37 Modern Backyard Ideas with Pictures

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Are you looking for some spectacular modern backyard ideas that you can show off to your friends?

You’ve landed on the right page!

Now, did you know that there are so many people who think there’s nothing special about a backyard and that it’s just a backyard?

But hey, it’s NOT JUST a backyard!

The soul of your home is your backyard. It’s the place where you have the most fun – from late-night hangouts with your friends to BBQ parties – it all happens here.

It’s not the place that one sees when one comes to your house. But, it’s the place where they might spend most of the time.

So why not make it stand out?

If there’s a backyard in your home, did you know how lucky you’re?

Because not everyone is blessed to have this beauty in their property.

So why have a boring backyard when you can have an amazingly designed modern backyard?

And to help you with that, we’re here with some excellent design ideas that you can implement to make your backyard the talk of the town!

Now, there are certain things that you should consider before getting your backyard designed.
Be clear about what you want your backyard to look like.

Would you like to add a water feature? Or a fire pit? Or a patio area?

Also, how frequently do you use it and for what? For example, do you use it for your visitors? Or is it’s just you and your kids?

37 Modern Backyard Ideas

Don’t worry; we’ll give you ideas for different types of modern backyards.

Read on.

1. Multi-use Yard

Multi-use Yard

Would you like to go for a garden that is safe for children and attractive and engaging at the same time?

You can include seating and dining spaces in your backyard. Add interactive sculptures and a grass-covered berm for your kids.

Go for redwood when it comes to the bench. Keep the bench natural, and there can be a light stain on the fence.

If you’re a private person and like to keep your backyard that way, then plant plum pines.

Your kids can tumble, roll and play in your backyard if you plant no-mow fescue on the berm.

Use brick for the patio and plant durable bluegrass on the flat areas. If there is storage space in the redwood benches, your kids can store their outdoor toys there.

2. Black and White

The combination of black and white never goes out of fashion. If you like this combination, you can opt for this backyard design. It screams modern!

So, how can you use this classic color combination wisely?

Well, go for a black wall in the background. Match it with black chairs and black flower vases.

Now, to create a contrast, go for white pebbles flooring and white pillows.

And to put the whole look together, place a brown wooden table in the middle.

3. Cozy Backyard

Cozy Backyard

Want to make your backyard look inviting and attractive?

One such way to do that is by piling on pillows!

Make sure that the furniture you choose is made of metal and wood. Placing the pillows on them will give a cozy look to the entire setup.

While choosing fabrics for the pillows, make sure that they’re of bright colors. Also, the patterns should be eye-catching and such that they’ll look good throughout the season.

Want to make this modern backyard idea more pocket-friendly?

Get some old pillow covers and stitch them together.

4. Outdoor Kitchen

Do you have a large and wide space in your backyard? Does the idea of getting an outdoor kitchen excite you?

Then this backyard design idea is just for you!

Make use of different kinds of flooring materials. Also, you can go for different types of raised garden beds.

Now, place them strategically in your yard.

The open kitchen, dining table, and other seating areas are the highlight of this design.

You can use this place for BBQ parties or get-togethers. This charming design will be loved by many.

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5. Stone tiles Flooring and Wooden Deck

Stone tiles Flooring and Wooden Deck

Contrast can make or break a design.

So, when you design something, make sure to choose the right contrast. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.

When two things are standing alone, it may look bland. Now, try them together, and everything else will fall into place.

The same is the case with this modern backyard design.

Create a wooden deck and place a relaxation chair in the corner.

Now put tiles on the sides. This contrast is beautiful in itself.

Plant grass at the edges of your backyard. This will make the entire setup even more appealing.

6. Beach House

If you’re up for a swimming pool in your backyard, try this design. It’s perfect for a beach house-themed backyard.

Use wood along with other nature-oriented materials extensively. Now, with this, combine lots of rich and lush vegetation.

Did you know that the right shades of green can brighten up your entire space?

Surround the pool with some green beauties.

This design will create a relaxing and soothing ambiance –perfect for a lazy afternoon.

There are many smaller areas here. You can frame them with different floor levels.

It’ll look really interesting and unique!

7. Concrete Fireplace

Concrete Fireplace

Are you one of those people who use their backyards at night too?

Then investing in a concrete fireplace would be a good idea. And along with wood, you can use concrete to make your garden chairs too.

Now, don’t forget to add greenery to the space.

At the corner of your backyard, plant flowers, as they can make the space look lively and beautiful.

Plant cactus by the entrance stands. This little bit of contrast will pull the whole look of your backyard together.

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8. Transitions

Do you want to remodel your backyard now that your kids have grown up?

Take some inspiration from this design.

If there’re oversized trees in your garden, you can choose to remove them. Now, to create a larger space, reconfigure the lawn. Go for an informal planting design, as that will give a romantic feel to the entire setting.

