9 Interesting Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Your Backyard

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Are you someone who enjoys cooking and feeding others? Or someone who is always up for throwing a get-together with family and friends? Someone who faces the hardship of constantly going in and out to check on your cooking or do the dishes, leaving you with very little time to spend with family and friends who have come over to party. Being a host is consuming, but what is it worth if you can’t spend time with the people you invited over food?

In that case, an Outdoor kitchen is something that can help you with all the trouble and will let you enjoy family time and pleasant weather while you cook.

Outdoor kitchens are extremely useful for hosting guests outside. With the kitchen installed outdoors, you can enjoy cooking under the blue sky, enjoying the evening breeze while having a summer cocktail in hand, and chatting and laughing with your near and dear ones who are there on your invitation.

The best thing about installing a covered outdoor kitchen is managing it according to your budget. If you want a little or lavish kitchen, it’s all up to you.

Move on from the traditional grill and dining table on your porch; get ideas from these fantastic backyard-covered outdoor kitchens.

However, with the finest comes the worst. In this scenario, the lousy weather detriment one’s mood. However, we have a remedy for that as well. A permanent or temporary cover/roof over your head and kitchen can shield you and your kitchen equipment from the effects of the weather, allowing you to cook/grill outside and enjoy the weather.

List of Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Troll the fantastic outdoors from the convenience and elegance of your covered outdoor kitchen. If you’ve been planning to take your cooking and dining outside, now is the time to start on your next home improvement project. It would help if you took all of the best elements of your indoor kitchen and a few outdoor must-haves outside.

1. Natural Touch to Your Outside Cooking

Natural touch to your outside cooking
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Decide on the view from your outdoor kitchen counter before you start working on the kitchen structure. Whether your kitchen overlooks the sea or your garden, you can cook and converse with guests while watching your children play in the backyard garden. If your outdoor kitchen is covered, don’t forget to include your home and landscape in the layout.

Keep views open and, if required, get inventive with privacy fences. This open-concept outdoor kitchen allows you to cook while staying in the thick of things and taking in the sights.

2. Make a Permanent Roof Cover With Ideal Height

Make a permanent roof cover with ideal height
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You have several options if you’re thinking about a permanent cover. Pergolas, louvered pergolas, awnings, and gazebos are popular roof covers. Often built of wood, flat roofs are occasionally witnessed in most covered outdoor kitchens.

The most integral factor in assessing when choosing a permanent cover is its size. Eight feet is regarded as the usual ceiling height. Keeping the outdoor kitchen ceiling height that much won’t make you feel claustrophobic, and it’ll fit into almost any kitchen.

Because the ceiling height is low, the smoke will be trapped in the kitchen, swiftly flooding and polluting your outdoor space.

Having a ceiling height that is too high can also be disastrous. In that situation, your kitchen will be inadequately protected from the elements. You may quickly outspend your budget if you cover an area you are unlikely to use again.

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3. Temporary Cover Appliances and Furniture

Temporary cover appliance and furniture
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Temporary covers are an excellent option if you have a low budget or occasionally cook outdoors. Two of the most popular covers are grill covers and countertop covers. Most outdoor appliances and furnishings, however, may be covered.

Make sure that the cover covers the entire device. A small region exposed to air or water is all it takes to hasten rusting on a hood, water damage on a table, etc. A temporary cover can assist in safeguarding your appliances in between uses if you experience stormy weather during the outdoor season.

4. Design an Outdoor Kitchen Matching With Your Interior

Design an outdoor kitchen matching with your interior
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If you are someone who has worked precisely on the interior of your house and can’t get over it, it’s time to bring that interior touch outside your kitchen. The marble accents on this beautiful covered porch and kitchen make it feel like an extension of the house rather than a distinct area.

The furniture and color scheme complements the house’s exterior and creates a coherent environment. It’s relaxed and inviting, and the enormous table in the middle begs to be used for some significant outdoor partying.

5. Create A Kitchen With Modern Cooking Equipment

Create a kitchen with modern cooking equipment
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This kind of outdoor kitchen is lavished with modern equipment from stainless steel grill and a fridge and beverage station so that you don’t need to once you start cooking, and you don’t need to rush for anything in your inside kitchen.

Plus, the structuring of this kitchen happened to make it look very spacious. The clean lines and high ceiling bring attention to this modern outdoor kitchen, which features a beautiful blend of tile and wood.

6. Mix And Match With Nature

Mix and match with nature
Image Credit: https://kitchen-island-decor.netlify.app/

If you want to have a complementary outside kitchen that matches nature and surroundings, this kitchen idea is one of the best options. Take inspiration from nature when choosing materials for your outdoor area.

Mix and match designs to create a range of wood and stone types and hues, just as you would when decorating inside. You can go bold and use various materials, colors, and textures to achieve a unique, natural design for the surface.

Under a white pergola ceiling, this outdoor kitchen has a light granite countertop with brick and stone accents and stainless steel appliances.

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7. Paint Your Outdoor Kitchen With the Color of Your Creativity

Paint your outdoor kitchen with the color of your creativity
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If you are a creative person who doesn’t want to give a wooden and stone look to your kitchen but instead wants to go with your creative self and paint that area with colors, go ahead with this beautiful idea of yourself. A colorful kitchen makes it eye-catching for visitors and gives you a playful cooking or grilling experience.

You can check this elegant outdoor kitchen for ideas.

These blue cabinets are on-trend and exude a soothing, marine vibe outside. You can create a color-code kitchen by combining furniture, an outdoor rug, and decorations into your outside kitchen area.

8. Combine Outside Kitchen Dining Space With Pool Area

Combine outside kitchen dining space with pool area
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You can not bring the sea to your house, but your swimming pool is good enough to give you an experience of cooking on the coast, Isn’t it? If you are a water person, who loves seeing and living near water waves, and want this experience while cooking out, this kitchen idea is ideal for you.

You can get the most out of outdoor living by storing everything you need to maintain your pool in one spot and providing a changing area for guests and space to build your outdoor kitchen. Moreover, you can do it all on a modest budget.

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9. Take Care of a Good Lighting Condition in The Kitchen For Late-Night Hangings

Take care of a good lighting condition in the kitchen for late-night hangings
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Outdoor kitchen in the daytime is so much fun because sunshine brightens everything, and you will not need any additional lighting, but once the sun goes down. It is dark, and not having good lighting in the outdoor kitchen can be disastrous.

For a late-night hangout with friends and family, take meticulous care of the excellent lighting in the kitchen area. For chore lighting, install under lights under your counters and cabinets, and for ambiance, hang lights around your outdoor space or install step lighting leading up to your kitchen.

Need For The Covered Outdoor Kitchen

If you want to keep your guests and your equipment safe from the elements, you should cover your outdoor kitchen. Extending the roof covering beyond the outdoor kitchen and outdoor living room footprint will provide additional protection from the sun and rain.


Modern life necessitates the use of outdoor kitchens. In traditional cuisine, the host would spend most of their time cooking, serving, and washing dishes afterward, leaving them little time to spend with their visitors or family.

Thanks to the Al Fresco cooking method, they may now enjoy hassle-free cooking and grilling while enjoying nature and speaking with friends and family. The addition of a covered outdoor kitchen enhances the experience. Cooking outside in the rain is possible because of the shelter provided by a roof.

Make an unforgettable outdoor cooking experience for your visitors and family with the help of the suggestions mentioned above.

Happy cooking to you!

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