12 Awesome Rain Chain Basin Ideas And Designs

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Are you a person who abides by sustainable development?

Then, making the best use of things must be your forte. When it comes to maintaining sustainability, water is the first element you want to conserve, considering its scarcity and preciousness.

Rain is the natural water source, so it should be your best catch. You must make all efforts to conserve rainwater, especially at your home.

Rainwater conservation and home décor can go hand in hand. As unbelievable as it sounds, the more exciting it gets with rain chains.

Rain chains are smart and creative ways to save rainwater, prevent flash floods, and give a new look to your outdoors.

If you are new to the term, you might think of a rain chain as a chain well-designed to direct rainwater from roofs, eaves, and gutters away from your house.

It stores the directed water into a storage tank or wherever you wish to use it in household activities, such as gardening or washing vehicles.

Rain chains are hung perpendicular to the ground to divert the water runoff away from your house and prevent damage due to rain. Hence, something with so many advantages must be part of your house.

Awesome Rain Chain Basin Ideas

So, here we have brought to you some exciting and awesome rain chain basin ideas and designs (with pictures), which you can adapt for your home. You can always add modifications to the ideas and create something a rain chain feature of your own.

1. Go Traditional

Go Traditional
Image Source: bobvila

Traditional ideas never go out of fashion.

The same holds true for rain chains. Hence, you can try some old Zen Garden ideas with your rain chain and give it a classic look.

You can implant a rain chain that speaks for your tradition and hand it in a serene place.

Such a place could be an area filled with elegant stones, serene plants, or a water fountain. Hence, you can create an excellent escapade for yourself and a smart way to conserve rainwater.

2. A Garden of Senses

A Garden of Senses
Image Source: rainchainsjp

Sensory gardens never lose their significance. Adding a rain chain to a sensory garden makes it more visually appealing, like striking the arrow on the point.

A rain chain can be a soothing element to add to a garden that stimulates the senses.

The sight of water dripping down a chain with a trickling sound is no less than a wind chime. Hence, you and your near ones can feel more connected to nature with a rain chain in a sensory garden.

3. A Patio Drainage System

A Patio Drainage System

A rain chain is also an effective way to innovate your patio or garden drainage system. A garden or patio drainage system is a great way to conserve water; you can usually find them below patios.

However, water dripping down the patio and spreading on the ground below can be a messy scene to watch and manage. Hence, you can add a rain chain to direct the water down the patio to a drain without making a mess outside.

This way, you can not only direct the rainwater or patio drainage to a specific spot away from outdoor decks but can also streamline it towards watering your flowerpots and garden beds.

4. Adapt The Japanese Tradition

Adapt The Japanese Tradition
Image Source: japan-experience

Do you want to cut loose on the efforts of gardening and watering your plants every day? Well, a rain chain comes to your rescue here. It is an excellent adaptation of the Japanese tradition of using rainwater to water their garden using rain chains.

A rain chain watering your garden is an aid for the areas of the garden that do not receive sufficient water or the areas that are difficult to reach. Hence, you can connect a rain chain from a roof or eave to direct water into those areas.

Moreover, it eliminates the chances of your garden wilting. At the same time, you are away from home for a long time, as the rain chain utilizes the rainwater in your absence to do your job.

5. A Rain Chain Entrance

A Rain Chain Entrance
Image Source: ubuy

There is nothing more exciting than designing and decorating your home entrance. After all, it is the primary point of interest for visitors. Hence, why not use a rain chain to make your entrance sustainable? Your neighbors would love it for sure!

It will be like a cherry on the cake if you combine a rain chain with a green roof of your parking space. The drainage from the green roof can be well-directed to a water butt or a storage space using a rain chain. Not to forget, it gives your entrance and driveway a classy look.

6. Make a Way to Fountain

Make a Way to Fountain
Image Source: pinterest

Rain chains are versatile. You can blend them with any home décor element, and they never fail to fill your home with elegance. When it comes to decorating outdoors, a water fountain steals the show.

So, you can imagine how serene the combination of a water fountain and rain chain will be. Not only a fountain, but you can also integrate a rain chain with just about any water feature, and it would make your outdoors shine.

It also prevents you from the effort of maintaining a regular supply of water in your water feature or refilling the fountain during rainy months. 

Moreover, it eliminates the chances of your water fountain freezing in winter. So, why not add value to your water feature with a rain chain?

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7. A Harmonical Space for Wildlife

A Harmonical Space for Wildlife
Image Source: growingfamily

Preserving wildlife is the noblest deed one can do. So, if you are a wildlife lover, you would be enthralled to know that you can easily achieve this goal with a rain chain.

While you can provide water for birds and insects in many ways, they might not be able to find the spot.

A rain chain can act as an attraction point for wildlife and provide them with a source of water. You can also connect the rain chain with a bird bath to serve a double purpose.

However, you must resign the rain chain so the birds can consume water easily with their beaks. Hence, using a rain chain, you can create a perching space for wildlife.

8. A Rain Planter

A Rain Planter
Image Source: thegardenhow

Rain planters are efficient ways to reduce flash floods. These can eliminate all chances of flash floods in your space when in combination with an overhead rain chain to feed them with rainwater.

It is all about creating an innovative space for rain planters so it can take rainwater from the rain chain directly and reduce water wastage.

9. Direct Into a Water Butt

Direct Into a Water Butt
Image Source: outdoorbarren

We have been talking about conserving water using water storage all this time. It is time you understood its practical implementation that adds to the beauty of your house. It can be best achieved with a water butt.

A water butt is a smart yet elegant way to store water and use it for other household purposes, such as gardening. Hence, you can effectively conserve and preserve rainwater by connecting a rain chain with a water butt and reusing it.

10. A Leafy Rain Chain

A Leafy Rain Chain
Image Source: pinterest

The ideas get more and more exciting as you get more and more creative. So, why settle with typical rain chains when you have a lot to discover? Hence, you can create a leafy rain chain made of copper and give your outdoors a classy look.

You can carve copper leaves and put them on a copper chain using copper sheets. Then, all you need to do is hang it in a place to complement the surroundings, and you are all set.

11. Upcycling Your Way to Rain Chain

Upcycling Your Way to Rain Chain

A rain chain is undoubtedly a great way to recycle rainwater. But have you ever wondered if you can make an upcycled rain chain in the first place and take a step more towards sustainability?

If not, it is time to think. You can use metal spoons to give life to this creative idea. All you need to do is bend the metal spoons at a 45 degrees angle and string them together on a metal rod via the handles.

You must maintain the angle to direct most rainwater as rain chains do. Hence, in this way, you no longer need to throw away your old metal spoons.

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11. A Rain Chain From the Stone Age

A Rain Chain From the Stone Age
Image Source: singinggardens

Yes, you see it right. You can also create a pretty rain chain with polished stones. Stones have beauty in themselves, and when strung together to form a chain, they can add a charming look to your outdoors.

You can create such a rain chain and go back to the stone age by using varieties of stones and tying them with a wire. Beach stones are the best way to make this idea work.


Rain chains are a blessing in the world of home décor. They add an attractive look to your home and garden and help you conserve water and reuse rainwater most effectively and elegantly.

Hence, you can try out these fantastic rain chain basin ideas and designs and make your way to sustainability.

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