What Is E10 Gas For A Lawn Mower? A Comprehensive Guide

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The world is changing and opting for products that are more environment-friendly. Due to this, safe fuels that protect the environment are also becoming preferable over regular gasses.

E10, or ethanol-comprised gas, is becoming a more common fuel nowadays because of its efficiency and environment-friendly properties. Along with vehicles, it can also be used in small engines such as lawnmowers.

But with its positive effects, it also has some risks involved. As a lawn owner, it is better to check the suitability of the gas before using it for your lawnmower.

In this article, we have discussed what E10 gas is for a lawn mower, along with its benefits and drawbacks. If you want to learn more about it, then stay with us throughout.

What is E10 Gasoline?

What is E10 Gasoline?

E10 gas contains 10% ethanol, and the rest is unleaded, hence the name E10. Ethanol-based gasoline is preferred because of its efficiency and better engine performance. Ethanol is produced from sugarcane, corn, and grains, making it a renewable resource.

E10 is used for vehicles and lawnmowers, both. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made the use of E10 mandatory in the US. It has more octane rating making it a powerful gasoline to use, and it is also environmentally friendly.

What Are The Effects of Ethanol Fuel?

E10 gas is good to use, but it may have some concerns, which as a user, you should know. Below we have mentioned the effects of ethanol fuel for your understanding.

  • E10 fuel is suitable for small engines such as lawnmowers, trimmers, etc. But fuel usage with more than 10% constituent in the engines is not advisable because they can be damaging.
  • Ethanol is easily attracted to water; hence, emptying the mower’s tank before storing it in the winter is advisable. Because when the fuel is kept for a longer period without usage, it damages the machine’s internal structure. And using it afterward is not safe.
  • E10 gas can cause slow engine performance because of its low energy content. Hence slow performance might hamper productivity.
  • It is believed that E10 has a short lifespan, which means it can be damaging after a given time. However, it has its longevity period and can be extended if kept properly within a safe distance from water and air.
  • E10 gas can be affordable compared to regular gasoline. However, before using, ensure that your lawnmower is suitable for E10 gas.

What Are The Advantages of Using E10 Gasoline in Your Lawn Mower?

Using E10 gasoline has a few advantages compared to regular gasoline. But in this section, we are not going to compare the two. For the comparison, you can check out the sections mentioned below in the article.

Here we have stated the advantages of E10 gasoline for your lawnmower.

1. Availability


After the mandate to use E10 in the US, this gasoline is widely available in the market. So, for lawn owners, it is easy to find. You can get it from gas stations or gardening stores.

2. Affordability

E10 is cheaper compared to other gasses. Because it comes at affordable prices, you can buy it easily for your lawnmowers.

3. Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

E10 gasoline is produced from plants like sugarcane, corn, wheat, etc. Due to this, it is considered a biofuel and safe for the environment. It helps in reducing harmful emissions. Therefore less pollution in the environment.

4. Octane Rating

E10 has a higher octane rating which enhances the performance of the engine. Hence, using it will make the engine performance better and is best for machines that require octane fuel.

Disadvantages of Using E10 Gas in Your Lawn Mower

You got to know the advantages of E10. Now let’s discuss some disadvantages of E10 gasoline for your lawnmower. Below we have stated a few.

1. Short Life Span

Short Life Span

E10 gas has a shorter life span than other gasoline. It has a stated life period for use, and it’s better to use it before then. If it is left for a longer period, the fuel can go bad and damage the lawn mower engine. However, the duration can be extended if properly maintained.

2. Risk Involved

Using E10 can also be damaging to your lawnmower. It depends on the brand and its engine capacity. E10 gas is harmful to rubber and plastic, so the inner parts made with this can get affected if used ethanol-based gasoline.

3. Efficiency


The E10 gas has low energy capacity, so it may cause slow performance of the engines. It also reduces the gas mileage. Due to this, filling of the gas tank gets more frequent.

Differences Between E10 Gas And Regular Gasoline

Differences Between E10 Gas And Regular Gasoline

People use both E10 and regular gasoline for their vehicles, lawnmowers, trimmers, etc. However, there are a few notable differences between the two. Below we have stated some differences between E10 and regular gas for your better understanding.

1. Octane Rating

Ethanol gas has more octane rating than regular gasoline. Therefore the E10 engine performance is better than regular gas, making it a preferable option.

2. Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

E10 is more environmentally friendly because of its plant-based production. Hence it reduces harmful emissions and protects the environment from pollution.

3. Ethanol Content

E10 gas is a blend of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline, while regular gasoline does not contain any ethanol. Ethanol is a type of alcohol that is produced from corn or other crops.

4. Cost

E10 gas is cheaper compared to regular gasoline. Its affordability is an essential factor when choosing the type of fuel.

5. Risk

E10 can harm the inner parts of small engines. On the other hand, non-ethanol gasoline is not harmful to them.

How to Determine if Your Lawn Mower Can Use E10 Gas?

How to Determine if Your Lawn Mower Can Use E10 Gas

Can your lawn mower use E10 gas? Do you know how to determine it? If not, then this section will be helpful for you. We have stated a few ways you can use to know if your lawnmower is suitable for E10 gas.

  • Every piece of equipment is provided with a manual. Always check the manual for overall instructions regarding the machine. You can check the manual to know what type of fuel is suitable for the lawnmower.
  • Check the labels in the fuel tank. Most of the time, labels are provided in the fuel tanks about the type of gas to be used.
  • The age of a particular mower is also a factor when it comes to fuel usage. An old mower will be unsuitable for E10 gas usage.
  • If you still cannot determine, then call your manufacturer. They can give appropriate instructions for fuel gas.

Tips For Safe Handling E10 Gas

Fuel usage always needs safety. E10 gas should be used carefully to prevent accidents. If you are using E10 for your lawnmower or vehicle, ensure to follow the safety protocols. Below we have stated a few tips for the safe use of E10.

  • Always wear necessary safety clothes, such as gloves and safety glasses. Use safety equipment like a funnel to avoid any unforeseen situations.
  • Store the E10 gasoline in a safe location. It should be kept in a cool and ventilated place. Make sure never to leave it in wet or hot areas, as it can be harmful. Keep it in a gasoline container because plastic containers are unsuitable for E10 gasses.
  • Do not spill the gas while filling the tank. If spilled, ensure to wipe it properly and immediately. Gasses are flammable and can cause explosions.


Q1. Can I use E10 gas for my lawnmower?

Ans: Yes, E10 gas can be used in a lawnmower. They have good efficiency. However, using more than 10% ethanol-based fuel for small engines is not advisable. And ensure to check if your lawnmower is suitable for E10 gas.

Q2. Where can lawnmower gas be stored?

Ans: Lawnmower gas should be stored in gasoline-based containers. Also, keep it in a cool and ventilated place for safety.

Q3. Where can I find E10 gas for the lawnmower?

Ans: E10 gas is very common in the US and can be found in gas stations or stores.


E10 is now used all over the US, and as a lawn owner, you can use it too. It is environmentally friendly and affordable but also has some risks involved. So before opting for E10 gasoline, you should learn a few things.

We hope this article helped you to understand what E10 gas is for a lawn mower and if it is suitable to use. Now with the help of the above information, you can choose whether E10 is safe for your lawnmower or not.

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