How To Measure A Mower Belt? Step-By-Step Guide

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Your lawn needs frequent trims for the grass to be healthy and the space to look pretty. For maintenance of your lawn, the lawnmower should be in good condition. The internal parts of the lawnmower should function properly for a good trim, and among all, one of the main parts is the mower belt.

Often due to regular use, the mower belt stretches and becomes weak. If not replaced on time, it might result in breakage of the belt. Sometimes due to negligence, the mower belts are missing or misplaced.

Whatever the reason might be, it becomes necessary to replace the mower belt if we want to use the lawnmower. But before replacement, we must measure the mower belt to determine its exact size. Many people struggle when it comes to the measurement of the mower belt.

This article discusses how to measure a mower belt. Stay with us if you want a step-by-step guide for the measurement process.

What is The Mower Belt?

A mower belt is a circular belt that helps in the proper functioning of the lawnmower. The belt transmits the energy flow from the engine to the blades for their regular movement. Without it, the lawnmower cannot operate.

It is important to check the condition of the mower belt regularly and replace it when necessary for the lawnmower to work.

Now that you know what a lawnmower belt is, let’s dive into the measurement guide of a mower belt.

How to Measure a Mower Belt? Step-by-Guide

The measurement process of a mower belt is simple. It might be confusing initially, but once you grasp the steps, it can be done without any extra hassle. There are various methods depending on the situation, to measure a mower belt.

We have explained these methods below for your better understanding.

1. Method 1: Measurement of Broken Lawnmower Belt

The tools you will need to measure when the belt is broken or worn out:

  • Knife
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen and Paper

Step 1: Cut The Mower Belt

If the mower belt is worn out but still not broken, use the knife to cut the belt. But if the belt is already broken, there’s no need to cut it.

Step 2: Place The Belt on a Smooth Surface

After the cut, place the belt on a flat surface for measurement. Make sure to place heavy objects on both edges of the belt if they are rolling up.

Step 3: Measure The Belt

Start from one end of the belt and extend the measuring tape to the last end to determine the exact length of the mower belt. To be more precise, one can also measure the width. Now note the measurements using pen and paper.

2. Method 2: Measurement of an Unbroken Mower Belt For Future Replacement

The tools you will need for this method:

  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk/Marker
  • Pen and Paper

Step 1: Place The Belt on a Surface

First, you need to place the belt on a smooth surface. Leave it to adjust to its shape.

Step 2: Mark The Edge of The Circular Mower Belt

Now, make a mark on any of the inside areas of the mower belt with a chalk/marker. This mark will be the starting point for the measurement.

Step 3: Measure The Belt

Start from the marking and extend the tape throughout the circle till it reaches the tip of the mark. This will be the length of your mower belt. Note down the measurements using pen and paper.

3. Method 3: Measurement Based on The Distance Between The Spindle Pulleys

The tools you need for the measurement:

  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Paper and Pen

Step 1: Open The Deck of The Lawnmower

First, you need to open the deck of the lawnmower using a screwdriver. Once opened, you can see the belt and other internal parts of the mower.

Step 2: Identify The Pulleys

You need to identify the pulleys inside the mower. The number of spindle pulleys depends on the type of lawnmower. You will notice each pulley will be connected through the mower belt.

Step 3: Measuring The Belt

Now, you need to measure the distance between each spindle pulley. For example, measure the distance between pulley A to pulley B, then between pulley B to pulley C, and so on. Note down each distance length using pen and paper.

After measuring the distances between all the pulleys, add them together. The final result will be the length of the mower belt.

These are a few methods you can use to measure a mower belt. You must understand the situation to use the methods accordingly.

How Many Inches is a 42-Inch Deck Belt?

A good-quality deck belt is necessary for your lawnmower to operate properly. Size is also a very important factor when it comes to mower belts. You should get a mower belt with a suitable size to ensure proper working of the lawnmower.

The length of the 42-inch deck belt is between 40 to 42 inches, approximately. And this size is appropriate to use in mowers and other machines. It is durable and has a good longevity period; hence it can last for many years.

When buying a mower belt, you must ensure that the belt should not be very long or short because it might affect the functioning of the lawnmower. The size of the mower belt depends on the type of lawnmower you have; however, appropriate size is necessary for proper fitting.


Let’s quickly go through some frequently asked questions about this topic.

Q1. When should I replace the mower belt of my lawnmower?

Ans: The Mower belt should be replaced when worn out or broken due to frequent use. You also need to get a new belt if it goes missing because the lawnmower cannot function without a mower belt.

Q2. Why is a mower belt necessary?

Ans: The Mower belt ensures the proper functioning of the lawnmower. It transfers the power for the movement of the blades; hence without it, the mower will not operate.

Q3. How can I measure a mower belt for replacement?

Ans: There are various methods to measure a belt according to the situation, such as when it is worn out, broken, or missing. You must check out the processes of measurement to understand it better.

Q4. How many inches is a 42 inches deck belt?

Ans: A 42-inch deck belt is between 95 to 100 inches long. However, the actual length can vary according to the type of manufacturer.


Mower belts are necessary internal parts of the lawnmower, so it is essential to regularly check them for good condition. It is simple to measure and replace the mower belts on your own. But ensure to take accurate measurements to maintain the fitting of the belt; otherwise, it might hamper the function of the lawnmower.

We hope this article helped you to understand how to measure mower belts. You can easily follow the above-mentioned step-by-step process to measure the belt because now it will be easier for you without any confusion or extra effort.

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