11 Lawn Mower Storage Ideas That Work

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Do you own a high-end lawnmower and are looking for a safe place to keep it? Or do you live in a hilly region and looking to buy a lawnmower that is effective on slopes? Either way, letting your creative juices flow and designing a storage solution for your lawnmower can be an exciting project.

Depending on the size of your backyard you can deploy a diverse range of ideas. Either create a little container area in the shed, or use metallic sheets to case your mower, or build a tiny shed just for your mower.

11 Innovative Lawn Mower Storage Ideas (With Pictures)

Besides if your garage also plays the role of your shed, chances are you will struggle to fit the lawn mower. You don’t want to be banging your car door onto the lawnmower, do you? We have curated a bunch of innovative lawn mower storage ideas that you can easily execute:

1. Lean Lawn Mower Shed

Lean Lawn Mower Shed
Image Source: Buildeazy.com

This shed takes up a narrow space and will fit into awkward spaces in your garden. With a foot area of 7 feet wide and 4 feet deep, you can comfortably store your lawn mower in this waterproof shed that protects it from harsh weather. It sports double doors so you can access all the areas inside the shed. However, you may need a ramp in front of the shed too high from the ground to enable easy access.

The body is built with durable lumber, with the roof having an overlapping board design that ensures water comfortably slides off. In addition, the plywood floor sits on skids, making it easy to relocate the shed to a different location.

2. DIY Outdoor Lawn Mower Storage Locker

DIY Outdoor Lawn Mower Storage Locker
Image Source: familyhandyman.com

This is a perfect option for people who are looking for a smaller version of a shed. This easy-to-build shed is compact and designed to accommodate your lawnmower without extra efforts. The best part is the spaciousness, despite the low height. You can use it as more of a quick-access equipment room for all your daily gardening tasks.

You will find accurate measurements, material lists, and also a picture-by-picture guide to help you navigate through this DIY lawn mower storage idea. Considering you can get your hands on a local lumberyard and have basic carpentry equipment, all you would need to purchase is a fence bracket.

It is suggested you use a wheelbarrow for this project. Have a look at these cool DIY wheelbarrow ideas to add some further creativity to your lawn.

3. Cedar Shed DIY Lawn Mower Storage Idea

Cedar Shed DIY Lawn Mower Storage Idea
Image Source: ana-white.com

If you are looking to add elegance to your backyard then this guide can do your desires justice. Made purely out of cedarwood, this moderately-sized shed has plenty of space to store your lawnmower. You can even store trash cans or make it into a backyard toilet on days you have lawn parties.

Guess what? The construction process uses fence pickets. This not only makes it highly cost-efficient but also adds a different visual to your garden altogether. There are also a bunch of products that this DIY guide suggests. If you manage to get your hands on what they suggest, you could turn out with a long-term solution for lawn mower storage troubles.

4. DIY Pulley and Shelf Lawn Mower Storage

DIY Pulley and Shelf Lawn Mower Storage
Image Source: youtube.com/@CaptainStuban

Are you one of those backyard owners who rarely need to use their mower? But you surely value it because you invested a significant amount of money? If your answers are yes then this storage idea would sound appealing. You need to use a pulley, some ropes, and a shelf. Ideally, this solution is perfect for garages or garden sheds.

In case you have a big lawnmower this could be a slightly risky option. But if you have good knowledge about physics and judgments of load capacity then you are in the clear.

5. Tudor-Style Lawn Mower Shed

Tudor-Style Lawn Mower Shed
Image Source: Buildeazy.com

Tudor-style houses are popular with their medieval look, but can you replicate this style to make a storage space for your lawn mower? Lawn mower storage spaces can be simple as they can take up exciting styles like this Tudor design. In addition, the design is large enough to store other garden tools.

The shed’s roof from this plan is 10 feet, while the inside foot area is 6 feet. This is because the plan consisted of all the measurements, including materials you’ll need to build this storage space for your lawn mower.

