12 Hot Tub Privacy Ideas for Your Backyard

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Are you a spa freak and cannot go a day without taking a dip in your hot tub? Then your destination is right here. A hot tub is always refreshing, but you must have been bored by sticking to that same old look of your hot tub and the backyard. Well, it is time to change things for good.

Whatever might be the case with your backyard and the hot tub, maintaining privacy is always the priority. Who likes sneaking eyes when you are washing away all your stress? Curtains can be the best way to keep your safe space and stand on top of hot tub privacy ideas for your backyard. However, the options are never limited.

Hot Tub Privacy Ideas for Your Backyard

Your relaxation time must only belong to you. Hence, we have listed a wide selection of ideas (with pictures) to enlighten your backyard and maintain privacy in your hot tub. You can also modify these ideas as per your convenience and requirements and create a magical spa of your own. So get ready to go on a relaxation trip.

1. Add Corner Screens

Add corner screens
Source: https://www.gardeningetc.com

Nothing can safeguard your privacy better than screens. However, if you are too bored and suffocated with the usual screens, it is time to try something new. Chic corner screens in your hot tub serve a double purpose by maintaining your privacy without making the place enclosed.

So you can enjoy the summer breeze on the journey of relaxation. Corner screens cover better than fences due to bigger heights.

You can try different ideas with corner screens. For example, a slatted screen can add a classy look to your hot tub. Moreover, corner screens can be a perfect fit if you are more inclined to nature and want to add greenery around your hot tub. You can add climbers, scented flowers, and other plants to enhance your relaxing experience.

2. Use Bamboo Covers

Use Bamboo Covers
Source: https://www.gardeningetc.com

Plants and trees act as natural screens, and you need nothing more than some gardening tips to utilize the most out of their screening powers. What can be a better cover than tall and dense bamboo trees?

Bamboo trees can screen your hot tub perfectly and boost the level of privacy you want without giving you a crowded space. Moreover, you can also enhance the look of your backyard with bamboo trees and get a taste of nature in your private time.

3. Go the Modern Way

Go the Modern Way
Source: https://www.gardeningetc.com

Hot tubs are gaining popularity day by day and entering modernization quickly. You can come across expensive hot tubs that need a luxurious and classy setup in your backyard. A modern pergola in your backyard can add lavish spice to your hot tub hour.

A pergola can provide a sleek shelter for your classy hot tub, besides allowing you to relax in all weather conditions. It provides you with adjustable slats through which you can control the light and airflow requirements. You can even add sliding doors for the best experience.

4. The Fence-y Look

The fence-y look
Source: https://www.gardeningetc.com

Enhancing privacy in your hot tub does not always have to be complicated. You can simplify it by extending your fence horizontally towards your plot to create a one or two-sided shelter.

It can be the perfect way to keep your hot tub zone aloof from the other parts of your lawn or backyard to enjoy your privacy without intrusion. To add spice to the fence-y screen of your hot tub, you can add wall lights so even night can not stop you from having the best time.

5. Try a Wooden Gazebo

Try a wooden gazebo
Source: https://freshpatio.com

Wooden gazebos have always been used as a shelter for seating areas or garden kitchens for a year-round outdoor living space. However, wooden gazebos work no less perfectly as shelters for hot tubs.

It saves you from the tantrums of weather conditions. Wooden gazebos can be modified to add class and enhance privacy.

6. Travel to the Stone Age

Travel to the Stone Age
Source: https://www.gardeningetc.com

If you are too bored with wooden structures and greenery, it is time to shift to the stone age. You can add a bold look to the hot tub thing in your backyard with stone structures.

Stone structures can be transformed into numerous styles and designs to add luxury and romance to your backyard and the hot tub. So why wait for a romantic evening? You should try the stone structure to add privacy to your hot tub.

