20 Awesome Trellis Design Ideas You’ll Love

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Whether it is on a wall, on a pergola, bench, arc, or even sheds and wires – you can grow trellis almost anywhere. And if you know how to make it cool, then it becomes a must-have in your garden.

That’s why gardeners and landscapers love trellises so much. They’re versatile and good-looking while saving tons of time and effort from mowing yards or taking care of gardens.

Though the initial efforts may be tiresome, the ultimate outcome of these trellis design ideas is going to be mesmerizing.

20 Awesome Trellis Design Ideas

Here, we want to give you some of the best trellis design ideas we’ve found. If you’re looking to make a cool-looking and attention-grabbing trellis, then you’ll love what we have for you.

It doesn’t matter your style or desires; here you’ll find a trellis that matches it!

#1. Vertical Garden Trellis Ideas

Vertical Garden Trellis Ideas

Are you a fan of vertical gardens? Then a trellis made of different plant species will be a go-to choice.

You don’t have to make a huge vertical garden with hundreds of different species, though. A small 10 feet by 10 feet vertical garden will suffice.

Either way, it will look superb, to say the least. Just use plants that are colored differently and you’ll be set to enjoy a high-contrast garden that doesn’t disappoint.

#2. The Trellis Arc

trellis design

A vine or plant that climbs growing on the feet of an arc will eventually become a highly appealing add-on to any garden.

This vine can be of any species, and the arc will always look fantastic. If you can grow flowers or several plant species at once, that would make the arc look even cuter.

#3. A Trellis Garden Fence

A Trellis Garden Fence

Highly recommended for people who love a classical touch on their garden, installing a garden-friendly trellis fence can always get the job done.

This trellis design ideas works neatly with plants like Clematis, Boston Ivy, and all kinds of vines. But you can pair them up with almost anything.

As long as you set the plants on the bottom part of the fence, you’re likely to enjoy a gorgeous trellis in just months.

#4. Garden Pergola Bench with Trellis

Garden Pergola Bench with Trellis

A small pergola with benches is always an excellent piece of garden furniture to have. If you pair it up with small climbing trees on the sides, then it gets even better.

You can always use flowering plants to enhance the appeal of the pergola. That would make the pergola more attractive and potentially a go-to place to relax in your garden.

#5. Flowers & Trellis

Flowers & Trellis design ideas

Among our trellis ideas, we also found the easy yet gorgeous flowery trellis. Just grab a small section of the fence or attach several wooden strips together to make a self-standing trellis on your garden.

Pair this up with a Mandevilla or Sweet Pea flower plants, and you’ll be ready to enjoy a gorgeous garden. Trumpet vines and honeysuckle also work wonders for this type of trellis. 

And they all demand little to no trimming.

#6. Wisteria Trellis Tunnel

Wisteria Trellis Tunnel

You can set a trellis tunnel, arch, pergola, or any other type of garden structure with some Wisteria.

This Japanese-based plant is one of the most attractive for trellis. It is designed to make even the dullest of places a lot more exciting to be at.

When spring arrives, and the pink flowers start to grow around, you’ll find no competitor in your garden to the beauty this plant offers.

#7. Small Tree & Freestanding Trellis

Small Tree & Freestanding Trellis ideas

These Trellis Design Ideas doesn’t demand much effort or money and still makes up for a highly attractive garden trellis – setting up a few poles and boards close to a wall will always promote a gorgeous trellis.

It is a fantastic idea if you want to cover an ugly or dull wall in your garden. And you won’t have to be trimming it all the time.

This works really well with fruity vines and climbing plants that grow colorful flowers. But you can set it up with almost anything, and it’s sure to make your garden a lot cuter.

#8. The Wall-Climbing Trellis

Wall-Climbing Trellis design

Don’t need to set the trellis platform close to a wall when you can set it up on the wall itself.

We recommend using wall-climbing flowers like Moonflower or Jessamine for a perfect look. This trellis design idea combine with brick, stone, wooden, or even concrete walls.

What’s the best part about this? Setting up the trellis base (wood boards or cables) is a piece of cake.

#9. Boston Ivy Trellis on Wooden Wall

Boston Ivy Trellis on Wooden Wall

Sometimes, you don’t want the most appealing and colorful trellis. Instead, you want something simple that still adds up sufficient appeal to your garden or house wall.

