plants in your backyard? Are you looking for effective DIY potting soil solutions and mixtures? With an increase in container gardening, many people are looking for such simple potting soil mixtures. Whether to create soil for their personalized vertical gardens or for their garden window plants, the […]

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How To Plant Grass Seed On Hard Dirt?

  Your lawn might be receiving adequate care and ample sunshine. Yet, large patches of it may appear far less vibrant (not luscious and grassy enough) than the rest. This is a common problem that may lead you to wonder: What is the likely reason why sections of my lawn lack the same vigor as […]

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How to Tell If Mower Deck Spindle Is Bad?

Have you ever heard of a lawnmower deck spindle? It is an essential part of every lawn mower deck where the blade is. And it has the vital task of ensuring the blade spins. When the deck spindle fails, for whatever reason, the mower will start functioning incorrectly. In that case, you will have to either […]

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How To Kill Gophers With Bleach and Ammonia?

Struggling to deal with gophers that have made your lawn their home? Can’t seem to trap them easily despite identifying active tunnels? Tired of filling up and covering gopher holes? This is an indication that you need to up your rodent-ridding game.   Pouring down a small dose of bleach and ammonia into a gopher […]

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Slice Seeder vs Overseeder – Which is Best?

Looking for a modern-day method to plant new grass seeds? Don’t want to rely on spreading seeds with your hands? Have no control over wind, water, pets, and your children running around the lawn and displacing the seeds? Well, you need some organized and reliable gardening equipment that helps spread seeds efficiently. Grass seeds are […]

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How to Remove a Stuck Lawn Mower Wheel?

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to mow the lawn but the mower won’t move at all. If that happens, you’re likely suffering from a stuck lawn mower wheel. As frustrating as this problem can be, it is not something to throw the towel for. You can always fix your mower and get on with […]

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When Should You Plant Kentucky Bluegrass?

Gardeners all over the world prefer to grow Kentucky Bluegrass (KBG) in their backyards. This is because of the reliable results when ideal growing conditions and day-to-day nurturing is performed. Most often, one can expect a tightly packed, lush green, dense, and durable lawn. Although to make sure one can enjoy the beauty of this […]

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