Creative Tree Stump Chair Ideas: Enhancing Your Outdoor Space

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Do you have a garden outside your house? Do you wish to decorate your yard with beautiful flowers, plants, and trees? But the old tree stump is sitting in your yard, giving it an odd look.

If you can relate to this, we have a solution for you.

While decorating your yard, the tree stump can become a real problem. However, changing the tree stump into something creative is not that difficult. Tree stumps can be converted into chairs, tables, planters, etc.

If you know how to use tools, then it’s an easy task for you. If not, we suggest calling an expert who can help you.

In this article, we have explained how you can transform a tree stump into a chair. Chairs made with tree stumps can enhance the look of your outdoor space.

Read on if you want to know about creative tree stump chair ideas.

Tools You Need to Make a Tree Stump Chair

Tools You Need to Make a Tree Stump Chair

The first step is knowing the tools required to make a tree stump chair. Having an understanding of the tools and their usage is necessary.

An inexperienced person should never try to use the tools on their own. Because it’s important to handle the tools carefully while working; otherwise, you may get hurt.

So let’s know the tools required to make a tree stump chair.

  • Hammer 
  • Hand saw 
  • Pencil
  • Staining brush 
  • Grinding wheel
  • Angle grinder 
  • Varnish 
  • Sander

These are some tools you need to make a stump chair. We will also discuss different tree stump chair ideas, but before that, let’s learn how to make a tree stump chair.

How do You Make a Tree Stump Seat?

A tree stump can be changed into a chair in two ways – with or without armrests. If the stump is large, you can make armrests; otherwise, it’s better to make a simple chair without them. However, it depends on what type of chair you want to have for your yard.

Below step by step guide is provided for you to make a tree stump chair.

Step 1: Create an Outline

Step 1: Create an Outline

First, create a picture in your mind of the type of chair you want to make. Start marking on the surface of the stump with a pencil.

Draw a rectangle with equal proportions, leaving the side areas for the armrests, and if you don’t want to include armrests, then remove those unwanted parts with a hand saw. The back portion will be for the backrests.

Step 2: Grind The Woods

Step 2: Grind The Woods

Next, you need to grind the wood with the help of a grinder. Give it the depth according to your preference to make it comfortable.

Try to do it section-wise so it can be easy for you. You might need various grinding wheels to make different types of chairs. For example, chairs for kids, elders, and adults.

Step 3: Smooth Out The Edges

Step 3: Smooth Out The Edges

A chair with rough edges is hard to sit on. So always make sure to smooth the edges to make it comfortable.

Use the angle grinder and sander for this task. Smooth all the corners like the front of the seat, legs of the chair, corners of the armrests, and backrest.

Step 4: Coat it With Sealant

Step 4: Coat it With Sealant

The last step is to apply a protective sealant on the wood. A sealant will protect the tree stump chair from getting rotten. One popular sealant is polyurethane which helps in protecting the stump.

Follow the above steps to make a beautiful tree stump chair for your backyard. Take help from a professional expert or make it on your own. But be careful with the tools while making, and do not let the kids get involved in the task.

Tree Stump Chair Ideas

Tree Stump Chair Ideas

You can transform a tree stump into creative chairs. A wide variety of tree stump chair ideas are available to take inspiration from. Try to be as creative as possible to make your garden worth looking at.

You can ask your family and friends for ideas or check out sources available on the web. People also make a whole sitting area in their yard by making different kinds of tables and chairs with tree stumps.

Below we have mentioned some tree stump chair ideas for your help. 

1. Tree Stump Chairs With Backrests

As we all know, a chair with a backrest is comfortable, so why not make a tree stump chair with a backrest? It will be suitable for all age groups and give the chair a better look.

2. Tree Stump Chairs That Look Like a Throne

Do you want to be creative with your tree stump chair? If yes, you can make a chair that looks like a throne. With suitable resources, you can give the chair a throne-like look. It will enhance the look of your garden and will be fun to use.

3. Tree Stump Chairs With/Without Armrests

Chairs can be made with or without armrests. You can make it as per your preference. Both types are easy to make. Not much extra effort is needed.

4. Tree Stump Chairs With/Without Legs

Tree stumps are already rooted to the ground, so the base formation is not required for the chair. However, you can make legs if you want to give it a proper chair look. It is not difficult to make the legs; just some extra cutting and grinding are required.

5. An Ancient-Looking Tree Stump Chair

Let’s get creative, shall we? How about an ancient-looking chair? We all have seen antique chairs, so why not try to make the tree stump an antique chair piece? Just take some help and create a beautiful chair for your garden.

6. Give The Chair a Sofa Kind of Look

Want to have the comfort of the living room in your garden? Then you can give the tree stump a sofa look. It will feel like your home living space area. Use it for the evening tea time.

These are a few ideas for changing tree stumps into creative chairs. You can also make DIY benches for your garden

How do You Seal a Tree Stump Seat?

It’s not a good idea to leave a tree stump without using a seal. Always apply a sealant after you finish making the tree stump chair. Seal is used to protect the wood from rotting and avoiding pests.

Coat the tree stump with sealant and let it soak. Maintain the given time gap between each coat. Use a good amount of sealant and let it dry properly.

Clean your tree stump chair frequently to keep it in good condition. Remove any unwanted dust or mud, if any.


Q1. What other things can be made with tree stumps?

Ans: Many creative things can be made with tree stumps, like chairs, tables, planters, birdhouses, treehouses, etc.

Q2. Why is it necessary to seal a tree stump?

Ans: The sealant prevents the tree stump from rotting. Also, to keep the pests and mites away.

Q3. Should I make tree stump furniture on my own?

Ans: If you are familiar with handling tools, you can make them independently. But if not, take professional help.

Q4. What are some tree stump chair ideas?

Ans: You can make a tree stump chair with/without armrests or give it a throne-like look. It depends on your creativity and expertise.


Rather than removing the tree stump from your garden or letting it rot, you can do creative things using some tools. One of the things that you can make is a tree stump chair, which’s easy to make and, more importantly, gives your garden a great look.

We hope this article has helped you understand how tree stumps can be used to make a tree stump chair!

Start beautifying your garden by making creative chairs and have fun using them.

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