Is there a kid’s swing in your backyard?

Replace it with a porch-style swing settee.

Add pebbles and plant flowers to the garden. The half grass and half pebbles design will look great.

9. Vintage Hardscaping

Vintage Hardscaping

Do you have a soft corner for all things vintage?

Then this can be your go-to backyard design.

There are many shops from where you can get inexpensive vintage elements for your backyard. They will add style to your yard without burning a hole in your pocket.

Get hardscaping elements such as arbors and trellises from the flea markets. These can add height to the setup. And not to mention, they’ll look fabulous.

10. Layered Small Backyard

Do you have a tiny yard? Do you think you can’t design it well?

Well, we have a solution for you. Go for a layered backyard.

This type of yard is perfect for small spaces.

And did we tell you that you can utilize the space really well with this modern backyard design?

With the help of layering techniques, you can form lounging layers in your yard.

For seating arrangement, place some chairs and a small table. It’ll be a perfect place for relaxation or spending time with family and friends. And don’t forget to add a touch of green. You can plant flowers at the border of your yard.

11. Large Backyard

Large Backyard

This is another design idea for a large backyard.

As you have a considerable space in your yard, you can divide it into several small parts. For example, you can add a swimming pool area, a lounge deck, an outdoor kitchen and dining area, and so on. This way, you can use your yard just as your indoor space.

Keep some sections as transitional areas. Then, you can choose to decorate these areas with garden beds, plants, accent furniture, or water feature.

Accent furniture looks great in both indoor and outdoor settings.

And adding a water feature will heighten the beauty of your entire backyard.

12. Incorporate Useful things

Do you have a medium-sized backyard and want to design it incorporating things that you’ll actually use?

Give this design a shot.

Remember to keep only the useful things in your backyard. Divide the area into small sections. This way, you can utilize the space entirely.

In one section, you can build a herb garden. In another section, you can build a fireplace and make some seating arrangements. There you can sit with your friends and family to chill in winter afternoons.

If you have kids at home or frequent visitors, you can select a place and use it for picnics.
You can arrange for a sauna too.

So, you have space for relaxation and space for functionality.

13. Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower

Did you know that homes with outdoor showers have high resale value?

Do you have a small backyard, and you want to add something exciting – a thing that you love?
How about an outdoor shower?

Outdoor showers look cool. And according to a report by realtor.com, homes with outdoor showers can be listed for almost double the asking price of others.

Now, isn’t that great news?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t plan to sell your home. Just look at the aesthetic side of it.

A backyard, some planters, beautiful landscaping, and an outdoor shower – sounds good?

14. Statement Greenery

You already know how an accent chair can brighten up the ambiance of an entire room, right?

Now, you can get the same effect by placing statement greenery in your modern backyard.

If your lawn is small and you don’t want to overcrowd it by adding a lot of things to it, go for a simple design.

Arrange smart furniture that’s super comfortable. It would be good if a lot of people could sit on them at a time.

A daybed can fit your requirement perfectly.

Place some outdoor throw pillows on it. Make sure that the colors you choose for the pillow covers are soothing to the eyes.

Now, the most important thing is to add statement greenery.

This will take your yard to a whole new level!

15. Simple Backyard

Simple Backyard

Do you love simple and elegant things?

Try this design for your backyard.

Get some small wooden boxes. This type of box is generally used to store fruits. You can utilize a used one too.

Now, get some tiny foam to use on those boxes. Cover the foams with outdoor furniture covers and use them as seats. Just as the boxes you’re using as chairs, the table should also be wood.

Arrange this seating on tiled flooring.

Let’s move on to the other side of your yard. Mow it beautifully and plant flowers.

On the wall of your yard, you can choose to create a vertical garden with grass. Now add mirrors of different sizes and designs to the wall.

This unique setting will stand out for sure!

16. Decorate with Containers

Did you know that just adding colorful planters to your yard can change its entire look?

If you’re going plant shopping, know that shrubs and perennials are more expensive compared to annuals. However, the latter can add color to your otherwise bland yard. And they can have the most impact when you arrange them in containers.

To create a subtle look, go for matching vessels. Also, for the plants, you can use a similar color palette.

Now, place a stone slab on the other side of your lawn and use it as a casual outdoor side table. Surround it with wooden chairs.

Go for stone flooring.

17. Plunge Pool

Plunge Pool

Do you think that you can’t have a pool in your small backyard?

Well, it’s time to change your thought.

You CAN add a plunge pool, even if your yard is small.

Grow green plants around the pool to keep the area cool on a sunny day.

Also, make some seating arrangements at the corner so that you can sit there and spend time with your friends.

18. Flower Walls

This modern backyard design works best with an outdoor shower.

