Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower Review

The Greenworks Cordless lawn mower has an angulated design feature that gives it a racecar-like appearance. Although, on first sight, it looks bulky, it’s actually easy to maneuver. It is made from sturdy polymer cells that can take a beating under tough weather conditions.

If you want something that is economical and fitted with features to provide robust performance, then look no further than the Greenworks 25302 cordless lawn mower. It provides a fairly reliable option without the hassles of a gasoline engine. Let's get in deeper with this concise article about greenworks lawn mower review.

Greenworks 25302 Lawnmower Specs

  • G-Max 40V Li-on battery system
  • 2-in-1 mowing capability
  • Large 20-inch cutting deck for great balance and maneuverability.
  • Smart cutting technology for optimum performance based on grass thickness
  • Better cut from dual blade system – Twin force dual blade action
  • Adjustable height ranging from 1.125 to 3.375 inches
  • Powerful 40V motor for tough cutting and mulching power

Greenworks 25302 Design Features

One of the most notable features of this machine is its wide cutting deck. The deck stares you at the face, and allows you to lawn more efficiently by drastically cutting down the number of passes needed to cover much ground. An adjustable lever allows you the option of choosing from 5 different cutting heights for a smooth and cleaner cut.

Another notable feature is the two 40-volt rechargeable batteries the mower comes with instead of one. One fully charged 40-volt battery can give you a runtime of up to 70 minutes. This means you will have just over 2 hours of mowing time with two fully charged batteries. This is the reason why we recommend it for users who have reasonably sized lawn to mow frequently.

A powerful power adjusting system helps to increase the battery life of the lawn mower. The system adjusts the power needed for efficient cut by monitoring the thickness of the grass been cut. By adjusting the battery power accordingly, the runtime provided by the batteries is extended.

Although, the mower comes with two oversized 10-inch wheels for easy maneuverability, be advised that it is not a self-propelling lawn mower. Thus the operator will have to exert a considerable amount of energy to get it around the lawn. You should consider a self-propelled alternative if you indeed to use a mower on steep hills.

The added airbag at the rear can help you mulch your lawn by adding required nutrients while you mow or you can just use it to collect grass clippings. There is a thingy airflow tab located at the bag that helps inform the operator of the status of the bad (whether it’s full or not).

Ease of Use

The easy to use simple electric start allows you the luxury of starting the mower without the hassles of managing gas pull cords. The engine runs smoothly leaving zero carbon footprints along the way.

Ergonomically designed to offer some of the best features of a cordless electric lawn mower, the Greenworks 25302 lawn mower has 10 inch rear wheels, 7-inch front wheels and a molded grip for easy movement.

With a reliable dual blade system, high 40-volt Li-ion batteries, operators are assured of reliable performance to get yard and lawn mowed efficiently and quickly.

What we liked about it

  • Large deck size for wider surface area mowing
  • Stylish and attractive racecar design feature
  • Strong dual blade design for superior cutting efficiency.
  • Mulching and dirt collecting capabilities.
  • Automatic battery power switch to increase runtime
  • Adjustable single lever height and control handle height
  • Power 40-volt lithium ion batteries
  • Ergonomic design features for easy handling and maneuverability.

What we didn’t like

  • It’s not a self-propelled lawn mower

Smart Cut Technology Feature

The improved smart cut technology system makes use of twin blades with a measurement of 10 inches each to deliver quality grass cutting. The blades also offer two cutting options to present the operator with versatile options as the need arises.

Pollution Management

In terms of pollution, lawn mowers are known to emit a considerable amount of pollution when in use. To tackle this problem, Greenworks offers an improved pollution management system in the following areas:

  • Less Noise: This mower is less noisy than most notorious lawn mower out there. No need to wake the neighbors at the early hours of the day because you intend to get your daily mowing routine done in time.
  • Lesser oil emissions: Because of the use of clean energy, there is lesser emissions of engine oil and the stink of burning oil in air is avoided.
  • Low Vibrations: Vibrations are a constant mowing concern for most operators. The higher the vibrations the more cumbersome the operation. With lesser vibration, Greenworks has managed to relive the strain on the muscles of users.

Overall Verdict

With an endless amount of impressive features, it’s no wonder the Greenworks 25302 lawn mower has an above star average rating in major stores online. All features work in tandem that makes the mower a powerful source of mowing performance.

With an excellent mulching and rear bagging feature that is absent in most modern lawn mowers we are of the opinion that this mower is head and shoulders high from other mowers of comparable price range.

Is it worth Buying?

We feel the Greenworks 25302 mower is worth the investment, but it’s not suitable for all operations.  First and foremost, it’s not a self-propelled lawn mower, look to alternative self-propelled lawn mowers if you don’t have the strength to push it around or if the grass cut area is on a steep/hill.

Best suited for a small to medium-sized lawn, we expect no major obstacles or drawdowns on mowing runtime. We have tagged this greenworks lawn mower review as one of the best electric lawn mowers in stores today for those who don’t need a self-propelled lawn mower.


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