11 Small Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas Under Budget

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Spending the summer evening by the side or in the pool is the best plan one can make. Your backyard pool must be an excellent spot for you to unwind and enjoy the summertime sun. Additionally, it’s the perfect place for your kids to play in the water.

Since the winter is just over and it is your time to dive into the pool and have some refreshing experience to beat the scorching summer heat, you must want to give a beautiful outlook to your backyard pool.

But is the fear of a tight budget and significant spending on decoration stopping you from giving your source of refreshment, your backyard pool, a refreshing look? Don’t worry; it will not be tough on your bank or take a lot of time.

In this article, we will give budget-friendly and effortless backyard pool landscaping ideas that can assist you in making the most of the pool’s space and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Everyone appreciates having a beautiful pool at home. Landscape design is essential to ensure it looks amazing if you’re installing a new pool or using an existing one.

Additionally, if you decide to sell your property, it increases its potential value to buyers. It will therefore be the greatest and most worthwhile investment overall.

Let’s get going and look into some aesthetic and budget-friendly backyard pool landscaping ideas-

Small Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

One could come up with a plethora of ideas for backyard pool landscaping, but that’s not how you would like to do it. There are budget constraints as well. Moreover, space is another factor that will decide the pool landscaping ideas you will go for. Nevertheless, we have some ideas brought forth that you can choose from. Scroll down to read below.

1. String Lighting to Make the Place Shine

String Lighting to Make the Place Shine
Image Source: veranda

When discussing outside landscaping for a backyard pool, lighting is something that comes to mind first. Have you ever explored your city during Christmas and were amazed by the trees’ lighting decors?

You can give the same touch to your yard with a small pool. Not only for the matter of adding aesthetics, but strig lights are of other great uses too. True, the sun is the ultimate light source, but it is not feasible for the whole time.

In the evenings and nights, you need to take the help of artificial lights, which you can do with string lights.

Compared to larger bulbs, LED lighting is the most efficient option for lighting, and this is because it is more affordable and less of a hassle to use.

However, make sure that the connection of these LED string lights is at a safe distance from the water. It is safer to use them on walls which is much safer and reduces the risk of any unanticipated dangers. Unless, of course, you choose unique LED lights created expressly for use underwater.

2. Some Greenery Would be a Better Touch

Some Greenery Would be a Better Touch
Image Source: bobvila

If you are a profound plant lover and want greenery in every inch of your place, this is the best landscaping plan for you. Since plants do not only have a green aesthetic to the place but are eco-friendly and make the environment around healthy.

To work more eco-friendly, you can use outdated stuff using recycling. For instance, you can turn your old truck tires into flower planters by recycling them; if they are old and rugged, you can paint them in vivid colors to give a more colorful look to your backyard with a pool, or you can recycle old wine bottles to make hanging planting.

If you are perplexed about where to start landscaping your backyard with a pool, we say that the best way to start is to begin sweeping, mowing the lawn, plucking weeds, and taking out any dead plants.

Another crucial step is to declutter and remove anything superfluous. It will not only help in cleaning your backyard but will be great care for plants too.

3. A Fireplace by The Poolside Can Never go Wrong

A Fireplace by The Poolside Can Never go Wrong
Image Source: decoist

On a summer evening, taking a few dips in the pool and having a barbeque on the poolside feels tempting, right? It’s no time to feel it but to enjoy it. A fireplace by the side of the backyard pool is the best of the landscaping ideas and is quite light on your budget.

Besides providing excellent lighting, a fireplace can serve as the centerpiece of your backyard. A fireplace is an eye-catching element that warms you up on chilly nights and illuminates your pool.

On summer evenings, you can call your friends and spend quality time on the poolside with some food cooked on the fire.

4. Making Geometric Interest With Planters Adds to The Decor

Making Geometric Interest with Planters Adds to The Decor
Image Source: homedesignlover

Since your pool is in the backyard with grass and plants, it is a perfect opportunity to make geometric interest to the pathway to the pool. You may make any layout with alternating grassy tufts with square pavers. It’s not required to mow anymore; a quick pass with a weed eater will do. This decor will give a contemporary look to your backyard pool.

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5. To Deal With Sunny Days, Add a Canopy for Shade

To Deal With Sunny Days, Add a Canopy for Shade
Image Source: sonomabackyard

With summer comes the intense sun rays. A sunny day is great to enjoy in the pool, but access exposure to sunlight can spoil the mood. To deal with that, you can add a canopy over your pool for some shade. It will protect you from tanning and add an aesthetic appeal to your pool space.

6. Add a Spa to Extend The Relaxation

Add a Spa to Extend The Relaxation
Image Source: gudstory

Love to be pampered and relax at a spa; bring it to your home only. You don’t need to go all out immediately because it’s more about enhancing the spa experience than spending money on every facility you find in a professional spa.

The pool is already there; all that is required is the addition of a spillover spa. Feel free to add fragrant candles and paper lanterns to enhance the ambiance.

7. A Swim Bar for Your Beverage Cravings

A Swim Bar for Your Beverage Cravings
Image Source: pinterest

Swimming is not an easy task. It demands immense exercise, and that, too, on a sunny will make you crave some cool beverage. A poolside swim bar is the best landscape addition to your backyard pool. Not only is this decor within budget but also of great use.

8. Some Unique Tiles to Make The Statement

Some Unique Tiles to Make The Statement
Image Source: angi

The pool’s tile is a crucial component. However, you can employ more personalized tiles to make a statement style when designing the pool. To make your pool more unique, think about adding a unique tile.

A playful and bold color tile is a simple way to give your above-ground pool a much more stylish and enjoyable appearance, whether used around the deck or on the pool’s exterior.

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9. Brickworks to Give Your Pool a Slight Old-School Look

Brickworks to Give Your Pool a Slight Old-School Look
Image Source: platinumpools

A brickwork design is popular all time and never goes out of style. When decorating your backyard pool, you must consider having a brickwork design. Even though it might appear challenging, adding brickwork to your above-ground pool’s exterior is fairly easy and affordable with the right equipment. Using mismatched bricks or adhesives will make creating your facade much simpler.

10. Add Some Tropical Furniture by The Sides of The Pool

Add Some Tropical Furniture by The Sides of The Pool
Image Source: decorilla

Who does not like tropical furniture? Almost everyone does. This furniture is not only eco-friendly and in-budget but adds great aesthetics and gives the feel of being on a tropical beach. You can choose from many options due to the variation in wicker, rattan, and cane furniture designs.

Keep your options open when it comes to your poolside decor; you could add a statement peacock chair, a hanging sofa, or just a few strategically positioned ottomans to keep it simple.

This furniture works fantastic as pool patio decor since it frequently combines subdued and dramatic color schemes. It also blends in nicely with the leafy green backyard.

11. Layer Textures and Soft Furnishing to Give a Delicate Look

Layer Textures and Soft Furnishing to Give a Delicate Look
Image Source: decorilla

A variety of scatter cushions is the epitome of the lounge. Your poolside area may easily include color by adding a variety of textured throws and pillows. Additionally, they are simple to customize to your tastes and give a delicate look to the backyard and pool.

You can choose colors that match the decor of your house, or even better, reuse and recycle.

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In the summer, everyone in your family wants to spend some leisure time in the water, in your backyard pool. Adding a pinch of decor with lights, furniture, beverage, and a spa will only make the worth of your pool more.

These items work as decorating pieces and help keep you and your backyard healthy and cheerful in summer. All the ideas mentioned in this article are budget-friendly and will add a fantastic punch to your pool decoration.

Invite your friends and family on summer evenings and spend quality time with the beautiful pool decors!

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