Install an outdoor shower just beside the wall of your backyard. Don’t worry about your privacy as we’ve thought about that too.

Create a wall full of flowers.

Plant flowers just beside the shower. This will take care of your privacy. Make sure that the plants you grow there don’t mind moisture.

Look for flowering shrubs such as hydrangeas. They’ll act as your living shower wall.
The best part?

It’ll heighten the touch of romance in an already romantic setting.

Just make sure that you prune the branches regularly. This will let the warm sunlight come in.

19. Backyard Swing

Backyard Swing

This modern backyard design idea is quite unique.

You don’t need tables and chairs for the seating arrangement. All you need is a swing!

Yes, use the swing as a seat. You can sit on it or lie down –whichever you feel comfortable in.

Now, in order to place the swing, you need to make four pillars. Again, we recommend using wood for building the pillars.

Get four ropes. Make sure they are strong enough to hold the swing and also people sitting on it in place.

Now, no yard design is complete without some greenery!

So, utilize the space below the swing by placing some shade-loving plants. This will enhance the beauty of your backyard.

20. Backyard Lighting

The right lighting can bring out the hidden beauty of a space.

The same goes for your backyard too.

If you have a large backyard, you can add stairs. And on each stair, you can put tiny light in the middle. This will look beautiful at night.

You can even use light to give your small yard some depth.

21. Backyard Studio

Backyard Studio

Do you have a small home with a tiny backyard?

And you want to have a workstation?

This design can be of your help.

So, we’re talking about building a workstation in your backyard. Build a deck by the corner, and on it, create your workstation. You can place a small coffee table just in front of the studio.

Make a small section on the side and add pebbles.

Alongside the wall of your backyard, plant flowering shrubs. It’ll look pretty.

22. Separating Hedges

Lush lawns never go out of fashion.

If you have a medium to large size backyard, you can opt for this design.

Build a swimming pool in the middle of your garden. On one side, you can have the lounge area where you can arrange parties with friends or just have a lazy evening with your family.

You can go for pergolas as well. In that case, create an outdoor dining room under it. It’ll look class apart, trust us!

Now, to add an impact, go for low hedges. They work as excellent visual signifiers.
The best part?

With the hedges, you can keep each activity zone separate from each other with style.

23. Compact modern Garden

Compact modern Garden

If you’re like us and love to add greenery to your every home designing project, then this design must be something you’re looking for!

This works for both small and medium-sized backyards.

Don’t hesitate to go for this modern backyard design.

Here’s the trick.

Make use of all the available spaces. From under the seating area to the walls – everything!

And don’t forget to go for raised garden beds. They look pretty.

In this modern compact design, everything is useful. And don’t worry, thinking it’ll look stuffy. Because it’ll not.

Just make sure to plant it properly. This will prevent it from looking stuffy.

24. Small Backyard

So, you’d love a classy outdoor lounge, but there’s not enough space.

You’d love to have a swimming pool, but just don’t have the space.

Now, don’t be disheartened. We have a solution for you.

And trust us, you’ll like it.

Why not go for a beautifully designed deck and a unique freestanding hot tub?

It’ll just be as covetable as you’d like.

Still not convinced?

Have a look at the picture above!

25. Intimate English Garden

Intimate English Garden

Do you have a soft corner for English designs?

Opt for this English garden theme for your modern backyard design.

For fencing, make use of wood. This looks attractive, no matter what the setting is.

On one side, just beside the fence, build a cozy seating area where you can spend time with your friends and family.

On the other side, beside the fence, plant loads of gorgeous viburnum bushes.

Choose the fencing style after going through lots of pictures for reference. Why? Because the fencing style contributes a lot to the style of the landscape.

You can go for narrow horizontal rail-type fencing too.

This will give your backyard a very contemporary look.

26. Tall Hedges

This is quite an exclusive design that a lot of people crave in their homes.

Tall hedges are the showstopper of this backyard design. Use them all around the border of your home. This will help you create a secluded backyard – away from the prying eyes of your neighbors.

Now, to make it the perfect place for winding up, place a lovely sofa in the middle. It should be able to make seating arrangements for eight to ten people.

And don’t forget about the lawn.

Let’s tell you a secret.

Don’t want much maintenance work?

Make use of fake lawn!

This way, the maintenance time for this yard will be reduced.

27. Balcony Backyard

Balcony Backyard

Don’t have an actual backyard? You can turn your balcony into a small backyard!

Now, you have to get as crafty as you can.

If you love green, turn your tiny balcony into a beautiful garden.

Place loads of plants in containers. Now, while choosing planters, you can play with colors to give your space a vibrant and lively look.

If you want to keep it elegant, then go for pastel-colored planters.

Leave some space for a coffee table or bistro table – whichever suits you the best.

To pair it up, arrange a small stool or settee.

