John Deere 3010 Lawn Tractor- Review And Technical Specs

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A new generation of John Deere series tractors, the John Deere 3010, comes before the JD 2010. This particular tractor was produced at the John Deere facility in Waterloo, Iowa, in the United States of America, between 1961 and 1963. Over only three years, 44,000 tractor units went into production.

There are garden tractor and industrial tractor variants available for the JD 3010. Four distinct garden tractors are available, including row-crop, utility, standard, and orchard.

The wheeled variant is the only one used in industrial applications. These models share some similarities, but each has distinct traits apart from the others.

The row crop, for example, has more ground clearance than the other kinds. Because of this, it can effortlessly do some gardening tasks, such as tilling the hard ground.

There is a significant difference in engine power between this tractor and the JD 300 and 400 series, despite this tractor coming out earlier. One of the main reasons this tractor has stayed popular for so long is its versatility.

If you had purchased a brand new JD 3010, you would have had the chance to choose one of the three different engine configurations offered to you.

  • A gasoline-powered John Deere engine of 3.3 liters and four cylinders.
  • A 3.3 liter, four-cylinder John Deere LP gas engine.
  • A 4.2 liter, four-cylinder John Deere diesel engine.

Tabular Specifications of John 3010

ModelJohn Deere 3010
3010Agricultural Tractor
3010 WheelIndustrial Tractor
EngineJD 3.3L 4-cyl gasolineJD 3.3L 4-cyl LP gasJD 4.2L 4-cyl diesel
Fuel CapacityLP-gas: 94.6 liters (25.0 US gal, 20.8 Imp. gal)
Brakesdifferential hydraulic wet disc
Cabin TypeOpen operator station
Attachments of the 3010 modelFront-end Loader
BrandJohn Deere
TypeRow-Crop tractor
SeriesNew Generation Series
Years Made1961-1963
Industrial Type3010 Wheel
Lenght134.3 in
Height86.2 in
Width70.0 in.
WheelbaseLong: 90.0 inShort: 81.5 in
Bore/Stroke4.00×4.00 inches102 x 102 mm
Air cleaneroil bath
Rated RPM2200
Starter volts12
CabOpen operator station
Transmission8-speed partially synchronized

Thanks to this capable tractor, the laborious tasks of fertilizer application and field clearance will no longer be necessary. Let’s get further into some of this tractor’s advantages and why you may be interested in purchasing an older model that still has its uses.

Specification For John Deere 3010

Specification for John Deere 3010
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This tractor weighs 6,500 pounds, making it a pretty sizable piece of equipment. It’s a workhorse tractor that can compete with, if not outperform, the majority of consumer tractors on the current market. Its power is its most significant advantage, and it can haul up to 6323 pounds at a time.

The huge gasoline tank that the JD 3010 offers is another appealing characteristic of this model. The diesel engine can carry up to 110 liters of fuel, while the LP-gas engine can hold 95 liters. This fuel type is gas.

General Features of John Deere 3010

Here is what you need to know about the John Deere 3010’s general features in more detail.

1. Engine

Its tractor comes with not one, not two, but three different engines, and we’ll examine each one’s capabilities separately.

2. John Deere Four-Cylinder Gasoline-Powered Engine

John Deere made this engine, and it has a cooling system that uses liquid. It has a bore and stroke measurement of 4.00 inches by 4.00 inches, giving it a displacement of 3.3 liters—an oil bath to purify the air in the room.

In common with most garden tractors, its starting volt is 12, and its rpm rating and compression are 2200 and 7.5:1. It has an enormous horsepower of 55.7.

3. 4-cylinder LP Gas Engine For John Deere Tractors

Another engine built by John Deere with four cylinders and a liquid cooling system looks like this one. It likewise has a displacement of 3.3 liters, and its bore and stroke measure 4.00 inches by 4.00 inches, which is the same as the gasoline engine. The compression ratio of this vehicle is 9.0:1, and the horsepower it produces is a little lower than average at 55.4.

