Will Bleach Kill Moles? 9 Effective Methods For Mole Control

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Are moles causing you problems? Worry not, as this article will provide effective methods for mole control and briefly explain whether bleach is the most effective for killing moles. We will also explain how to kill moles with bleach and other effective and natural methods of controlling moles.

The greatest destroyers of your garden are the cute little creatures called moles. They are nuisance-creating creatures and love messing up beautiful gardens. Moles will spend most of their time digging holes in your yard that leads to a length of 150ft deep underground.

While moles help aerate the plants’ root areas, it destroys the soil by making big and deep holes. This makes the ground loose and difficult to walk on.

The Myth of Bleach as a Mole Repellent

Will bleach kill moles? Many people often ask this question. Bleach is not so effective in killing moles but in killing other pests. Moles are rarely exposed to bleach as they live underground. If by any chance they come into contact with bleach, the chances of them dying are very low.

Using bleach as a repellent can be harmful. Bleach is venomously dangerous and toxic for humans and other living beings. It can cause breathing problems in humans and may even cause death if inhaled in large quantities and left untreated. To kill the moles, you will have to spread them everywhere, which might destroy the soil, causing the death of many plants.

It’s worth mentioning that bleach and ammonia block the sense of smell of the moles. If they are unable to smell, then they can’t get food. And subsequently, they’ll leave and find another place to feed themselves.

The Risks of Using Bleach to Kill Moles

The Risks of Using Bleach to Kill Moles

Moles usually find moist areas to make their holes. They find shelter underneath the soft and moist soil as it helps maintain their body temperature. Using bleach in those areas can be very harmful as it will cause unrepairable damage to your garden’s roots and soil.

Besides losing fruits, vegetables, and flowers – there are many risks of using bleach to kill the moles. Bleach can affect the entire environment of your house. If you have pets, they may get affected, which can cause them serious problems.

Safe And Effective Ways to Get Rid of Moles

If you are against killing any living creature, you can use humane methods to eliminate moles. These ways are safe and effective. Let us go through each of them.

1. Remove Food Source

Remove Food Source

Grubs and other pests are the main food source for moles. You can use pesticides and other chemicals that prevent insects or worms from coming into contact with your plants or soil. You can use insecticides to kill the grubs so that the moles search for another place to get food. Removal of grubs will also help maintain a healthy and clean lawn for yourself.

2. Use Non-Toxic Mole Repellent

Natural repellents of moles such as castor oil, tobacco, coffee grounds, cayenne pepper, red pepper, and dish soap are non-toxic. This method is not harmful; it will not affect any living organism. Castor oil won’t kill the moles but will upset their digestive system. So they will leave that place and go elsewhere for food.

3. Plant Barriers In The Garden

Plant Barriers In The Garden

Plants like marigolds, allium family, and daffodils have strong smells that act as a repellent for moles. Planting these plants prevents moles and other pests from invading your garden. These are plants that moles avoid at all costs.

4. Use Of Ultrasonic Repellents

Ultrasonic repellents are devices that produce intolerable sounds and which irritate the moles. These devices produce penetrative sound pulses that won’t affect your pets but will disturb the moles. However, they find quiet areas for their lives.

5. Dig a Trench

Dig a Trench

Digging a trench will help you from stopping invaders from coming into your garden. Create a trench of 3 feet and fill it with rocks and wires. The places where you can see holes dig a trench covering that area, making it impossible for the moles to dig underground.

6. Use Granules

You will find commercially made, non-toxic moles and gopher control granules that release castor oil into the soil. You can sprinkle them all over your garden to prevent moles and other pests.

7. Stimulate Draught

Stimulate Draught

Moles usually find areas with moist soil to make their homes. Moles love to eat earthworms that are present in soft and damp soil.

To eliminate them, stop over-watering your yard. Drylands keep the earworms away, and because of this, the moles won’t invade your lawn. This method is completely organic and effective. It’s a long-term process and will keep the moles away.

8. Keep Your Lawn Clean

A clean yard will keep the little creatures from destroying your yard. Eliminate any shelter you think they can use to build their homes. Keep the grass mowed and garden beds manicured.

Remove piles of debris or wood stacks in your garden. It will help keep the moles away so you can have a beautiful garden.

9. Bait And Trap

Bait And Trap

This method is generally considered the most effective way to catch and kill the moles. This method might not be preferable for those against killing any living creature. But you can opt for this option to save your yard from destruction if nothing else work.

When you see their tunnels, you can bait the moles in the earliest spring season. Make baits in the shape of worms or grubs so they are quickly attracted to them. It will take 20 to 24 hours for the poison to have its effect and cause the moles to die. This will make it easier for you to protect your garden.

However, this method is not preferable for those with small children or pets. They might eat it by accident. Stay cautious with whichever step you take for the protection of your lawn.


Q1. Which is the best way to kill moles?

Ans: The quickest and best way to kill moles is by putting poisonous baits (worm or grub shaped) near their houses. Be cautious so your pets and small children are away from the tunnels.

Q2. Which chemical kills moles?

Ans: Talpirid is a chemical that works well in getting rid of the creature. It works within 24 hours of ingestion, resulting in the death of the mole.

Q3. How to permanently get rid of moles?

Ans: It would help if you had a mole-specific trap that catches moles, resulting in their death.

Q4. What is the natural way to kill moles?

Ans: Mix three parts of castor oil and one part of dish soap into a gallon of water and sprinkle it all over the tunnels.

Q5. What are the easiest ways to stop moles from coming?

Ans: Remove food sources, stimulate draught, bait, and trap; use ultrasonic repellents; keep your lawn clean; use granules, plant barriers, and non-toxic mole repellent.


This article has hopefully helped you in controlling the spread of moles and their resultant harmful effects on your garden.

It’s always advisable to use natural and non-invasive ways like non-toxic repellents, Granules, and bait and trap methods to get rid of moles instead of using bleach. The bleach can be more harmful to humans and other living beings than the little creature.

Have we left out mentioning any of the methods in the article? Would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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