Now, don’t forget to add pillows and throws to warm things up.

28. String lights Backyard

Did you know that all you need are some lights to make your small backyard look magical?

Well, yes!

It doesn’t matter what the size of your yard is, as this design works well for both small and large.

Place a fire pit in the middle of your backyard. Now put some rustic wooden furniture surrounding it.

To make it cozy, layer it with some furry throws and pillows. This is perfect for spending time with your family and friends.

Now, to give the whole setting a touch of romance, hang string lights.

Trust us, when it’ll all be lighted up, your backyard will look like a fairytale.

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29. Wall feature

Wall feature

Is your existing backyard uninteresting and bland?

You can make it attractive by creating beautiful designs on your backyard wall. Do this by using plants. And the wall has to be visible. It’d be good if it were on the opposite of the entrance.

This way, when a visitor will enter your yard, their attention will be drawn instantly to the plant-decorated wall. And they’ll ignore the otherwise bland setting.

30. Narrow Pool and Deck

Do you have a narrow backyard space? Would you like to have a pool there?

We have this design for you!

Build a narrow pool at one side of your yard. Now add a deck. Place some small mattresses on it. Cover them with outdoor clothing and use them for relaxation.

Decorate the wall by the side of the pool with overflowing plants. It’ll look romantic.

On the other side, create a lush lawn. Then, get some stepping stones and place them haphazardly on the lawn.

The entire setup will look magical!

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31. Fountain


This design can work even in small spaces. So if you’ve ever wished to have a fountain in your home, this is the time to make it come true.

Go for wooden fences to do justice to the theme. Make a concrete fountain at one corner of your backyard. On the other side, you can plant bushy flowers.

Now, for the seating arrangement, place modern furniture. Use a throw over the chair to make it comfortable.

The fountain will add a style along with a calming effect to this setup.

32. Deck Garden

To cover your deck garden, add a fence made of wood. This will give you some privacy as well.
Now, use the wall for hanging planters of different varieties.

Place a large sofa, chairs, table, and stools to make the seating arrangement. On the sofa, place plenty of throws and pillows so that you can sit comfortably and snuggle up to each other on cold winter nights.

To make the setting a bit vibrant, hang string lights. On the table, keep a lamp or two in vintage style.

33. Party-ready Backyard

Party-ready Backyard

Why not spruce up your backyard with a well-styled bar cart?

Choose the one with wheels. This way, you can roll it back into your kitchen for refills – with ease.

Build a table from bricks. Add some planters to make the space lively. You can also hang planters on the wall of the backyard. For this, go for a fenced wall.

Go for brick paving to make it stand out. Also, you can add pots of herbs to give your backyard an English garden feel.

This backyard can be great for outdoor parties with your friends.

34. Hilly modern Backyard

Not all homes have the luxury of having a flat backyard.

If you have a sloppy backyard, don’t be disheartened. It’s not a bad thing.

With proper planning and designing, you can turn it into something beautiful.

Build wooden retaining walls in the form of layers.

Use them as your vertical planting spaces. Grow your favorite flowers there. This will add beauty to your yard.

Now, do you have kids at home?

Then this design has something in store for them!

As your yard is in a sloppy area, why not add a slide there?

Your kids will love it!

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35. Hammock in the Backyard

Hammock in the Backyard

Is your outdoor space tiny?

Well, you can still take advantage of the sunlight and fresh air in style!

For the boundary wall of your yard, you can use bamboo instead of any other material.

Hang a slim hammock from the wall. Put a pillow on it to have comfy seating. To highlight the hammock, place a jute area rug under it.

For seating, place a mattress on one side and make use of throw pillows. If you don’t want to go with the mattress, you can use floor cushions.

This design doesn’t require much greenery. But still, if you want, add flowering plants in pots or containers.

This backyard design will give you an island vibe. Also, the bamboo wall will enhance your privacy from the prying eyes of your neighbors.

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36. Patio Lights

Do you have a simple backyard that you want to renovate with some budget-friendly elements?

Well, patio lights can be your solution!

Add a string of patio lights, and it will give your backyard a gorgeous glow. Then, in the warmer months, it’ll transform into the favorite hangout space of your friends.

Can’t decide where to hang them from?

You can hang them from one wall to the other wall of your yard.

Use wood posts and planters to create a café-like ambiance.

37. Pergola Backyard

Pergola Backyard

For the outdoor dining area, get a wooden table and two benches. Attach a pergola over it.

The floor of the dining area is a bit of elevated concrete.

Build a lawn in one corner of the area. Now put some soil there and go for a raised garden bed. This will stand out in the whole setting.

Now, add some planters beside the dining area.

And just alongside the lawn, put some relaxation furniture.

So, what do you think about these modern backyard ideas? Which one do you like the most?

Let us know in the comments below!

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