4. Transmission

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Power steering and differential hydraulic wet disc brakes make navigation and control easier. This particular variant of the tractor’s gearbox is the John Deere Syncro-range model, and it has a dry disc clutch and is partly synchronized.

This tractor has eight forward gears and three backward gears, in contrast to the John Deere 318 tractor and numerous other later kinds of tractors, which both have an unlimited number of reverse and forward gears. It can go forward at 23.3 kilometers per hour and backward at 13.7 kilometers per hour.

5. 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine by John Deere

4 Cylinder Diesel Engine by John Deere
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The John Deere brand is still in third place, and its engines typically have four cylinders and diesel as the fuel for these engines. The compression ratio is much different than the other two, coming in at 16.5:1, while the bore/stroke dimensions are 4.125 inches by 4.75 inches, and the displacement is 4.2 liters. It also has the most horsepower out of the three, which clocks in at 59.9.

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6. Tires

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Before that, this is a massive tractor, and with a weight of 6,503 pounds, it is also pretty hefty. Therefore, what tire specs are capable of supporting this load?

7. Pros

This section will explain, in straightforward language, the reasons why this tractor is still in use even after it has been on the market for half a century.

1. Tremendous horsepower

It is not uncommon to discover false words for mediocre horsepower on review sites, but this is by no means a modest amount of power. Its several engines combine for more than 50 horsepower, making it competitive with more recent models in terms of sheer power.

2. Substantial gasoline tanks

This tractor has a substantial fuel space that will offer you the peace of mind you need while working. The fuel space for one of the engine types is around 110 liters. It is not necessary to take breaks to replenish your supplies regularly.

3. Name of the company: John Deere

This tractor is under a famous brand name for its dependability and effectiveness. It is not surprising that John Deere could sell off more than 40,000 units in around three years of manufacture.

8. Cons

There are no perfect tractors, and this one isn’t one of them. The following is why purchasing a JD 3010 tractor may not be good.

  • A modification to utilize certain accessories.
  • Absence of annunciator lights, which would make nighttime labor more manageable.
  • Because of its advanced age, parts might be challenging to come by.

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Agricultural and Industrial Versions of the John Deere 3010 Have the Following Features

I am aware that the agricultural and industrial models might confuse; for this reason, I will elaborate on some of the characteristics that set these two models apart.

Agricultural Model

Agricultural Model
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The agricultural version is available in three distinct engine configurations, each of which can hold a different amount of gasoline in its tank. It comes in diesel, gasoline, and liquid propane (LP) gas varieties.

  • The rear PTO has a rating of 540 to 1000 revolutions per minute.

Industrial Model

Industrial Model
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This tractor is available with either a gasoline or diesel engine; these powertrain options are at your disposal. Because of safety concerns, the version that uses LP gas is not currently available.

  • This version is quite a little heavier than the others.
  • It has frame rails that are both larger in diameter and length.
  • In addition to that, it has a cast iron nose structure that safeguards the tank.


How to Determine the Manufacture Year of Your JD 3010?

Allow me to share with you a simple method that will help you to determine the precise year of production of a used tractor if you are interested. The tractor’s date by the serial number beneath the steering panel on all John Deere tractors.

The John Deere 3010 tractor costs how much?

In 1963, the company offered a brand new JD 3010 for $4,700. However, you may purchase a secondhand tractor in excellent running condition for around $6,500. Before beginning price negotiations, it is imperative that you thoroughly inspect any tractor that you plan to purchase. The state of it will help you determine how much it’s worth.

JD 3010, Go Or No Go?

You are curious about whether or not purchasing this tractor that is more than fifty years old is still a worthwhile investment today. There is no definitive solution, and it is contingent on some circumstances, including its current status.


The John Deere 3010 row-crop tractors are not just powerful but also very efficient and very inexpensive. The sturdy attachments that come standard on the John Deere 3010 tractor make it ideal for tackling any work. The JD 3010 is an excellent option for agricultural operations of any kind.

These tractors endure years of trouble-free operation like a specific benchmark for tradition, and they survive for decades. These tractors have a well-deserved reputation for having a long service life in trouble-free operation.

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