Which Way Do Lawn Mower Blades Go On? The Ultimate Guide

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The lawn mower is an essential gardening equipment for keeping the garden healthy. Blades are a mandatory component of a lawnmower, and it needs proper maintenance for the smooth functioning of the machine.

Blades are for cutting and trimming lawn grass, and if they are not placed properly, it can cause damage to the machine. If the blade is placed in the wrong direction, it won’t cut grass because they are designed to work in one direction.

In this article, we have explained which way do lawn mower blades go. If you are curious about it, this guide will be helpful for you.

Why Does it Matter Which Side of Your Lawn Mower Blade is up?

Why Does it Matter Which Side of Your Lawn Mower Blade is up

It is essential to put the blades of the lawn mower correctly for the smooth functioning of the machine and for the blades to cut grass evenly. Lawnmowers are designed to cut grass only in one direction hence putting it in the wrong direction will result in uneven cutting, leaving the lawn in a mess.

Airflow is necessary for the lawnmowers to work correctly. If the blades are placed upside down, proper airflow will be hindered, hampering your lawnmower’s excellent condition.

Therefore, place the blades in the right position for mowing your garden to avoid any extra hassle.

How to Know Which Side of The Lawn Mower Blade is Up?

It is not difficult to figure out the positions of the blades. One side has a slightly dull cutting edge, while the other has sharper edges. However, people still get confused and put the blade in the wrong position.

So below, we have discussed some tips for you to know which side of the lawn mower blade is up.

1. Check The Label

Check The Label

Most lawn mowers come with labels such as stickers or stamps on the blades to differentiate between the down and upper sides. The labels will be like “Cutting side” or “Upper side.”

You can place the blades according to the stickers. Or you can buy your stickers and stick them on the blades to avoid further confusion.

2. The Wings of The Blade Face The Upper Side

The Wings of The Blade Face The Upper Side

The upside of the lawnmower blade has a dull edge. This blunt side has tiny raised wings designed to lift the grass upward and pass air movement.

If the wings are not visible correctly, you can put your fingers to know which side has raised wings.

These wings should be placed toward the lawnmower deck. They shouldn’t face the grass. So this means the wings side is the upper side away from the grass, and the opposite part is the cutting side.

3. Wobble Test

Wobble Test

In this test, you need to tug the lawnmower blade downward to check if it wobbles. A blade never wobbles if it is placed in the right direction. But before checking, ensure the bolt is tight.

If the blade wobbles, it’s placed in the wrong way, so turn it in the opposite direction and tighten the bolt.

These are some methods to know which side of the lawn mower blade is up or should be placed upward. Now it will get easier for you to install or replace them.

Why is it Important to Attach Mower Blade Right Side up?

It is important to put the correct side of the mower blade up to protect the lawnmower, blade, and the lawn grass. It’s better to position them correctly to avoid any damage. Below we have explained why putting the right side up is essential.

1. Avoid Damage to The Lawn Grass

Avoid Damage to The Lawn Grass

The maintenance of the grass is necessary for the lawn to look good. If the grass is not cut uniformly, it will give your garden a weird view. If the blades are not placed properly, it will result in uneven grass cutting. Hence your lawn will be a shredded mess.

2. Avoid Damaging The Lawn Mower

Avoid Damaging The Lawn Mower

The airflow will be blocked if the blades are incorrectly placed. Airflow is important for the machine to operate properly. If the blades do not work correctly, there will be pressure in the engine, which may damage the inner parts of the mower.

3. Avoid Damage to The Blades

Avoid Damage to The Blades

If the blades are attached incorrectly, the lawnmower’s blades might be damaged. The wings on the blades needed to be kept away from the grass; constantly facing them will result in permanent cracks or brokerage of the blades. A damaged blade cannot be fixed, it should be replaced.

4. Prevent Brokerage of Crankshaft

Prevent Brokerage of Crankshaft

If blades are placed incorrectly for a long time, it might damage the crankshaft. The improper position of the blades puts pressure on the crankshaft; hence it can get damaged. Therefore you will have to spend money on the repair of the machine.


Q1. Why is it important to place the blades correctly?

Ans: Blades should be placed correctly to protect the lawnmower, grass, and blades from getting damaged. Blades should be placed in the right way to avoid uneven grass cutting.

Q2. What should be the direction of the lawnmower blades?

Ans: The blunt, dull side should face the lawnmower’s deck, and the sharp edge side should face the grass. Most lawnmower blunt sides have raised wings; those wings should be kept away from the grass. Hence they should face the deck side.

Q3. Do the manufacturers provide any manuals?

Ans: Yes, most manufacturers provide a manual with the product. Some also provide labels on the blade to determine which side should face upward.


In conclusion, lawnmower blades should be placed correctly for better functioning. While installing any machine, all the parts should be in the correct positions for proper operation and prevent damage.

When blades are positioned correctly, the grass is evenly cut, and your lawn looks good and healthy. We hope with the help of this article, it will be easier for you to understand which way lawn mower blades go on.

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