PowerSmart Snow Blower 24 Inch: Reviews and Specs

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Imagine waking up on a winter morning to head to work and watching your pavement covered with snow. It would be a bummer, right?

In those instances, having a snow blower helps because this machine can clear the deposited snow from the road and pavement. It can blow the snow on the other side, so you can easily head to your car. It’s becoming a popular option for those who receive intense snowfall in their hometowns.

That’s why we are talking about the PowerSmart Snow Blower 24-inch, which is a perfect option for households. Since it’s designed with a self-propelled system, you don’t need to worry about pushing heavy weight yourself.

Find out what makes the PowerSmart Snow Blower 24-inch one of the best in the market in my detailed review. You can even head to their website to take advantage of the ongoing sale.

Overview of PowerSmart Snow Blower 24 Inch

Overview of PowerSmart Snow Blower 24 Inch
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A snow blower is an effective machine that helps clear snow from your driveways and pavements.

The PowerSmart is a 212cc gas-powered blower with a clearing width of 24 inches. In addition, the intake height is 20 inches. The blower is designed with a two-stage snow removal system. With this system, the auger is used to break up the snow, while the impeller is used to throw the snow away.

The snow blower has a weight of 143 pounds, which shows its sturdy build. It has dimensions of 48.7 x 24.8 x 44.2 inches. It works with gasoline (such a convenient power supply option!), so you don’t have to worry about affordability.

About PowerSmart

This snow blower has been launched by PowerSmart, a brand founded by Amerisun Inc. The company has headquarters in Itasca, and it specializes in the manufacturing of outdoor equipment. In addition to snow blowers, they also manufacture lawnmowers, power tools, and generators.

If you are interested in the manufacturing of these machines, I can tell you that their engines are manufactured in China (Loncin Engine Manufacturers). Some of the other parts are made by Zhejiang DoBest Power Tools Co., but they are distributed from Itasca, Illinois.

PowerSmart Snow Blower Specs

PowerSmart Snow Blower Specs

I have listed the important specs of the PowerSmart 24 24-inch snowblower below. You can quickly browse through these specifications and assess their utility for snow removal.

Dimensions: H 42 inch, D 42 inch, W 24 inch with a Snow clearing width of 24 inch
212 cc PowerSmart engine running on Gasoline
6 Forward and 2 Reverse speed variations
180° chute rotation options
Both push-button electric start and manual start
13-inch inflatable tires
Adjustable skid shoes for height variations according to terrain
CARB compliant
25-minute assembly
LED light
Heated handle and single-handed operation

Why Choose PowerSmart Snow Blower 24 Inch?

Why choose PowerSmart Snow Blower 24 Inch?

I had been looking for a reliable snow blower for quite a long time and recently stumbled upon this one by PowerSmart.

Since PowerSmart is a well-known name, I decided to go ahead and invest in it.

I have focused on its usability, snow-clearing efficiency, power, performance, durability, and safety features because they directly impact its performance and overall usage.

I have also reviewed them from my experience and hope that you’re able to get insights into this machine and its upsides and downsides. So let’s check them in detail!

1. Snow Clearing Efficiency

It does a great job of clearing any degree of deposited snow. That’s because it has a two-stage system, which can break down the heaviest lumps of snow into the smallest of debris.

In addition, the self-propelled system promises easier movement of the machine, even if there is deep snow. You don’t have to break your back with your individual force and keep the snowblower operational. The self-propelled system eases things for you.

2. Power and Performance

Power and Performance

This snow blower is powered by a 212cc gasoline engine, which provides sufficient power for the snow blower to remain operational and remove thick blankets of snow. In particular, it can clear snow up to 12 inches deep.

In addition, there are two reverse speed and six forward speed settings, so you can adjust the speed according to the depth or the thickness of the deposited snow.

It safeguards against accidents due to slipping and falling by preventing the accumulation of snow.

3. Ease of Use and Flexibility

The snow blower is designed with an electric start, which makes it easier to start during cold weather.

This is important because manual blowers have a metal tab that freezes during extreme cold and refuses to start. This can make the entire operation jittery and limit the snow-clearing capabilities.

The hand grips are heated to keep your hands warm, so you can operate the snow blower with comfort during frigid conditions too.

Additionally, the LED lights allow you to see in the dark. It is important because using the snow blower in low-light conditions can be dangerous. Why?

Well, low light conditions lead to reduced visibility and make it hard for you to spot obstacles and hazards on your path, like rocks, debris, uneven terrain, and even icy patches, which can cause slips, falls, and other serious accidents. Moreover, I have found that in low-light conditions, it’s difficult to gauge the depth of snow you’re about to clear, causing equipment malfunction due to clogs.

As far as flexibility is concerned, the chute rotation helps you select the direction for throwing away the snow. This gives you control over your space and helps you aim snow in the safest direction.

4. Durability and Build Quality

Durability and Build Quality

The snow blower has a steel frame, which adds to its durability. Still, there are a few plastic components that are prone to breakage.

In particular, these components break when excessive pressure is applied, but it’s still a caveat. Given the inclusion of plastic parts, we are going to give it 3.5/5 in terms of build quality.