7. Add Class Through Frosted Glass

Add class through frosted glass
Source: https://www.gardeningetc.com

Frosted glass screens are perfect for hot tubes fixed on a deck or a roof terrace to screen you from below. For such cases, you can also try fencing; fences are more opaque structures.

The frosted glass is an alternative to fences that make your place dark and dingy by providing a less opaque look. So you can enjoy the light in your hot tub, besides the stylish look of your frosted glass barrier.

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8. Soft-Hued Wall

Soft-hued wall
Source: https://www.gardeningetc.com

Hot tub privacy ideas for the backyard hardly have a stopping point, and a soft-hued wall for your hot tub adds truth to the statement. A soft-hued wall has numerous features to add life to your backyard hot tub.

You can try a gently carved stone wall with a light terracotta hue to complement your hot tub’s decking and timber steps. To add more drama to the look, you can go for potted plants that boost the color combination of the space.

The overall structure and look can give you a Mediterranean garden feel besides creating a natural and organic vibe.

9. The Mod Cons Room

The mod cons room
Source: https://www.gardeningetc.com

An outdoor room with mod cons provides a private space for the hot tub in your backyard with adjustable sides. Mod cons room feels like a luxurious space with a seating area where you can stay entertained while relaxing.

You can modify the structure for a classy appearance by adding integrated lights and mounted heaters. It will also enhance the comfort level you can expect from a hot tub space. You can enjoy the greenery in your backyard by adding a glass panel to the side of the mod con room.

10. The Old Curtain Way

The old curtain way
Source: https://freshpatio.com

Curtains and blinds never go out of fashion when it comes to maintaining the privacy of a space. The same is correct for the hot tub in your backyard. You can use curtains and blinds in the most decorative and classy ways to cut intruding eyes off your private space.

You can make curtains and blinds as an inexpensive way of buying privacy for yourself. Curtains also come in a wide range of color and style choices which you can modify according to your hot tub and backyard setup. Neutral, natural, or earth tones are perfect colors to match with your environment.

However, if you want a colorful look, you can go for several patterns and bright-toned curtains and blinds. Some instances of curtains for your hot tub may include hanging drop cloth outdoor curtains, PVC privacy curtains, and outdoor sheers.

You can also try draped curtains with tie-backs, such as pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos, to add a spice of luxury to the curtain look of your hot tub.

11. Portable Enclosures

Portable enclosures
Source: https://freshpatio.com

Enclosures for your hot tub need not be fixed. Portable enclosures are also available to enhance your backyard’s privacy while enjoying the hot tub. Portable enclosures come with added advantage by providing flexibility in how much privacy you want in your hot tub space.

You can say that it is the most budget-friendly way of enhancing your privacy. It also saves you from the tantrums of a permanent freestanding structure, and you can remove it at your convenience to free some space in your backyard.

Some examples of portable enclosures for your backyard hot tube can be a pop-up gazebo, a canopy tent, inflatable domes, moveable or retractable walls, and decorative folding screens. So you can try the setup that suits you the best.

12. Add a Trellis Screen

Add a trellis screen
Source: https://www.allroundfun.co.uk

It might surprise you, but you can also use a trellis to screen your hot tub and provide a private space. A wooden trellis gives a classic look to your backyard and a cover to your hot tube that can be explored and modified in the best ways possible.

You can add flowers, vines, and other climbing plants to add greenery and create a natural shrine for yourself. It would give you a heavenly experience bathing amid open sky and vines.

When we talk about trellis, its styles and materials are not limited to anything, and you can try varieties. If you are really into nature and gardening, you can go for a trellis with a planter to create a garden bed for your lovely plants.

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Hot tubs in the backyard are great additions to your house that provide you with a relaxing space after a stressful day. However, hot tubs in the backyard need some privacy setups to give you a cozy space to unfurl.

You can make a cherishable space for yourself through the above-listed ideas to enhance hot tub privacy in your backyard. So do not forget to try out and modify these hot tub privacy ideas and relax securely.

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