6. DIY Storage Lawn Mower Shelves (Inside Garden Shed)

DIY Storage Lawn Mower Shelves (Inside Garden Shed)
Image Source: twofeetfirst.net

Too lazy or too busy to take up a DIY project that includes building a structure from scratch? How about you install 2 to 3 full length floating shelves inside your garden shed? You can place your lawnmower on the highest to lowest shelf depending on the frequency of usage. Also, cover your mower to avoid rusting in case you do not use it for long.

If you use your mower often then simply place it under the first shelf. This would erase the need for unnecessary heavy-lifting on a daily basis. Only if you mow 3 to 4 times a year you must keep it on a higher shelf.

7. DIY Lawn Mower Garage

DIY Lawn Mower Garage
Image Source: diy.planethernando.com

Ever thought of building a little garage just for your lawnmower? This would be slightly bigger than a kennel and yet sized perfectly for lawn mowers of all sizes. The guide is split into 2 parts and an additional page for the material list. The first part teaches you how to build the inside deck and flooring of the garage along with readying the walls. 

The second part of the guide will help you build the roof, back walls, door, and eventually assemble everything.

8. Lawn Mower Wall Storage

Lawn Mower Wall Storage
Image Source: youtube.com/@shadow8ski

Raising a lawn mower from its natural horizontal to a vertical position will reduce the ground space it occupies. It helps you to store it without covering up the whole space in your garage or shed. You’ll need two hooks placed just above the height of the vertically-placed lawn mower and with the hooks pointing downward. The curves will hold the mower and prevent it from falling over when in storage.

This method of storing lawnmowers is effective but not for gas-powered or similar mowers that can see gas and oil overflow their tanks. Instead, it is more suited to battery-powered mowers where you can remove the batteries before safely storing the mower on the wall.

9. DIY Multiple Mower Storage Stand

DIY Multiple Mower Storage Stand
Image Source: youtube.com/@TechMadeEzy

If you have a few lawnmowers and are looking for where to store them safely, they can be stored using as little storage space as possible. This storage stands that stack lawnmowers above each other can hold up to 4 mowers. It is space-saving and efficient and requires minimal woodworking experience since there is no need for awkward joints and connections.

While this method is great for saving space as it stores vertically, you’ll have to manually place the mower up high, thus consuming a lot of energy. To navigate this obvious problem, you can build a ramp to push the mowers up the storage unit and roll them down when you need to use them.

10. Slope DIY Storage Solution for Lawn Mower

lawn mower storage ideas
Image Source: checkinginwithchelsea.com

Wouldn’t it be so convenient to simply store your mower at a height and drag it down a smooth sloped caddy when you need to use it? This guide helps you create a perfect ramp on the slope. Irrespective of the ruggedness of your lawnmower wheels, the piece of equipment will glide down with ease.

Adding a slip-resistant adhesive on the ramp is where you do the smart work. This will knock off excess dirt on the tires when going up or down the ramp. There is also some extra space below to store gas cans, hedge trimmers, chain saws, etc.

11. 8 Foot Square Lawn Mower Storage Shed

8 Foot Square Lawn Mower Storage Shed
Image Source: Motherearthnews.com

An 8-foot storage shed is large enough to store several lawnmowers, including other garden equipment. The shed is just above the ground, so it is easy to move lawnmowers in and out of the storage unit. In addition, it features large double doors for more access to the area, while inside, it is clear so that you can move tools easily.

You’ll require a lot of space in your garden to build this 8-foot storage shed. Still, you must recognize its effectiveness in storing several materials, including kid’s toys. Even though it is a large design, it is fairly affordable with affordable but durable materials. You can complete this project in a few days if you have some help.


You can build a small or medium shed, outdoor locker, pulley system, ceiling hook, and cable, or even stack your mowers on shelves. If you don’t have a mower, these high-end robotic lawnmowers could impress you.

I hope, you like this article about lawn mower storage ideas. Also, check some related articles.

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