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The John Deere 318 tractor, a unique product from John Deere, is ranked first on this list for the most excellent lawn tractor and best-suited garden tractor of all time. When it comes to purchasing, it is almost everyone’s first pick. It sticks out from the crowd of other tractors since it has a unique feature.

It’s well-known for running smoothly with a wide range of high-horsepower engines. This isn’t just beneficial for efficient labour. Also, for long-term durability and strength.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is durability. John Deere, its founder, designed it to last a long time. The John Deere 318 tractor can also be operated for longer than the manufacturer suggests. It is capable of surviving a long time.

The John Deere 318 is a sturdy, long-lasting tractor ideal for lawn cutting.

The 318 has a long lifespan and low maintenance costs. The performance is impressive even when you’re tired, and it will keep you smiling.

So, let’s get into the specifics of the John Deere 318 tractor, including pricing, specifications, key features, and anything else you need to know about this new John Deere tractor.

John Deere 318 tractor – Check Weight and Dimension

John Deere 318 tractor - Check Weight and Dimension
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Total Weight:7000 lbs
Width above the Tyres:63-inch
Departure angle from the back:is 26
Overall length with Bucket:132-inch
The top of the ROPS 78 inches
Ground clearance:8.5 inches
lbs) rated working load:1950 lbs
Maximum travel speed:
6.9 m/h
Optional counterbalance:
2100 pounds
Standard tipping load:3900 pounds
At ground level, bucket rollback:is 33 degrees.
Dump height:95.7-inch
bucket discharge30.7-inch height
Size of tyre:10 x 16.5
Bucket breakout:6000 lbs
Dump reach at maximum arm lifting force:3500 lbs.

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John Deere 318 Features

John Deere 318 tractor - Check performance details
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The John Deere 318 featured two engines during its production year. It started with just one and was eventually replaced after a few years.

At first, there was an Onan B43G engine model. A gasoline engine provides 18 horsepower and 4.4 kilogrammes per metre of torque in this model. The fast idle engine speed is 3450 rpm without load, while the low idle engine speed is 1350 rpm.

It has a two-cylinder four-stroke engine air-cooled, so you don’t have to stop it now and then to let it cool down. It includes an electronic starter, so you won’t have to worry about trying to start a lawnmower with a faulty starter.

This was the engine model used in the JD 318 from 1983 to 1987.

In 1987, John Deere needed an engine upgrade, and the Onan P218, a two-cylinder gasoline engine with 18 horsepower, was the answer. This engine has a higher displacement and rpm rating with a displacement of 781 ccs and an rpm of 3600. Each one has a 12-volt starter Transmission.

A shaft-driven hydrostatic transmission and a Sundstrand series 15 type 90 transmission are included. Its hydrostatic power steering gives you maximum control and comfort when you utilise this tractor.

Like other John Deere tractors, it has shoe and drum brakes on the rear wheels. It has infinite forward and reverses gears, a forward speed of 12.4 km/h, and a backward speed of 6.2 km/h.

Shaft for Power Take-Off

Without the proper power take-off shaft, a tractor’s attachments would be ineffective. It ensures that electricity is delivered to the extensions consistently. What kind of PTO does JD 318 have?

Both the front and rear PTOs are independent and use electric clutches. The tractor’s electronic grip ensures your safety while driving it. The front PTO rotates at 3450 rpm without any load, while the rear PTO rotates at 2000 rpm.


The John Deere 318 has a lot of attachments. It can also use attachments from the JD 140 and JD 300 series, so you can maintain your old extensions if you’re upgrading from the 140.

The attachments available for this tractor are snowblowers, front end loaders, blades, and a 38′, 46′, and 50′ mower deck.

Advantages of the John Deere 318

Features of John Deere 318
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It’s not for nothing that it’s regarded as one of John Deere’s most incredible tractors. It stands apart from the competition due to its features and adaptations.

Even the most challenging terrain is no match for this tractor. It makes no difference how many times you use it in a week; it will surely give you years of service much beyond its cost.

This tractor will operate wonderfully in unusual terrains, whether you live in a steep area or one with uneven topography.

All of the best features will cause you so much backache and strain that you will no longer want to work in your garden unless you have a comfy tractor. The hydrostatic power steering system allows this large vehicle to be easily manoeuvred.

The annunciator light on the dashboard might let you work late at night. The light makes it easier to work at night, whether you’re using the snowblower to clear the pile of snow in your driveway or the loaders to convey large equipment.

The electromagnetic clutches at the front and rear of the PTO safeguard your safety while using the machine.

Disadvantages of the John Deere 318

The drawbacks of this tractor have more to do with its age and longevity than with its capabilities.

Finding parts and accessories for this tractor is difficult due to its age.

You may have to seek it for some time if you want to acquire it because of its age and the fact that owners are less hesitant to part with this beast of a tractor.


In 1989, a well-used 318 cost $5650, while today, a well-used 318 might cost $10,000 or more. Don’t be fooled by the price; the quality makes it a fantastic bargain.

It will last you long and meet your gardening needs even in the most challenging conditions.


So there you have it: all you need to know about the John Deere 318 tractor, including its price, specifications, key features, review, and other valuable details.

The excellent and unique John Deere 318 tractor is now known to you.

I hope you’ve found a solution to your dilemma of picking which garden tractor to buy.

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