Rubbermaid Wheelbarrow Review & Buying Guide 2023

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Rubbermaid Wheelbarrow


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A quality wheelbarrow can make your hauling jobs a lot easier. No need to carry all the weight with your back anymore or make a mess in your garden or construction site trying to haul residues around.

A wheelbarrow makes it all easy.

But that only works with a quality-oriented wheelbarrow. And when it comes to quality, few brands deliver what Rubbermaid does.

That’s why we want to show you all about one of the best wheelbarrows in the market with our Rubbermaid Wheelbarrow review.

One of the simplest and easiest-to-use models in the market – but also one of the sturdiest you’ll find. It offers everything you could expect a high-quality wheelbarrow to offer, and a little more than that.

So, are you eager to find out more about it and possibly end up with a new wheelbarrow at home or work site? Then take a look further – you won’t regret it.

Summary: Rubbermaid Commercial Wheelbarrow

  • Ultra-durable high-density polyurethane construction
  • Reinforced steel axle for an extra hauling capacity
  • Large 8-inches wheels for easy maneuvering & movement
  • The gigantic design allows tons of hauling for any purpose
  • Resists up to 700 pounds of total load

Main Features to Consider from the Rubbermaid Commercial Wheelbarrow

At first sight, you’ll realize the Rubbermaid Wheelbarrow offers things that not many others do. Here are some of them:

Sturdy Bed

The wheelbarrow bed is where you pour all the materials or residues you want to dump. And if it comes with high-quality construction, then it’s likely to provide higher durability.

That’s precisely what you get with this wheelbarrow – a high-density polyethylene build that will surpass your expectations in every way.

It resists all kinds of corrosion, prevents any type of UV damage, and works well even in the harshest of environments. On top of that, it will never leak or crack thanks to its extra-thick construction.

If you’re looking for a wheelbarrow that can handle even the most challenging jobs without breaking down over the years – then this one will come like a charm.

Quality Components

It is not only the wheelbarrow bed that stands out in quality – but you also get next-level Rubbermaid cart wheels, a reinforced steel axle, and super-sturdy handles.

The wheels, for example, will never puncture. You can use them on a wide array of terrains, and they will withstand the heaviest of uses without problems.

Then you find the reinforced steel axle. It allows the bed to withstand tons of weight. Even after years of use, the axle will work like new.

And finally, you can consider the heavy-duty polyethylene handles. Made from the same material as the bed, these handles will help you carry the weight without a single issue.

Handles Tons of Weight

With quality components, you can be sure the wheelbarrow will withstand tons of weight. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong.

You can carry up to 700 pounds with this wheelbarrow. That’s enough for any kind of construction work, heavy-duty gardening operations, and commercial use.

With such a quality construction, you can expect the piece to haul up to its limit and still work like new.

Giant Design

The quality construction doesn’t work alone when it comes to carrying such an excellent weight. This Rubbermaid dump cart also boasts an enormous bed that can hold so much material you won’t believe it.

You get a 26-inch wide by 58-inch long design with up to 40.25-inch height wheelbarrow. That’s enough, so you can pour the 700 pounds of almost any material and still enjoy easy pouring and loading when needed.

This will speed up your work or cleaning. You won’t have to load up the wheelbarrow as many times as you expect, thanks to this exceptional design.

Easy to Maneuver

Sure, you can haul an absurd amount of weight and can load tons of material/residues of almost anything. And that could lower down control and speed.

But it doesn’t.

You get a Rubbermaid big wheel cart that moves around so smoothly you wouldn’t believe it. Thanks to the 8-inch wheels, you get the chance to go through the trickiest of paths and still enjoy maximum control over the wheelbarrow.

Similarly, the wheels are smooth enough to keep moving smoothly even when the wheelbarrow is at its max. You will have a super-practical piece in its entirety.

Reliable Brand

Probably the most exciting part of this wheelbarrow is where it comes from. When it comes to quality, we can’t say enough good things about Rubbermaid tool carts.

It takes results to another level, ensures long-lasting products, and delivers ultra-safe constructions every time. Even when it comes to a wheelbarrow, you can expect no less than fantastic results.

Downsides to Consider from the Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

So you may be all pumped up with the wheelbarrow after learning its advantages. Well, now let’s go over its downsides to level up the field:

Tricky to Push

Maneuvering and controlling the wheelbarrow is a total pleasure, especially with the huge and smooth wheels. But that’s only when the Rubbermaid lawn cart is half-full.

When it is to the top of materials and reaching its maximum load capacity of 700 pounds, pushing it can be a total dread.

It won’t be the most challenging or uncomfortable wheelbarrow to handle. But it will undoubtedly feel harder to push when it’s full.

Takes Tons of Space

Considering the colossal design and exceptional build it offers, it is also safe to say you’ll get a super-big design. And sure enough, it will take tons of space in your garage, shack, or storage room.

So be sure you have enough space to store it before getting it. Otherwise, you may regret having such a gigantic product at home that eventually becomes uncomfortable to store.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

While we already explained most of the things you want to know about this Rubbermaid garden cart, there’s probably some doubt in your head. Well, don’t worry – we’re going to relieve those doubts with the following questions and their answers:

How to remove tire from Rubbermaid wheelbarrow?

The process is simple. Start by taking off the nut on the center of the wheel. This is what secures it on the axle. Then continue by removing the washer (if any) and the wheel along. If the nut doesn’t want to get off at first, you can always use a rust-remover or similar oil like WD-40.

What size are the tires on a Rubbermaid wheelbarrow?

The tires can go anywhere from 4 inches in the smallest models up to 10 inches in the largest Rubbermaid yard cartThe Rubbermaid Commercial Wheelbarrow FG564210BLA has 8-inch wheels thick enough to handle 700 pounds.

Where to buy Rubbermaid wheelbarrow?

You can buy a Rubbermaid wheelbarrow almost anywhere nowadays. Luckily, getting one from Amazon or similar e-commerce sites is always your best bet. Just be sure it is the right size, capacity, and build you’re looking for.


As you can see from our Rubbermaid Wheelbarrow review, this is one of the most enticing and well-made wheelbarrows in the market.

You get the chance to enjoy commercial-grade results without wasting a single penny. The ability to haul tons of weight, last a lifetime, and move around with total ease.

So, are you looking for a wheelbarrow for your garden or construction work? Then you’ll find the Rubbermaid FG564210BLA a perfect choice.

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