Ryobi RY48110 Riding Lawn Mower Review

The Ryobi RY48110 battery electric riding lawn mower is one of the best investments you can make in a reliable heavy-duty lawnmower. The Ryobi riding lawn mower comes with special features that make lawn care and maintenance an easy process. It’s easy to use, reliable and has robust power output for tedious mowing tasks.

Electric lawn mowers are becoming the go-to alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers. So it’s not surprising to see that landscaping companies have caught up with the trend. Compared with the environmental problems associated with gas mowers and the physical energy needed to push manual mowers, electric mowers have made things a lot easier in an eco-friendly way.

In this full review, our experts address the reasons why the Ryobi RY48110 ride-on mower seeks to be the crème de la crème of electric mowers. Issues bordering on its features, pros, cons, and engine power are discussed extensively. First things first, let’s list out some specs:


  • Battery operated- 75Ah batteries with 2 hours runtime
  • 38-inch cutting deck with twin blades
  • 12 position manual height adjustments
  • LED headlights and USB charger
  • Cruise control features
  • Dual powered brushless Motors
Ryobi RY48110 Lawn Mower


Battery System

Electric lawn mowers are as good as the accompanying battery system. This mower has dual 48V batteries that power the twin brushless motor system for optimum power supply. Fully charged, the batteries can offer 2 hours of mowing time to cover an estimated 2 acres of land.

2 hours of mow time from a single battery is more than the industrial average. Long battery-powered mow times means there is reduced incidence of stopping to recharge.

Pro Tip:  For longevity ensure you completely use (drain out) the battery power before recharging it.


The performance of this lawn mower is relatively good when you compare it with other electric lawn mowers. Our experts are of the opinion that gas-powered lawn mowers offer the best performance on large lawns but this Ryobi electric model’s performance isn’t far off from what users expect. The power generated from the magnetic interference of the dual brushless motors gets most yard mowing jobs done in time.

With 12 deck adjustment heights,operators can twerk height settings to suit their mowing needs.

Cutting Power

Ryobi is equipped with the correct tools that make for a great electric lawn mower. For a mower of its size, the 38-inch cutting deck features twin blades which can be adjusted in 12 incremental steps. This ensures you can trim grass to the desired height of your choice.

Our experts find the blades and mowing tools to be above average in providing consistent cutting capabilities. There were no complaints from users about the mowing ability and uneven terrains were dealt with accordingly.

Despite the positives, operators will encounter some problems when it comes to maintaining and cleaning the deck. It doesn’t come with a self-cleaning mechanism either is the deck fitted with a water hose port.

Control Panels

Ryobi features two control panels that users can reach on both sides of the machine. With the control panels you can easily reach out to adjust or control the transmission system for smooth cruise control. This feature allows users smoothly mow for long hours.

For comfort, the mid-rise chair is just in the right position for maximum support.

Extra Features

Extra features add to the overall functionality of the lawn mower. The LED headlights complete the look of this lawn mower allowing users to get mowing jobs done even at night. Other features like a control panel and a USB charging port are impressive additions that improve the comfortability and ease of use. They allow you to be as creative as possible.

The overall construction and body design is great and should help users navigate across medium to large lawns in time.

Who needs this Mower?

If you are tired of using the conventional gas mower with all the fumes and noise, then its time you made the switch to the electric mower and this Ryobi model can get you in the right path.  Runtimes of 2 hours is just enough to cover medium-sized residential lawns.

Eco-friendly enthusiasts are not left out. If you are concerned about the environment and wish to contribute to zero carbon emissions then look to electric lawnmowers.

What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

  • It’s effortlessly very quiet to during mowing sessions. Use it without hearing protection
  • Provides very clean cutting experience
  • Cruise control system from reliable transmission
  • LED light included. You can mow at the early hours of the day
  • A USB port for more creative option
  • Up to two hours of mowing runtime
  • Poor suspension system. While the cushioned seats are great, there aren’t adequate springs to make mowing process comfortable. Most lawns aren’t paved on level grounds.

Final Thoughts

Finding a good electric lawn mower isn’t easy. You have to deal with matching the numerous features they come with to your mowing needs. The market is incredibly saturated these days so be very picky. After all it’s your hard-earned money that’s on the line here.

We hope this article made a good attempt at separating the shafts from the wheat by featuring extensively why the Ryobi RY48110 is a nice choice. We highly recommend that you have a go at this model because it will make light of all mowing jobs.


Qaiser, a 30-year-old gardener, co-founded Treillage with an aim to help educate the masses in green living. He heads the team responsible for testing and reviewing every gardening product that is featured on Treillage.

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