11 Lawn Mower Storage Ideas That Work

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Do you own a high-end lawnmower and are looking for a safe place to keep it? Or do you live in a hilly region and looking to buy a lawnmower that is effective on slopes? Either way, letting your creative juices flow and designing a storage solution for your lawnmower can be an exciting project. 

Depending on the size of your backyard you can deploy a diverse range of ideas. Either create a little container area in the shed, or use metallic sheets to case your mower, or build a tiny shed just for your mower.

11 Innovative Lawn Mower Storage Ideas (With Pictures)

Besides if your garage also plays the role of your shed, chances are you will struggle to fit the lawn mower. You don’t want to be banging your car door onto the lawnmower, do you? We have curated a bunch of innovative lawn mower storage ideas that you can easily execute:

#1. DIY Small Wooden Shed for Lawn Mower Storage

lawn mower storage ideass
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Gardeners can use this guide to create a shed much smaller in size than their original shed. You also get the freedom to place it as you please in the backyard. Ideally, begin following the steps only when you have chosen a spot beside your existing shed. You can also paint them with matching colors and make them a presentable pair. 

Apart from protecting your lawnmower from external elements, the insides also have wall-hanging facilities. This lets you store other gardening tools, gardening clothes, and general garage equipment. The material requirements are minimal and you could have your lawnmower in this little shed within a weekend.

#2. DIY Outdoor Lawn Mower Storage Locker

lawn mower storage ideas
Difficulty Level – Hard

This is a perfect option for people who are looking for a smaller version of a shed. This easy-to-build shed is compact and designed to accommodate your lawnmower without extra efforts. The best part is the spaciousness, despite the low height. You can use it as more of a quick-access equipment room for all your daily gardening tasks. 

You will find accurate measurements, material lists, and also a picture-by-picture guide to help you navigate through this DIY lawn mower storage idea. Considering you can get your hands on a local lumberyard and have basic carpentry equipment, all you would need to purchase is a fence bracket.

It is suggested you use a wheelbarrow for this project. Have a look at these cool DIY wheelbarrow ideas to add some further creativity to your lawn.

#3. Cedar Shed DIY Lawn Mower Storage Idea

storage ideas for lawn mower
Difficulty Level – Easy

If you are looking to add elegance to your backyard then this guide can do your desires justice. Made purely out of cedarwood, this moderately-sized shed has plenty of space to store your lawnmower. You can even store trash cans or make it into a backyard toilet on days you have lawn parties.

Guess what? The construction process uses fence pickets. This not only makes it highly cost-efficient but also adds a different visual to your garden altogether. There are also a bunch of products that this DIY guide suggests. If you manage to get your hands on what they suggest, you could turn out with a long-term solution for lawn mower storage troubles.

#4. DIY Pulley and Shelf Lawn Mower Storage

storage ideas for lawn mower
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Are you one of those backyard owners who rarely need to use their mower? But you surely value it because you invested a significant amount of money? If your answers are yes then this storage idea would sound appealing. You need to use a pulley, some ropes, and a shelf. Ideally, this solution is perfect for garages or garden sheds.

In case you have a big lawnmower this could be a slightly risky option. But if you have good knowledge about physics and judgments of load capacity then you are in the clear.

#5. DIY Multiple Lawn Mower Storage

working storage ideas for lawn mower
Difficulty Level – Easy

If you are somebody who uses several lawnmowers then look no further. All you need is vacant shelf spaces that are equidistant from either end. In case you don’t have a shelf in your shed or garage, no worries. 4 pieces of thick treated wood and you can get the storage idea up and ready for usage.

This guide is in the form of a thread and most readers will get an idea via the visual cue. People who experiment a lot with their lawn grass and need to reseed every year usually are the ones with more than one lawnmower. You never know when gardening can become your passion and you’ll be left with plenty of equipment.

#6. DIY Storage Lawn Mower Shelves (Inside Garden Shed)

lawn mower storage ideas
Difficulty Level – Easy

Too lazy or too busy to take up a DIY project that includes building a structure from scratch? How about you install 2 to 3 full length floating shelves inside your garden shed? You can place your lawnmower on the highest to lowest shelf depending on the frequency of usage. Also, cover your mower to avoid rusting in case you do not use it for long.

If you use your mower often then simply place it under the first shelf. This would erase the need for unnecessary heavy-lifting on a daily basis. Only if you mow 3 to 4 times a year you must keep it on a higher shelf.

#7. DIY Lawn Mower Garage

storage ideas for lawn mower
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Ever thought of building a little garage just for your lawnmower? This would be slightly bigger than a kennel and yet sized perfectly for lawn mowers of all sizes. The guide is split into 2 parts and an additional page for the material list. The first part teaches you how to build the inside deck and flooring of the garage along with readying the walls. 

The second part of the guide will help you build the roof, back walls, door, and eventually assemble everything. 

#8. DIY Lean-to Shed for Lawn Mower Storage

lawn mower storage ideas
Difficulty Level – Hard

You can access the 12-page guide and build a solid mini-shed for your backyard. The insides have enough space for 2 to 3 lawnmowers. The unique aspect is its height. You can install a shelf or wall-mounted hangers to make use of its upper vacancy. 

The guide gives you dimensions for all sides of the shed, including a set of plates for its foundation. The roof decking and front-side exterior sliding are parts that you must lay extra focus on. Make sure the asphalt shingles you use are made of high-quality. You don’t want to risk your lawnmower to struggle with smoking problems due to exposure to harsh weather.

#9. Ceiling Lawn Mower Storage DIY Idea

lawn mower storage ideas that work
Difficulty Level – Easy

For those who do not want to build a new shed and are adapting to the lifestyle of minimalism, this guide could motivate you to follow the path. Just make sure the location you choose on your ceiling does not have a vehicle beneath it. A coated steel cable, hoist intersection, and few hooks are enough to store your lawnmower in a stable manner.

The process is simple and requires you to start by installing a steel rail on the ceiling. A few ceiling studs and lag bolts and you are good to attach the cable. You would hardly have to spend any money and would require no more than a few hours to complete this project.

#10. Slope DIY Storage Solution for Lawn Mower

lawn mower storage ideas
Difficulty Level – Easy

Wouldn’t it be so convenient to simply store your mower at a height and drag it down a smooth sloped caddy when you need to use it? This guide helps you create a perfect ramp on the slope. Irrespective of the ruggedness of your lawnmower wheels, the piece of equipment will glide down with ease.

Adding a slip-resistant adhesive on the ramp is where you do the smart work. This will knock off excess dirt on the tires when going up or down the ramp. There is also some extra space below to store gas cans, hedge trimmers, chain saws, etc.

#11. DIY Garage Pulley Lawn Mower Storage

storage ideas for lawn mower
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

This video could go a long way in assisting you to store heavy gardening equipment. Your primary material list will include several carabiners, steel cables hooks, and a piece of healthy lumber wood. 

Depending on the weight of your mower you can utilize as many carabiners as you need. Although it would be wise to attach more carabiners for additional equipment that you want to keep off the ground.


You can build a small or medium shed, outdoor locker, pulley system, ceiling hook, and cable, or even stack your mowers on shelves. If you don’t have a mower, these high-end robotic lawnmowers could impress you.

I hope, you like this article about lawn mower storage ideas. Also, check some related articles.

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