5. Safety Features

Safety features are essential to protect you from accidents. This snow blower has a choke knob, a primer bulb, and a fuel shut-off valve.

A choke knob makes sure that the fuel mixture is rich enough to start the cold engine by sealing the air supply of the carburetor. A primer bulb also helps with startup as it primes the engine with fuel, promising an easier start. These safety features actually prevent you from encountering sudden fire explosions.

In addition, the fuel shut-off valve limits the flow of gasoline to the engine without your permission, protecting you from an accidental start.

USP and Competitors

USP and Competitors

The two biggest competitors of PowerSmart are Craftsman and Toro. That’s because they offer similar products, including snow blowers and other outdoor equipment.

1. Competitors


Toro is famous because they offer different types of snow blowers. There are battery-powered, electric, and gas-powered snow blowers available.

Also, all these snow blowers are made from premium materials, promising durability and efficient performance. Their snow blowers have anti-clogging systems to prevent the clogging of snow in the machine.


On the contrary, Craftsman is a good choice for people looking for affordable snow blowers. They have a wide variety of snow blowers available, so there is something for every price point. For instance, they use 4-cycle OHV engines in the snow blower, which helps clear slush as well as thick snow. Also, they have high intake heights, so you can tackle deep snow in one go.

While durability, performance, and affordability are constant, there are some USPs that only PowerSmart has, such as:

2. Robust Clearing Power

This snow blower by PowerSmart has the capacity to clear heavy snow. That’s because there is a highly powerful 212cc engine. Also, the two-stage snow removal system promises clearing and breakage of heavy and thick ice. However, Craftsman and Toro don’t have two-stage systems.

3. Exceptional Flexibility

Exceptional Flexibility

There is a 180-degree chute rotation system, which means you can direct the snow in your preferred direction.

For instance, you can throw the snow in the yard or on the other side of the driveway; it’s completely your choice.

The snow blower also has a self-propelled system, which means you can use the blower in tight corners and on bumpy driveways.

4. User-friendly

There are multiple control buttons on the snow blower, and this one has clear markings. This means that you can figure out the functions in the first go (we all hate the guesswork and reading the manual).

Also, there is an electric start, which promises a quick start. As a result, you won’t have to pull-start the cold engine. There will be no jittering and ringing noise like in manual snow blowers, either.

Should You Purchase a PowerSmart SnowBowler 24 Inch?

Should You Purchase a PowerSmart SnowBowler 24 Inch?

We would say yes in a heartbeat. That’s because it’s user-friendly, promises efficient snow removal, and won’t break the bank. I’ve listed the pros and cons below for you to help make the decision easier.


  • The 212cc gas engine promises a faster drive system and convenient maneuvering
  • The two-stage snow removal system promises efficient and clean snow clearing
  • Self-propelled system to ensure easy cleaning of the snow
  • The ability to throw snow in your desired direction, thanks to the 180-degree chute rotation
  • Electric start for your ease (no warm-up issues)
  • Heated hand grips for better grip on the snow blower during cold weather
  • LED lights for high visibility of the driveways and pavements where you’re deploying your snow blower


  • Inclusion of plastic components, which can break under pressure
  • A bit difficult to use on bumpy surfaces
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You can get your hands on this snow blower by paying $719.99, which is pretty affordable. It is extremely durable and is built to last, given the steel frame. Also, it has an easy fuel option as it uses gasoline, which is readily available. In simpler words, this snow blower will provide value for money.

Expert Reviews

The Consumer Reports suggest that this snow blower is a go-to choice for people who have small or medium driveways.

Efficient snow clearing is possible through a powerful engine, and it’s beginner-friendly as well. However, The Consumer Reports also mentioned that it could be sturdier.

User Reviews

By KLD in Canada:

“We had a huge amount of heavy snow yesterday in southern Ontario and I was worried about clearing the bottom of my driveway from the huge snow plows, but this machine cut through it amazingly!! I am very impressed with this brand (I had a Toro for years).”

By Erwin Van Den Broecke:

“It was very easy to assemble and the electric start is great. But there is no throttle control, although there are 6 forward gears and 2 reverse, so it becomes less of an issue. Works as expected.”


Is a 24-inch snow blower good enough?

Yes, 24 inches is enough because you can easily clear 6 to 18 inches of snow with this width.

Who makes PowerSmart snow blowers?

Loncin Engine Manufacturers manufacture the engines, but other parts are manufactured by Zhejiang DoBest Power Tools Co.

How many CCs is a reliable option for snow blowers?

The snow blowers ranging from 212cc to 400cc are reliable. This power is suitable for home use, but you will need bigger engines for commercial use.

Are PowerSmart snow blowers made by Toro?

No, Amerisun makes these snow blowers for PowerSmart. Amerisun is based in Illinois.


Thus, from the detailed product review, I hope you have understood that this is a must-have equipment for you if you are greeted with sheets of snow over your driveway and backyard every morning during the winters.

Whether it’s due to its sturdy steel frame or the two-stage removal system, this snow blower will definitely come in handy. Considering its range of upsides, I’m happy to conclude that the PowerSmart snow blower is a real value for money!

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these beauties before all are sold out!

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