In that case, nothing compares to a family of Boston Ivy on a wooden wall. It adds a slightly classic touch that doesn’t look overdone. But even then, it will manage to increase the appeal of the place, especially when spring arrives and the red flowers start to flourish.

#10. Trellis Fence on Stone Walls

Trellis Fence on Stone Walls

Perfect to set up a grapevine, a Caroline Jessamine, a Black-Eyed Susan Vine, or even a strawberry plant – the trellis fence on a stone wall looks outstandingly attractive.

If you have a rural, semi-rural, or just classically-stylized garden with a stone wall, then you’ll love how this combination of trellis fence, plant, and wall look.

Thanks to the fence, you’ll save yourself a lot of pruning over time.

#11. Ivy Trellis on House Entrance

trellis designs

Are you looking to give your classical-looking house’s entrance a different touch? Then you may love an ivy plant on the stone or brick wall.

This will give your house a more natural touch while making it inviting, especially for those who love a rustic look.

If you use a flowering plant with intense yellow or pink colors, this could add even more appeal to the entrance.

#12. Trellis on Stone Arches

Trellis on Stone Arches

Arches are one of the best places to grow trellis on. And if they’re stone arches, then you’ll make them super-inviting with a green vine or ivy species.

The advantage of stone arches over metallic or wooden ones is that you’ll have super-sturdy support. So you can hang tons of different decorative items along with the flower plants and even fruity ones.

#13. Bengal Clockvine Trellis on Stone Pergola

Bengal Clockvine Trellis on Stone Pergola

A stone pergola works almost the same way as a stone arc. The advantage is that pergolas work both as focal points as well as simple garden decorations.

If you pair them up with high-density trellis plants like the Bengal Clockvine, then you’re set to enjoy a gorgeous area at home.

#14. Trellis on Garden Pots

Trellis on Garden Pots

There’s no need to grow the biggest trellis on an arc, wall, or entrance. You can also set it up on a garden bed with a small trellis fence.

This works wonders if you have little space at home or just want to start growing the vine before setting it somewhere else.

Whatever the reason, you’re sure to enjoy watching the trellis plant growing from seedling to sprout up to its flowering stage. Then you can do whatever you want with it.

15. The House Vine Trellis

House Vine Trellis design ideas

Probably the most common type of trellis out there – the house tunnel or garden ceiling with vines that always looks outstanding.

If you set it up with a grapevine, for example, you can enjoy fruit all across the summer. And once the leaves start falling out, you’ll enjoy the rustic touch of the branches around the tunnel.

This can make your rural or urban garden a super-enticing alternative that requires little effort to grow.

#16. Vine on Wire Trellis Design Ideas

Vine on Wire Trellis

You don’t have to grow vines on garden ceilings, pergolas, arcs, or tunnels. A simple wire attached to poles will suffice.

After some months, you’ll see how the vine starts growing out and attaching to the wire. This will deliver an almost unnoticeable base that gives enough support for the vine to grow for years. Once the yields start, you’re set to enjoy a nearly unobtrusive trellis.

#17. The Garden Shed Trellis

Garden Shed Trellis

Have a garden shed at home that looks dull? Then don’t hesitate and set it up with some trellis boards and a nice-looking plant with flowers.

This is the go-to choice for anyone who wants to add some liveliness to their garden shed. It also works for greenhouses and grow tents.

#18. Jasmine Wall Trellis Ideas

Jasmine Wall Trellis

Few plants grow as dense and gorgeous as the Jasmine flower. You’ll need to plant several ones close to the wall (without even using trellis boards).

After some months, you’ll see how the wall starts getting buffed up with gorgeous white flowers sprouting from all around.

#19. Modern Architecture Trellis design

Modern Architecture Trellis designs

If you’re a fan of modern architecture, then you can always hire a professional landscaper or build those architectural decorations manually in your garden.

Set it up with a flowering trellis plant, and you’ll be set to enjoy a super-attractive piece at home. 

#20. Classical Espalier Trellis

Classical Espalier Trellis

Want to grow fruits close to a wall or structure? Then you’ll love the Espalier method.

This consists of planting a small climbing plant close to a wall and a trellis board structure. When the plant starts flourishing and yielding fruits, you’ll get a beautifying decoration at home.

Bottom Line

So, did you like our trellis ideas? If yes, don’t hesitate to try them out at home.

We’re sure these are pretty neat and easy to do. So even if you’re a beginner or someone with no garden experience, you’ll love setting up one of these.

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